100 T-shirt Templates for Download that Rock the Casbah

T-Shirts Mockups

Nope, we’re not going to talk about the best custom t-shirts worn in North African citadels, even though you might love that.

This article is for anyone looking for a ready-made t-shirt template. Designing is one thing, but planning a design is something else. When it comes to t-shirt printing, you need to plan out the design and where it is supposed to go on the t-shirt in order to ensure that it fits. But for a lot of us, me included, having a t-shirt template PSD file, for example, already made… that’s absolutely priceless.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled some links to some of the best places to find a t-shirt template. We even included a few of our own. Completely free!

If you have any of your own suggestions, and especially if you make your own t-shirt template, tell our readers about it in the comments section below!

1. 16 Men’s Apparel Mock-ups

This is a collection of various t-shirt templates. What’s cool is that you can see your design on a t-shirt alone or on model. You can get the women’s mock ups, too.

t-shirt template, t-shirt mockup, free t-shirt template, free t-shirt mockup

Cost: $18

2. DealJumbo Free T-shirt Template!

Dealjumbo.com has a great freebie hidden there on its packed website: some free t-shirt mockup templates.

t-shirt mockup, t-shirt template, free template

Cost: free

3. Freebieclouds shirt template

Another great t-shirt template for anyone looking for an automatic PSD (that’s Photoshop) t-shirt template that only requires you to upload your design to get applied automatically to the folds of the tee.

t-shirt mockup, t-shirt template, free t-shirt template

Cost: free

4. Professional T-shirt mockup Template

This realistic t-shirt template, designed by Woobox, comes with the picture of a male model. Perfect for those spring/summer men collections.

men-t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

5. T-Shirt Mockup using SmartObject .PSD

Here’s a psd file of a mockup that uses smart objects. With this one, you’ll save time for sure.

tech and all t-shirt mock up, t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

6. T-Shirt MockUp by Graphic Burger

This PSD file contains a photorealistic representation of a t-shirt hanging from a wooden hanger in both front and back versions.

t-shirt mockup, free t-shirt template

Cost: Free after you subscribe.

7. Print Aura T-shirt Mockup Templates

Talk about high-quality t-shirt printing services: Aura’s templates are comprehensive and are not limited only to t-shirts: you can find printed bag templates, personalised hoodie templates, and long-sleeve shirt templates.

t-shirt template, gildan template, mockup t-shirt,

Cost: free

8. Angela Acevedo’s simple black tee template

Grab this great 300 dpi JPEG file from a Deviant Artist. It’s great because it’s just a simple set different positions of a black t-shirt.

t-shirt template, black t-shirt template, t-shirt mockup, black t-shirt mockup

Cost: free, but try to donate a quid!

9. DesignbyHumans T-shirt design templates

For all you designers out there, here are some t-shirt templates with models (male and female) and a variety of different t-shirt colours. While you’re over there, be sure to check out their cool t-shirt printing guide.

tee templates, shirt mockups

Cost: free

10. Upstate Merch t-shirt template

Go here to download directly an easy-to-use PSD file for multiple t-shirts. Add your printed t-shirt logo and presto! This is a great way to visualise, for example, you’re next promotional t-shirt.

t-shirt mockup, mockup template, free mockup template, free t-shirt mockup template

Cost: free

11. Deviant Hoodie template design

As with any independent designer, it’s nice to donate something for this otherwise free hoodie template. This is a great PSD hoodie template for all your realistic personalised hoodie design planning.

hoodie mockup, hoodie template, free hoodie template, free hoodie mockup,

Cost: free

12. Vector templates t-shirt templates

If you want to see something crisp and mathematical, Vector Templates has you covered. Not only will you find a plethora of t-shirt templates here, but any manner of apparel. And the best thing…

vector templates, t-shirt templates

Cost: free

13. Angela Acevedo, again

She’s got t-shirt designers covered, that’s for sure. If you need t-shirt templates that take into account a range of vector colours, look no further. She based these templates on American Apparel’s Medium tee. Drop her some cash in her paypal!

