What makes a good gift bag?

Here at Printsome, we believe that a good gift bag is something original that not only looks cool, but is also useful and, may I add, portable! Very important. The idea is your event to be remembered for the right reasons. That cardboard cutout might have seemed like a fun idea at first, but who’s going to carry that around? 

It doesn’t matter if yours is the event of the year, if your attendees don’t walk away with something memorable then they will throw it away. If you don’t believe me, ask Harry and Meghan who’s gift bags are being actioned off on eBay for up to £3000.

Upon closer inspection, it’s not too hard to see why. A water bottle, a flag and a gold chocolate coin are not exactly something to write home about. Especially considering this is the royal family we’re talking about.

If you’ve never considered using gift bags at your events, maybe you should start. They are an opportunity for you to cause an everlasting impression on your attendees. Not to mention the marketing opportunities. Give them something valuable and they’ll fondly remember you for months afterwards, if not years. A well-thought-out giveaway is not only useful for your attendee but will also reinforce your brand.

100 Gift Bag Ideas

Gift bag ideas - T-shirts

Customised Apparel

When it comes to swag, probably nothing is as easy or practical as garments. The benefits are many. First, they’re easy to produce. Second, they’re great for marketing as they will carry your logo long after the event is over. Third, the more you produce, then the lower the price per unit will be and four, everybody and anybody can wear them!

What can we say about the all-mighty T-shirt that hasn’t already been said? Everybody owns them, they’re easy to wear and on top of that, their marketing possibilities are almost endless. They just might be — do we dare say it? The perfect gift bag. It’s worth printing them at scale to get the most out of your event.

The T-shirt’s bigger and fuzzier cousin. While they’re a bit more expensive to produce, hoodies can be a great giveaway, particularly for events that take place during the colder months.  

Polo Shirts
They’re less common for swag than T-shirts or even hoodies, but for the proper event, they might be just right. A golfing event comes to mind (I wonder why). If a piqué polo shirt is too costly, one can always go for a jersey polo which is less expensive. You can find more information on polos and their materials here.

They’re perfect for gift bags for the same reasons as T-shirts. With the difference being that vests are probably more appropriate for sporting events or an occasion in the warmer months.

Baseball Caps
In our personal opinion, headwear has a marketing potential that hasn’t been exploited enough. Hats remain visible when a T-shirt can be covered with a jacket, for example. Keep in mind that the only way to customise baseball caps is with embroidery which gives them a perceived higher value.

Tote Bags
Tote bags have become the darlings of corporate events as of late. They’re a safe choice because they’re not only trendy but can also provide a way for the user to carry other giveaways.

giveaways for events

Chocolate and Sweets

They might be a cop out, but there is no denying that they are an effective cop out! Let’s face it, most people love chocolate, they come in many different shapes, flavours and forms, and for all kinds of budgets. Here are some ideas:

Chocolate Lip Scrub
Ferrero Rocher’s excellence and the beauty of a bouquet make a brilliant combination.

Neuhaus Chocolate
The most elegant sin. Luxury made sweet. Because of its quality, variety and glam, Neuhaus Belgian chocolate is the perfect choice for a high category event.

Good Karmal Candies
Everybody loves candies and if it’s branded candies with your own firm, then even more. Good Karmal lets you personalise sweets with a wide variety of designs and packaging so you can choose the right option for your event.

Beautiful boxes with delectable chocolates inside. A simple and accurate combination of adorability and sweetness. 

Small-batch Bourbon Truffle
The tenderness of the truffles and the intensity of the bourbon make this giveaway an explosive and exclusive combination.

Ferrero Collection
An ambitious gift bag for ambitious people. A box full of not only one kind, but all of the delicious Ferrero chocolates.

CAILLER L’Ecorce Dark Chocolate
A classy option for those who like their chocolate pure and strong.

giveaway ideas -Stationery


Stay away from the pens! Everyone and their mother has seen them in all models and sizes, ink colours and even the ones with the small light bulb at the tip. JUST DON’T DO IT! They bring nothing new to the table. Their electronic cousin the pen drive is not much better, either. Nowadays with everyone storing their stuff in the cloud, they’re practically useless anyway. If you want to share a presentation you can do so by uploading it to a free file sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox. Instead of the typical, try shaking things up with something like this:

Sticky Notes Organizer
Say goodbye to those piles of post-its. Any professional who writes down their ideas would be grateful.

