UK: You probably don’t need me to tell you that event planning can be quite hectic. With all those tight budgets, expectations and deadlines, I’m surprised that anyone tries to get into event planning, at all. But then again, there’s people for everything, I guess. The guests, the catering, and the flowers are often a cause for migraine, but the venue usually takes the cake.  The other elements can be improvised on the last minute, but if there’s no venue, there’s no event. And while miracles do exist, chances are that hiring the venue of your dreams on the last minute is just not happening.

In order to avoid this terrible setting, it is important to plan out ahead. In order to make things a little easier for you we’ve decided to make a list of 100 great venues all across the UK, ordered by categories. Yes, because we’re that nice.


– Classic Venues
– Educational and Scientific
– Hotels for any occasion
– Museums
– Music Events
– Networking and Parties
– Sporting Events
– Team Building
– Wedding Venues
– Unusual Venues for all Kinds of Events

Classic Venues

Rolay Botanical Gardens

We’ve all seen them. These are the locations of great stories in movies and books. Majestic and historical, these venues are perfect for a more traditional audience. Dream you’re a character in a Jane Austen novel while walking through the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens or have royal experience worthy of a Tudor at the Craig Y Nos Castle. Whatever your event might be, this venues will provide you with a quintessential British experience.

  • Chiswick House and Gardens, London: Quiet and romantic, Chiswick House is the perfect venue for a dream wedding, cocktail party, a corporate award ceremony and so much more. It charms by its classic and unique allure, adding a special flavour to your event.
  • Gibson Hall, London: Located in the heart of London, Gibson Hall is one of the most popular venues in the city. The lighting and elegant setting impresses every guest that steps inside. They host all types of events and their team is dedicated to offer a great experience to every attendee.
  • Harrow School, London: If your next event needs a spacious, impressive and classic venue, then Harrow School is the perfect place for it. Its unique architecture and surroundings made us fall in love with Harrow School at first sight. Go there and see it by yourself!
  • Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, London: Not only does Lincoln’s Inn have a classic and outstanding outdoor and indoor setting, but it is also located in Central London. It has plenty of parking spaces, several venue choices and a super cool staff. What else would you want from it?
  • Old Royal Naval College, London: The ORNC is the most popular filming location in the world and it is no wonder why, this is definitely THE place for a fairy tale style event. There is no doubt that this architectural masterpiece will turn any type of event into a story worth telling.
  • Royal College of Physicians, London: If you look for a mix of old and new for your next venue, the Royal College of Physicians might just be the place. Auditoriums, exhibitions spaces, an impressive library, you will find just about anything here. Go meet the friendly staff and check this amazing place.
  • Trinity House, London: Trinity House offers a wide variety of venues with a view. If you want a romantic wedding near the Thames or a special event with a view of tower of London, look no further. Explore the different facilities and tailor your next event.
  • Westminster Abbey, London: Saying Westminster Abbey is enough, it’s that famous. People already know what makes it so great. You may find yourself in a long waiting list, but hosting an event there means that no one will ever forget it.
  • Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens, Richmond: Richmond’s impressive gardens and iconic buildings are splendid venues for both weddings and corporate events. They can host up to 400 guests, so think big and magnificent.
  • Craig Y Nos Castle, Swansea: This charming venue in south Wales is one of the finest Castle hostels in the UK. The perfect choice to organise a royal, quiet and exclusive event. Believe me, Craig y Nos will host an event to be remembered

Educational and Scientific

bodleian library, oxford event venue, uk event venue, 100 best uk venues, educational venues, scientific venues
Bodleian Library (Oxford University)

If you’re looking a venue for a more educational experience, may it be a conference, a school trip or any other type of event, this is the list for you. The following venues have been prepared to receive large numbers of assistents and equipped with the latest technology when it comes to presentations. For example, BFI IMAX is the largest cinema screen in Britain and is available for certain types of event.