t-shirt colour mockup, t-shirt colour guide,

Cost: free

14. Polo Shirt design mock up template

For anyone who’s looking specifically for polo shirt printing, this template is for you. It’s a simple grey polo tee for you to review how your design looks.

t-shirt mockup design, t-shirt template design, free t-shirt template

Cost: free

15. Simple white t-shirt template

This is a single white t-shirt for you to showcase your art or design. If you want a blank canvas to see what a logo looks like on a t-shirt, this is it.

t-shirt mockup design, t-shirt template design, free t-shirt template, free t-shirt mockup

Cost: free

16. Antonio Padilla’s Photorealistic t-shirt templates

This is a great option for designers who want to see their work on a realistic surface. It’s a PSD file, but you’d think your t-shirt was already printed. This is the best t-shirt template.

freebie t-shirt template, free t-shirt mockup, free t-shirt design

Cost: free

17. Cotton Bureau’s Colourful Templates

Cotton Bureau offers some great colourful t-shirt templates for download. The only trick is that these high-quality t-shirt templates will set you back a few quid.

t-shirt template, women's t-shirt templates, women's t-shirt mockup

Cost: $25

18. Cardigan PSD

The Apparel Guy has you covered if your fare is a cardigan template, not a t-shirt template. If you can manage to print on a cardigan, you’re a star!

cardigan template, cardigan mockup, free cardigan template

Cost: free

19. Online T-shirt Mockup

The great thing about this template is that it allows you to create a t-shirt mockup right on their webpage. No Photoshop necessary! Once you’re satisfied with the design, download it.

t-shirt templates

Cost: Free

20. Psd Polo Shirt Mockup Vol1

A great-looking polo mockup. You’ll need to create a premium account pixeden.com in order to download this one.

polo shirt mockup, polo shirt template

Cost: You have to create an account, which costs $6 monthly

21. T-shirt mockup by Threadless

Not only does Threadless offer a high quality t-shirt mockup, but hoodies, jumpers, tanks and even wall art, as well!

tshirt templates, pullover template, tank template

Cost: Free

22. 4 in 1 t-shirt mockup

Dealjumbo.com offers a pack of “4 in 1” mockup. It consists of four different pictures of male models wearing t-shirts that you can modify to your liking. All you have to do is sign up.

tshirt mockups, colour shirt mockups

Cost: Free, but you have to give them a valid email account.

23. Another template by Angela Acevedo

Here’s another template by Angela Acevedo. This time around the designer brings us a simple white t-shirt’s high quality JPG – not an PSD. But it’s got a folded version!

blank t-shirt template, white t-shirt template

Cost: Free

24. Shirt PSD V2 by GrahamPhisherDotCom

This mockup is 100% free, easy to use and comes with instructions and an example. Remember to drop them a comment and thank them!

t-shirt templates

Cost: Free

25. Blank Tee Photos by Randy Aquilizan

Not exactly a mockup, but sill useful. Randy offers a wide selection of black t-shirts in different colour options and positions.

t shirt mock ups

Cost: Free

26. Long Sleeved Tee PSD by TheApparelGuy

This long sleeved t-shirt mockup is free to use and allows you to manipulate highlights, shadows and colours. Remember to leave him some feedback and a thank you note once you’re done using it.

long sleeve t-shirt mockup, long sleeve t-shirt template

Cost: Free

27. Woman T-Shirt MockUp PSD #2

This second version of their women’s t-shirt template comes with high quality images of both front and back.

womens t-shirt template, womens t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

28. Hanging t-shirt mockup

Unlike most templates on this list, this one represents a t-shirt on a hanger (very Pinterest friendly). You can even edit the look of the wall on the background!

hanging t-shirt template, hanging t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

29. Psd T-shirt Mockup Template Vol3

This template by Pixeden comes in a high resolution, which makes it great for showcasing details. It also comes with a smart layer to facilitate the process of applying the design.

t-shirt mock up free,

Cost: Free

30. T-shirt Mockup by TKoenigs Design Agency

A simple template that features a model wearing a t-shirt. You can change the appearance of both the tee and the wall.