Travel Alarm Clock
A portable device that comes with torch, calendar, temperature reader, timer and 18 world time cities. A great gift for jet-setters and international guests.

Screen Cleaner
Customizable screen cleaner. Works on all kinds of screens and is perfect for “on the go” people.

BestFire® Mini Bottle Cap Design USB Ultrasonic Humidifier
This humidifier fits nicely inside a bag or purse and can be used with any water bottle. A great present those who often spend nights at hotels.

Mini Solar Power Credit Card Size Pocket Calculator
This calculator is not only cute, but it’s also environmentally friendly thanks to the fact that it is powered by sunlight. No more toxic batteries.

Magnetic Phone Holder
For all those moments when the hands are busy, but the phone is still needed, this modern and useful phone holder that can be stuck on any surface.

iPhone In Car Air Vent Mount Stand Holder
A universal mobile stand holder for iPhone 6, 5S and iPod that will not only make every ride more productive but also safe.

Gift bag ideas - For creatives

For the Creative

Because of their specific tastes and a been-there-seen-it-all kind of attitude, the creative crowd can be a tough one. We offer two options, you can either help them generate ideas with creativity incentive tools or simply hand out a regular object with an unusual presentation. Remember, good design will go a long way here.

Moleskine Cahier Journals
A set of sticky notes to write down ideas in the best Moleskine style.

Grass Pens
A stylish pen anyone would hate to lose! These pens are perfect if your event is related to nature or any environmental topic.

Aqua notes
No more ideas down the drain! These waterproof notes allow you to write and sketch anything while you’re taking a shower.  

What do you get when you mix chopsticks and cutlery? Forkchops! East and West meet in this quirky design.

Shadow Coasters (perfect for the Halloween season)
If your event is taking place during the Halloween season, then this is the perfect swag. Also ideal for venue decoration.

Sh*t I gotta f*cking get done Notebooks
This one may raise a couple of eyebrows, but you’ve got to crack a couple of eggs to bake a cake, right? … Or was it an omelette?

Box of 12 coloured pencils !!!
Add some colour to your attendees’ lives by giving them this MUJI coloured pencil box.

Awesome giveaways - Electronic gadgets

Electronic Gadgets

Everyone’s favourites! And the best part is you don’t have to blow your budget in order to get them (we both know that if you gave every one of your attendees an iPhone they’d remember you forever, but if you had that kind of budget you wouldn’t be reading this, now would you?).

Power Bank 1200
This power charger allows one to charge their smartphone without the need of an outlet. The best part is that Brand Spirit lets you personalise it. They will remember you every time they charge their device (constantly)!

Mr Cardboard
Virtual Reality experience for everybody made with love in Germany. Branded Google Cardboard is easy to use and well designed.

Trunk iPhone Charging Cable
This cable is flexible to the point you can bend it in whichever way you see fit, and rigid enough to hold your phone, at the same time. The possibilities are almost endless. 

Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain
ThinkGeek presents the future of OCD. This small device’s buttons imitate bubble wrap paper pretty accurately, with the only difference being that it doesn’t run out so one can go on and pop and pop and pop….

Power Plug Kit
This power plug kit comes in a cute zippered case that includes a USB wall charger and an adapter. Perfect for travellers!

Waterproof Smartphone Case
No element should come between a user and their smartphone. Surprise them with this waterproof case. Easy to use even with wet hands!

Shaped LED Flashlight
This LED flashlight has got a handy aluminium pen-shaped case and the fact that it kind of looks like a lightsaber is a plus!

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gift bag ideas - swags for events


Surprise your guests with the ingredients for a fine dining experience. They will surely remember you at their next do.

Della Terra Gourmet Gift Set -Oil and Vinegar
The Della Terra products are so finely presented that it’s hard to believe that they will cause nothing but a good impression with even the most demanding of guests.