  • BFI IMAX, London: Need a huge screen for your event? Odeon has the biggest screen in London and a fair amount of seats for your guests. Turn your event into a visual experience!
  • Imperial College London, London: Imperial College has a wide variety of venues placed in different campuses: seminar rooms, lecture theatres, conference rooms and party places. On top of that, its central location makes it the perfect venue for an educational event. Take advantage of Imperial College’s reputation and do something meaningful there.
  • 20 Bedford Way, London: Flexibility is everything for 20 Bedford Way: easy access, comfortable rooms and modern facilities. They even have a single tired theatre for hire with a capacity of 930 guests. You see what I mean? They may just have exactly what you need.
  • Picadilly 195, Home of Bafta, London: The venue is located in one of the most crowded streets in London. It is a great space for screenings, receptions, dinners and meetings, all in an exclusive setting. Countless celebrities have stepped inside the beautiful building of Piccadilly 95, why not become one of them?
  • Royal Geographical Society, London: With a great view over Hyde Park and the Kensington gardens, the Royal Geographical Society has got several spaces for hire which fit corporate events, lectures, receptions, and much more. A catering service is also available for any type of occasion. Do not hesitate to check up this venue.
  • The Old Truman Brewery, London: Several affairs are being hold there due to its special setting and allure. This is the perfect place for unique photo shoots and fashion shows. The venue can be personalised and adapted to any idea you might have. Brands like Elle and Topshop have taken advantage of these benefits and hosted their exclusive events at the Old Truman Brewery.
  • University of Greenwhich, London: Here you will find some fascinating locations that you can explore and decide which one best fits you. This university combines three unique venues with a great heritage. It mixes the Victorian style with Edwardian red bricks and, on top of that, it has a great view over the Thames. What else can you wish for?
  • University of Sheffield, Yorkshire: Lovely place, a world top-100 university and number one in the UK for student satisfaction in the 2014-15 Times Higher Student Experience Survey.
  • Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester: Professionalism and attention to detail are the key features of the Manchester Metropolitan University. Nothing can compare with great service and awesome facilities.
  • Bodleian Libraries, Oxford: The Bodleian Libraries are a historic place which offers outstanding rooms for weddings, exhibitions, corporate events, and more. The venue will not fail to impress.

Hotels for any occasion

soho hotel, hotel event venue, uk event venue, 100 best uk venues,
Soho Hotel

Hotels are always a safe bet when it comes to events. They are used to it, which means you have little to worry about when it comes to logistics. The best part is that if you get a little tipsy, you’ll always have a place to crash. Assuming they’re rooms available, of course. There are many great hotels all across the UK for all kind of styles and budgets. You may prefer something chic and modern like the Soho hotel or something luxurious like the Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, which is supposed to serve great food. Yes, if it’s french and hard to pronounce then the food must be superb.

  • Cafe Royal, London: Experience luxury in the heart of London and treat yourself with the variety of facilities that Café Royal is offering. The hotel has a history of fine dining and incredible hospitality, which might be exactly what you need for your next event.
  • Corinthia Hotel, London: The ultimate setting when it comes to luxurious glamour. With a combination of Victorian and contemporary styles, the Corinthia Hotel hosts a wide variety of tailored events for every necessity. A specialised tram will make sure that your needs are met.
  • The Goring, London: The luxurious five star hotel is a true English delight. It offers memorable experiences for corporate meetings and private parties. Indulge your guests with a detail-oriented personalised service.
  • Hotel 41, London: For an intimate and exclusive atmosphere, hotel 41 may just be exactly what you need. Maybe it is due to the fact that the hotel is so close to Buckingham palace, but in this place you will be treated like royalty.
  • Indigo London Kensington, London: Let’s switch to a different style of hotel. Indigo London Kensington is a boutique hotel with a more artistic and local approach. Even though it is part of one of the world’s largest hotel groups, Indigo keeps its authenticity and personality. Must often than not, different is good for any type of event.
  • Rosewood, London: Due to the luxurious environment and stunning architecture, one might not think that the Rosewood London is very technological, but must would be surprised.  Their meeting venues offer state of the art technology: On-site audio visual, teleconferencing and videoconferencing. Their goal is to exceed all expectations and offer a memorable experience.
  • The Soho, London: The home to astonishing design and decorations. Soho has designed special venues for corporate and private events with luxury and authenticity in mind. Another reason to choose the Soho is the unique film screening room they have prepared for special events.
  • The Wellesley, London: In such an exhilarating city as London, variety is a given. The Wellesley is the combination of prestige and luxury, which can turn any event into a royal experience. Let yourself be mesmerised by the impressive facilities the hotel offers.
  • 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences, London: 51 Buckingham Gate Suites could be called a second home. The hotel offers the exclusivity of a private home and the luxury of a private service, at the same time. The personalised environment reflects the values of this iconic heritage. How could you say no to such a treatment?
  • Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Oxford: Fresh air, timeless setting and a cosy atmosphere. Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’s Saisons is an impressive venue for either a private party or a business event. Do not hesitate to visit the splendid countryside to see this beauty for yourself.


sea life aquarium, museum event venue, uk event venue, 100 best uk venues,
Sea Life Aquarium

Loved by some, dreaded by others, Museums come in all shapes and sizes and they’re all over the UK. Most people don’t know that museums usually have venues for hire, and they should because hosting an event in a museum gives an unique touch to an event. Imagine making a wedding toast in front of a tank full of tropical fish at the Sea Life Aquarium, hosting a graduation party surrounded by the technology of The Science Museum, or celebrating the office’s Christmas party at the Museum of Brands, the only one of its kind in the world?

  • Garden Museum, LondonThe 17th century designs give the Garden museum a romantic aura. From weddings to corporate celebrations, the venue can host up to 200 guests in their special rooms. A natural and vivid choice for your next event!
  • The Museum of London, London: They know better than the rest how great the city of London is and they’re not afraid to show it. What better way to celebrate the capital than in a place where the hidden perks of the capital are showcased? Wow your guests with an exclusive décor and ambiance.
  • Museum of Water and Steam, London: It immerses you in a bygone era where Victorian waterworks and steam engines work noisily around you. Event organisers love this place for its authenticity and warmth.
  • Transport Museum, London: When you step inside the museum, you’ll instantly get a ‘’London’’ feel (thanks largely in part to the emblematic red bus you will see everywhere). The museum constantly hosts dinner parties and corporate events. We have only heard great reviews about it. It will only take one look, into the rooms they offer, to be convinced.
  • Madam Tussauds, London: The world’s most famous celebrities in a single place. If your event needs to be in the spotlight, the stars’ doppelgängers will help you. Turn your ideas into something fun and fabulous.
  • Museum of Brands, London: 200 years of consumer culture history in a single place: ads, packaging, branded projects, and much more. The Museum of Brands is an ideal venue for corporate events, product launches and workshops. 
  • National Portrait Gallery, London: What if you could organise an event in a place where all of the world leaders looked upon you? In The National Portrait Gallery you can! The venue has a special ambiance that lights up every event: public or private.
  • Natural History Museum, London: If your event is related to natural science, then the Natural History Museum would be a great choice. But even if it isn’t, the museum can still provide a unique décor and flavour to the occasion.
  • The Science Museum, London: Explore the universe in the Science museum of London. Create a unique atmosphere for your event while you learn about the latest scientific advances. The interactive setting will definitely bring a plus to the celebration.
  • Sea Life Aquarium, London: We’ve reviewed history, nature, science and art, but what about the Sea life? Wouldn’t it make it a truly unique event if it took place inside an aquarium? The Sea life Aquarium in London has got what it takes to amaze all of your guests and leave them speechless.
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Music Events

king tuts, king tuts music venue, music venue, uk event venue, 100 best uk venue, best uk venue
King Tuts Wah Wah Hut

As the birthplace of Punk Rock (and the Beatles! None the less), the UK has a great and rich history of music so it makes sense its venues are legendary as well. Take for example King Tuts in Glasgow. The place is famous for hosting concerts of bands that when later to become huge like Coldplay, Oasis, The Verve and Radiohead.

  • The Lexington, London: The bordello, baroque style of décor gives the Lexington a unique kind of charisma. Together with the rare American bourbons and whiskeys, this might be the perfect spot for music lovers who want to spice up their experience.
  • LSO Sy Luke’s, London: With a theatre- style setting, LSO Sy Luke’s impresses by its contemporary design and incredible atmosphere. The venue features multi-purpose performance facilities with excellent acoustics and flexible staging and seating. Don’t forget to book it in advance – the waiting list can go up to 6 months!
  • Southbank Centre, London: Southbank Centre spreads through 21 acres along the Thames river and is the host of some of the coolest events in London. You can choose to organise a ceremony or a musical event. It’s completely up to you how you use the venue.
  • O2 Academy, Birmingham: We all know that the O2 arenas are the choice of preference for most big artists. Names like Kid Ink, Ella Henderson and many more will perform this month in O2 Birmingham. If you have a big musical event to organise, O2 is the place for it.
  • The Fleece, Bristol: The Fleece is THE place in Bristol for music lovers and students. Every single day, there is something going on at the Bristol venue. Big names like Oasis and Radiohead have set foot on this stage. If your music event is in Bristol, then you know who to approach!
  • Brudenell Social Club, Leeds: The Brudenell Social Club is a fun and loving venue that embraces music and art. However, it is not just about music. You can also find a bunch of facilities like game rooms and screens that will entertain your crowd during the musical breaks.
  • The Sage Gateshead, Gateshead: Another great place for music is the Sage Gateshead. While it is the north-east landmark, the building has features great acoustic and architecture. A great venue for live music and a good time in general!
  • The Deaf Institute, Manchester: A unique venue in Manchester for smaller events. An intimate setting with velvet curtains, a roof terrace and tiered seating, the music hall is the right spot for live performances.
  • Stables, Milton Keynes: Love concerts will find themselves at home here. Jazz, Blues or Rock will sound great in Stables. Spoil your guests with a great venue where they can listen to their favourite music.
  • King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow: Even if it is a small venue, the King Tuts is one of the finest places in Glasgow for music. Famous and new bands alike share the stage at the Pharaoh’s hut. Even Radio 1 named it the number one UK venue for live music!