Mini Basil Olive Oil
A eucalyptus, opal basil and mint experience taste buds won’t easily forget. Just remember to buy plenty of bread.  

Sartori Cheese
Known as the finest parmesan in America, the Sarvechio is described as “fruity, with hints of lightly roasted caramel, aged to crumbly perfection”. I don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly hungry.

Maille Products
Thanks to a wide variety of flavours and beautifully presented gifts, you’re bound to find the perfect one for your occasion.

Bonne Maman Mini Jars
The highest quality ingredients and exceptional expertise make these conserves some of the best in the market – and those mini jars, to die for!

Pop Corn!
Not exactly gourmet, but who doesn’t like popcorn?

La Chinata: Olive Oil and Vinegar
Good quality at a great price and on top of that, beautiful design. This set won’t disappoint.

green giveaways for evetns


With all of those flyers being handed about and disposable promotional material (let’s not even start with the water bottles), corporate events can be a bit of an environmental nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be so. Small changes and some conscious decisions can go a long way. Here’s a list of some eco-friendly ideas for gift bags.

Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms Book Kit
These mushrooms can be grown during any time of the year and almost anywhere you want. All you need is an old paperback! Not only a green giveaway but also original and delicious.

Grapefruit & Orange Hair Care Gift Set
Made with organic sweet orange oil, this sustainable hair care set contains natural vitamin E and is biodegradable.

Polar Bear Chunky Desktop Eraser
This Kikkerland desktop eraser is not only attractive but also charitable. A wildlife charity donation is made with each sale.

Beer & Nuts Gift Bag
The perfect combination made real: Ale beer and smoky chilli nuts. Each sale helps the Eden Project, an educational charity and social enterprise involved in transformational projects and learning programmes.

Tree Friendly Recycled Pencils
Ethicalsuperstore.com sales these Kikkerland pencils that are not only cool-looking but also green friendly.

Slanted recycled glass votive
This scented candle by Bambeco is so beautiful it’s hard to believe it’s made entirely from recycled materials.

Rustic wooden keychain
This hand-made item will leave no guest indifferent.

Gift bag ideas for contests - Alcoholic beverages


My mum taught me never to arrive at someone’s home empty-handed and that usually meant bringing a bottle of wine. Like chocolate, most people enjoy a drink or two (or seven) and if they’re not drinkers themselves they can always repurpose the gift bag. Here are some ideas for those attendees who can hold their liquor.

Minibar in a Jar
You can’t go wrong with a minibar ready to go!

Corkcicle Classic Wine Chiller, Cork
Original and perfectly designed wine chiller by Corkcicle. Ideal for wine-lovers.

Original HangOver Kit Kup
This idea proved so popular that it spawned its own business. Hangoverkits.com offers a cheeky solution to the dreaded day after.  

Carry On Cocktail Kit
Have you ever seen a fancier kit? This make-your-own-cocktail carry-on will make anyone feel like Don Draper.  

Voga Italia Prosecco
Style made wine. Voga Italia Prosecco is vibrant and intense. It won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Spin The Shot Drinking Game
Who doesn’t like a drinking game? If you’re organising that kind of event, then let it all hang out with this fun product brought to you by The Discovery Store.

Lager Beer Lollipops
Lollyphile has made the dream of countless teenagers adults come true. Lollipops that taste like beer? We’re in!

good giveaways

Miscellaneous Items

No list is complete without some miscellaneous items, right? The following are either too weird or I just simply didn’t know where to put them, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less brilliant. Enjoy!

Monkey Business Skyline Ruler
Bored of straight lines? Then the Monkey Business Skyline Ruler may be just the thing you need.  Perfect for those who are looking for something different in their day-to-day work.

Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer
Probably a non-expected giveaway! The toothbrush sanitizer by Violife zaps up to 99% of germs and bacteria!

Multi-Purpose Cable Clips
We all have dealt with the annoying mess of tangled cables. These clips by Infmetry makes cable management a lot easier.

Silicon Smart Wallet
This Delta silicon wallet can be attached to the back of any cell phone and can hold up to 3 cards. On top of that, you can brand this appreciated swag!

Whatever this is supposed to be – but it looks cool!

Pastel Concrete Mini Planter
Design brand BetonDeko presents us with these beautifully coloured, minimalist planters.

Drinklip Cup Holder
Good design and incredibly useful. Drinklip provides a smart way to contain a lot of stuff (mobile, coffee, cosmetics, etc.) and it is available in many colours!

Mini Speaker, hamburger speaker, portable speaker
This portable, mp3 mini speaker allows playing music anytime, anywhere. Assuming the device is charged, of course.  

Phone Stand
Another phone stand! The Easel Phone Stand keeps the device visible and folds for easy storage.

Pantone Mug
I cannot think of a single graphic designer who wouldn’t love one of these! Perfect for design events!

Gift bag ideas for any event


Sometimes there’s just nothing better than a nice cup of tea. Treat your attendees with some of these adorable options.

Umbrella Tea Infuser with Stand
A tea infuser Mary Poppins would approve of.  

Fred & Friends MISTER TEA Silicone Tea Infuser
A must-have for tea lovers! This cute tea infuser will make any tea time much more special.

Whole Leaf Tea Sachet Favours
The tea made a celebration to indulge all of the senses! Unforgettable tea sachets that come in various flavours. It would be a lovely addition to any gift bag!

Fill-Me-Up Bronze Caddy
Who said storage had to be ugly or boring? That’s what the Whittard designer must have asked himself/herself when they designed this caddy.

Tipping Teacup
Designed by Laura Bougdanos and Vesa Jaasko, this teacup has an unusual angled bottom that allows it to rest in two different positions turning an everyday activity into a singular event.

London Bus Tin
Tea and biscuits in a London bus tin. Ideal for any quintessentially English occasion.

Pyramid Box Tea Bag
Customizable pyramid tea boxes that will for sure create a positive impression.

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And sometime’s there’s just nothing better than a nice cup of coffee. Especially if you’ve had hardly any sleep the night before *raises hand*. Take some notes if you want to impress your coffee snob attendees.  

Amoretti Premium Syrups Classic 3 Pack
These syrups by Amoretti are ideal for coffee, tea, soda, seltzer, iced tea, and cocktails, among others.

Instant Coffee Cube Set
Uncommongoods.com says: “Discover the rich taste of Colombian java with this travel-friendly, 28-pack instant coffee cube set.”

Great Moustaches Mug
A fun mug with great design. Movember anyone?

Morning, Noon and Night Coffee
Ever refused a cup of coffee because it was too late? This product promises to give you the best blend for each time of the day.

Coffee Chart Mug
The wet dream of any coffee snob. This mug designed by Ben Gibson and Patrick Mulligan will teach anything there is to know about coffee.

Coffee Cereal
As if there wasn’t enough caffeine in a cup of coffee, now we have coffee cereal! Let’s just hope nobody comes up with Coffee Orange Juice.

For just £1, IKEA lets you add foam to your coffee. Now everyone can make their own latte at home. Take that Starbucks!

Gift bag ideas - For travelers


Catering to the jet-setter crowd? Then you should pay attention. Any traveller will tell you that the items they want in their bag are meant to be portable, durable and good looking. Forget about the passport holders and the travel cushions, try something a bit different and you might give them what they really need.

Americano Colour Mugs
A customisable travel mug. Comes in a wide range of colours.

Posters from international airports
NaxART takes the blueprints of famous international airports and turns them into elegant posters. These are so beautiful, I might just cry.

Promotional Coloured Earphones
Everyone needs headphones. You can’t go wrong with these ones.  

McQueen 3-Led Torch
The tiny torchlight has been seen before, but like the headphones, they’re a safe bet.

Travel Stub Diary
A gorgeous diary to save travel memories.

Mountain Range Notebook
This handmade travel diary features a gorgeous design of a mountain range on its cover.