Networking & Parties

big red pizza, networking event venues, event venues, 100 best uk venues, best uk event venues,
Big Red Pizza Bus

Anyone who takes their career seriously will tell you that networking is pivotal in today’s business world. Therefor the places where these encounters take place are important, as well. For a less ‘mainstream’ networking event you may choose a place like the Shoreditch Grind an espresso and cocktail bar that features a recording studio on the upper floor or if you’d prefer a more ‘James Bond’ experience you may opt for The Ice Bar and a chilly Martini.

  • The Big Red Pizza Bus, London: They offer delicious meat and fish cooked over wood, a great time and everything happens on a bus! Crazy location for an event, right? But it’s got the potential to make it a memorable one.
  • Bounce (bar), London: Networking events don’t need to be boring. Think different, add fun activities that will bring people together. How about Ping Pong, for example? The Bounce Bar offers that and more.
  • The Brewery, London: Give your event a historic twist. This former Whitbread brewery offers versatility by catering to big groups and small ones alike. Their culinary and decoration services are also top notch.
  • The Ice Bar, London: The Ice Bar in London offers an exclusive and memorable experience. If you want your attendees to feel like they’re in a James Bond movie for an evening, book the Icebar right away.
  • National Theatre, London: For a classic networking occasion, the National Theatre might be just what you need. They are the sole caterers for all their events, guaranteeing delicious food every time.
  • Paradise by way of kensal green (bar), London: Paradise by way of Kensal green is a romantic and charming bar that allows you to organise the event you want – small and intimate or big and extravagant. On top of that, you will find exquisite food which will definitely make you want to comeback.
  • Saatchi Gallery, London: The Saatchi Gallery can host up to 1500 people in a single event. Samsung and Jaguar are just a couple of the names that chose this place for their parties. Cool, right?
  • Serpentine Galleries, London: Right in the Kensington Gardens, the Serpentine galleries are waiting to make your event planning dreams come true. They host for a wide range of occasions, from live performances to screenings. If you want to organise a creative event, they have a small and unique pavilion you can hire.
  • Shoreditch Grind, London: A bar with personality and character, Shoreditch Grind is a perfect place for a different kind of networking event. They are best known for their amazing espresso and espresso martini. Yes, you heard it right, they prepare an espresso martini. Caffeine and vodka might be exactly what your guests need after a long day of work.
  • Whitechapel Gallery, London: One of the finest art galleries in London, Whitechapel has some beautiful and versatile venues that can’t help, but inspire creativity and innovation.

Sporting Events

aviva stadium, sporting event venues, uk venue, 100 brilliant uk venue, sporting events
Aviva Stadium

Sports are important, for some – and that’s it. The reason why I write such a dumb frase is because my idea of a sport is lighting a cigarette while holding a coffee cup at the same time. But fear not, I have consulted with people who are more acquainted with the subject and composed the following list of venues for sporting events.

  • Emirates Stadium, London: Emirates Stadium is one of the most impressive sporting arenas for meetings and events. Every week, the home of Arsenal hosts exclusive events for celebrity athletes, so do not hesitate to take a look at it.
  • Lord’s Cricket Ground, London: Lord’s was named the number one cricket playground in the world, several legends were born here. Their flexibility and creativity will definitely help you exceed every expectation.
  • Stamford Bridge, London: Even I, a non-football fan, can surely agree that Chelsea’s Stadium is an unforgettable experience. They offer several options for dining, live music, parties, and they even have a health and spa club. Decorate your sporting event with special treats!
  • Wembley Stadium, London: By now most people have heard of Wembley Stadium, but the fact that they offer a different venue for each type of event is still unknown to the majority. They are dedicated to provide the best possible experience.
  • The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, London: Legendary events have been held here. If your next sporting event will be a prestigious one, then the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum should do nicely.
  • Ascot, Berkshire: Horse racing and fine dining are the main specialties of Ascot. Cuisine in one of the most popular horse racing venues in the UK is the right way to spoil your exclusive guests.
  • Aviva Stadium, Dublin: Conveniently located next to Dublin Airport, Aviva Stadium welcomes sports fans and conference delegates to some of their amazing spaces. Even if you have over 1000 guests, you can count on Aviva for a great experience.
  • Murray field, Edinburgh: Besides being the home of Rugby, Murray field is a great place for doing business. They accommodate conferences and business meetings throughout the year. They can also take care of entertainment, catering and any extra services.
  • Old Trafford, Manchester: The world-renowned Manchester United stadium is a venue that has inspired legends. Whether you’re entertaining on a grand scale or just wish to borrow a little greatness for your event, Old Trafford is a conference venue that can raise to the occasion.
  • Twickenham Stadium, Twickenham: Twickenham is the largest dedicated rugby union venue in the world. However, it is much more than this. Aside from hosting the concerts of famous bands, it is also a great location for corporate events of all kinds. You will find inspiring atmosphere and a friendly team that will make anyone smile.
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Team building

vinopolis, uk event venue, team building events, team building events venues, event venues, 100 best uk venues, best uk events venues

Coming up with this list was difficult because when it comes to team building activities the only real limit is the imagination of the organiser. Pretty much any activity that requires a group of people (as long as it isn’t work) can be considered for a team building experience. So we’ve decided to gather the most creative ones. The ones that made us go, ‘We want to go there!’. For the adrenaline junkies, there’s the Tree Top Adventure, which allows you to hang from trees like a Tarzan impersonator. Then for those who, like me, enjoy getting drunk something a tad less interactive, there’s wine tasting at Vinopolis. Regardless of the type of team you have, there is bound to be something on this list that they will like.

  • Belushis London Bridge, London: Great entertainment and affordable prices, Belushis London Bridge offers several party rooms for organising team building activities. We love the great atmosphere and the super awesome food.
  • Blueberry Bar and Kitchen, London: Ping pong tables, photo-booths and a lot more exciting activities are waiting for your team in Blueberry Bar and Kitchen. A great venue for team building or simply socialising with you fellow colleagues.
  • Canal Boat Party Club, London: Here is a great idea. Rent a boat for your next team building event! A two hours ride from London will be a great way to bond with colleagues. You can also bring your own food and drinks.
  • Brooklyn Bowl, London: Looking for a high-energy team-building activity? At the Brooklyn Bowl, you and your co-workers will enjoy southern food, a rock ‘n’ roll vibe and fantastic ten-pin bowling..
  • Vinopolis, London: You need a classy location for a team building event? Then look no further, let your team indulge in delicious wine and food at Vinopolis. Let them know how special they are.
  • Carberry Tower, Wallyford: The royal feeling makes Carberry Tower the perfect venue for a wedding, house party or corporate event. Guarantee your guests a unique experience.
  • Crazy Bear, Stadhampton: Crazy Bear is the perfect spot to spoil you attendees. The venue is perfect for both an outdoor activity and a cocktail party.
  • Downey Lake, Windsor: Sporting activities are the best for team building, am I right? Go to Downey Lake and challenge your guests to something new. They also offer a place for conferences and corporate events with an unique view over the lake.
  • Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth: Is crazy, unique, and memorable on your list for the next event? Then Spitbank Fort is the place for it! See it with your own eyes!
  • Tree Top Adventure, several sites across the UK: If you want to organise a team building adventure outside the noisy urban area, then Tree Top Adventure might be just the place. Challenge your team to a unique experience.

Wedding Venues

wedding venues, uk wedding venues, best wedding venues, best uk wedding venues, 100 best uk venues
The Lodge on Loch Goil

When it comes to weddings it seems like we’ve seen it all and done it all. Doesn’t it? Heck, you can even get married jumping off an airplane now a days! The choices are endless, that’s why it is important to trim them down so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Among the most interesting venues we found there’s the five star extravaganza experience at the Aviator Hotel in Farnborough, and for those who prefer a rustic experience, the Rockwell farm or even a tree house!