Rubber Tag “Go Away”
A perfect giveaway for any airline or tourism-related event.

coolest giveaways


After a long day of work, a hot bath can bring back to life even the most abused of employees. Dip into the world of toiletries where you’ll learn to spoil and pamper the attendees of your event. Don’t ever underestimate the power of proper grooming.

Thundersnow Bath Bomb
Lush’s products are not only a treat for the skin but also the eyes thanks to its beautiful packaging.

Food Odor Removing Hand Soap
Any foodie will appreciate this food odour removing soap created by Tracy Valenta. You can kiss those garlic tasting fingers goodbye – it’s a strange picture, but you know what I mean.

Waterless Hand Sanitizer with Clip
This customisable hand sanitizer it’s got the perfect size to carry in any purse or bag.

Lip Balm in Aluminium Tin
Any logo would look good printed on the tin of these lip balms. Since it’s a product that’s used every day by both men and women, it’s great for marketing.

Fuji Green Tea™ Beauty Bag
A beautiful kit made by one of the top experts in the field of beauty, The Body Shop.

Sakura Shower Gel
This one is a bit more on the pricey side, but it’ll surely create a great impression.

Morning Star Incense
Incense it’s a bit tricky because not everyone appreciates their smell, but Morning Star Incenses are so delicate even the most sensitive of noses can tolerate them. Besides, the packaging is so beautiful, it’s a gift in itself.

Gift bag ideas - For women

For Her

Got an event coming up where most guests are female? Then take a look at the following list of possible swag, it might spark your imagination.

Christmas Weather Bath Bomb
For those who want to celebrate Christmas all year long.

Fashion Truth or Dare
This cheeky game will get girlfriends talking for hours.

Well-Read Women: A Reader’s Journal
Nothing is sexier than a woman who reads. This literary journal designed by Samantha Hahn let’s invites the reader to fill it with tidbits of their favourite books.

Expecting You – A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal
Planning an event for pregnant women? Don’t let it slip by without this journal.

Literary Candles
Ever wondered what the tea party in Alice in Wonderland smells like? Thanks to these candles created by Callie Meaney you don’t have to ponder anymore.

Moroccanoil Signature Scent Candle
Moroccan Oil is known for its premium hair oil but now features a scented candle that if it’s smell as good as its other products then we’re in for a treat.

Compass Keychain
A beautiful key chain designed by JKWaccesories.

Gift bag ideas - For him

For Him

Or are your clients mostly gentlemen?

Ticket Stub Diary
Is he a fan of sports? Then chances are he’s got a fair share of stadium tickets laying around. This cool diary lets him organise them.

Open Sesame! Password Reminder Book
We’ve all been there. Remembering passwords can be a hassle. Make the process easier with this Password Reminder Book. Remember to keep it safe!

Hammerhead Shark Corkscrew and Bottle Opener
A wicked bottle opener that’s sure to be a conversation starter at parties.

Bike Chain Bottle Opener
Another cool bottle opener.

Gentlemen’s Card Deck
A card designed for gentlemen by gentlemen. Each card’s got wise tidbits of information.

Groomsman Invitation
Perfect for a stag party gift bag.

Holy Water Flask
A great gift for those who carry their ‘holy water’ everywhere.

sexual giveaways

Naughty Gift Bags

We’ve already explored the kitchen, the bathroom and now it’s the turn of the bedroom. Every once in a while you’ll run into a couple’s event. It might be a stag or hen party, a couple’s workshop, or an adult toys showroom. Whatever the case may be, these giveaway ideas will do the trick.  

Sexy Truth or Dare
A cheeky game for couples that is sure to keep the night going on and on.

Let’s Play Doctor – for Adults
Who said that spending the night at home was boring?

Porn for Women
More than a joke than anything else, this books features such images as strapping men doing laundry.

Floating Island Bath Oil
Your very own private island – for the two of you!

Tenga Egg
We’ll let you discover this one for yourself. *Wink*

Love Kisses Sandwich Bags
No coworker will ever eat your sandwich again. This fun plastic bags will let others know that your lunch – and bum – is already taken.

Why I must have sex with you pad
As if we needed an excuse.

T-shirt Printing for Events

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