  • One Mayfair, London: Best known as London’s hidden gem, One Mayfair has hosted a fair share of luxurious and creative events in the last couple of years. Its opulent grandeur and elegance makes it a perfect venue for a dream wedding.
  • Aviator Hotel, Farnborough: With a striking and stylish design, Aviator Hotel has the potential to be a perfect venue. They not only offer an exclusive experience for the bride and groom, but will also make sure the guests have the time of their lives.
  • Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts, Gateshead: Baltic Centre is one of the most popular landmarks in the north east. The venue offers a mesmerising view of the river Tyne.
  • The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne: You need to organise a wedding for more than 200 people in a unique venue? The Biscuit Factory is a very flexible spot which can be tailored for each taste. They will help you bring your ideas to life and create the perfect wedding.
  • Asylum Chapel, London: This part-ruined Georgian chapel is one of London’s most unique wedding venues. Its distressed interiors will make a dramatic backdrop for your big day.
  • Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland: The idyllic location of the castle will amaze you with its nature and purity. Choose to organise a fairytale wedding like no one else has ever seen before. Let yourself be charmed by the Lindisfarne Castle.
  • Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff: Located on the waterfront in the heart of Cardiff Bay, this is the ideal venue for an intimate wedding. The staff will assure you that your event will be unforgettable.
  • Crockwell Farm, Northhamptonshire: Crockwell offers you an exclusive wedding in the countryside paradise, where you will be able to have the entire venue just for yourself. As we all know, details make the difference and Crockwell has many final touches that will make the event stand out for all the right reasons.
  • The Treehouse at The Lodge on Loch Goil: You only live once, so why not to organise a wedding in a treehouse? You will be amazed by the natural surroundings and romantic scenery. Celebrate life and dare to be different.
  • Watergate Bay Hotel, Cornwall: Has your client always dreamed about a wedding by the beach? Watergate Bay hotel offers its guests a unique experience in an intimate venue.  Choose something different for that special day.

Unusual Venues for all kinds of events

churchill war room, unusual event venues, unusual venues, uk events venues, 100 best uk venues,
Churchill War Room

And then there’s the other list. The list of venues that don’t fit into the other categories, but are too cool to be left behind. You don’t need a fancy building to host an event. How about a product launch inside a cavern? Or a strategic meeting in the very same room where Churchill lead Britain to victory during World War II? Some of these places might sound strange at first, but they’re guaranteed to make a great impression on your guests.

  • Battersea Power Station, London: A truly unique building, turned into something amazing. A hotel, restaurant, workspace and shop, all in the same space. They also have an incredible staff ready to turn your event into a fantastic occasion.
  • Churchill War Rooms, London: You need to organise events to impress and the bunkers at Churchill War Rooms will help you do just that. A place full of history and a memorable atmosphere would be a great venue for a business event. What do you think?
  • Cutty Sark, London: Can you imagine yourself organising your next event on a ship? And not just any ship, I am talking about Cutty Sark. One of the most famous of all times. Now a days it is docked on the shore of the Thames river and is the host of some fabulous events. It has got available three fabulous rooms for all kinds of occasions.
  • HMS Belfast, London: Together with the Churchill War Rooms, the HMS Belfast is part of the Imperial War Museums. No need to say that this amazing venue will definitely dazzle your guests and charm them with its authenticity.
  • HMS President, London: A floating party is what you want? Then the HMS President may just be what you’re looking for. John Lewis recently held a party there and people said it was fabulous.
  • Super Brick, London: Located in east London’s famous Brick Lane, this industrial-chic venue is a collective garage, studio and workshop. Its vintage vibe and classic 7″ vinyl jukebox make it popular for all kinds of events, from press days and product launches to film and photo shoots.
  • RSA House, London: RSA House is a combination of Georgian and contemporary design. Its versatility makes it a perfect spot for both a wedding and a corporate event. Surprise your guests with something special.
  • Shakespeare’s Globe, London: For a more artistic event, Shakespeare’ Globe will be on top of most people’s lists. Creative business events can be hosted there as well. Don’t hold back and let yourself be inspired by the playground of Shakespeare.
  • 41 Portland Place, London: Boardroom meetings, conferences, exhibition spaces, private parties, and summer BBQs, you can find it all here. Even with over 300 years of history, 41 Portland Place still manages to stay on the top of most best London venues lists.
  • Carnglaze Caverns, Liskeard: A venue that seems to be taken out of a fairy tale. The Carnglaze Caverns is a spectacular venue for both weddings and concerts. Magical things happen here. Believe me when I say that nobody will forget any event you set in this unusual spot. You can create anything from a medieval wedding to a romantic dinner.

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