model t-shirt mockup, t-shirt design template

Cost: Free

31. Template by Dribble

This template was originally created for a contest organised by Dribble, but you can still download it if as long it is for personal use.

threadless dribbble mockup, dribbble template

Cost: Free

32. Free T-Shirt Design Mockup by Medialoot

A unisex mockup that allows you to customise colour and design however you see fit. Don’t forget to credit and add a link to their website when you use it.

free t-shirt mockup, free download t-shirt template

Cost: Free

33. Fabulous crew neck T Shirt Mockups

This PSD file brought to you by Zippy Pixels has not only one, but two mockups. The t-shirts are presented in different perspectives so you can put together a persuasive presentation.

t-shirt mockups, t-shirt templates

Cost: Free as long as you fill in a valid email address.

34. T-shirt mockup by OriginalMockups

This professional looking template has a small detail that makes the difference. Can you see it? It’s the tag! It might seem silly, but it does make it stand out.

mock up kit, t-shirt mock up, t-shirt template

Cost: Free

35. Another t-shirt mockup by Pixeden

A t-shirt mockup that was crafted from scratch by the team at Pixeden. The illustrated model is refreshing when put next all of the other pictures.

t-shirt mockup, t-shirt template

Cost: Free when you create a free account

36. Woman Psd Marl T-shirt Mockup

Showcase your design for female garments in this beautiful mockup by Pixeden.

woman's t-shirt template, woman's t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

37. Bundle by mockupworld.com

A set containing two mockups of a folded t-shirt. The PSD (3800 x 2900 px) is fully layered and comes with a smart object.

folded t-shirt template, folded t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

38. Mockup Everything

Mockup Everything stands true to its name and offers a great variety of pieces. For $4.99 each, you’ll be able to download mockups for anything from a t-shirt to high-heeled shoes.

template library, mock ups

Cost: $4.99 each

39. Folded T-Shirt Mockup

A mockup of a high-res shot (5000 x 3333 px) of a folded T-Shirt. Change anything from the artwork to the background.

folded t-shirt mockup, folded t-shirt template

Cost: Free

40. Flat T-shirt MockUp by GraphicTwister

This free download features a front and back sides over a wooden background. Use the smart layers to apply your design.

t-shirt mock up graphic twister

Cost: Free

41. HQ Shirt Mockup by Johan Nel

A simple high quality mockup.

shirt mockup, shirt template

Cost: Free

42. Women’s Scoop Tee

TheApparelGuy brings us another template through his DeviantArt profile in the form of a woman’s scoop tee.  

scoop tee mock up, scoop t-shirt template

Cost: Free

43. Button V-Neck PSD

The button v-neck is not a regular garment, but it’s still good to have the option. This is yet another mockup by TheApparelGuy.

v-neck mockup, v-neck template

Cost: Free

44. Photoshop Ringer T-Shirt Mockup Templates Pack

This one is a bit on the pricey side, but you’ll get a eight-in-one package. The file includes front and back sides, flat and “ghosted” versions of the garments, clipping masks in place and realistic lights, shadows and shading effects.

ringer t-shirt mockup, ringer t-shirt template

Cost: $37

45. Online t-shirt template

CustomInk offers an online t-shirt mockup experience for those who don’t necessarily wish to download a file from the internet. It is easy to use and allows you to save your mockup once you’re finished.  

tshirt template

Cost: Free

46. Classic Psd T-shirt Mockup

Pixeden presents us with another t-shirt template for your creations. This time is a classic crew neck tee.

hanging t-shirt mockups, hanging t-shirt templates

Cost: Free

47. T-Shirt (straight cut) Mockup

This PSD file allows you to change the background, colour and artwork. The dimensions are 4500 x 2834 px.

tee mockup

Cost: Free

48. V-Neck T-shirt Template

v-neck mockup, v-neck shirt template

This template is brought to you by GrahamPhisherDotCOm and as they say it, it’s “100% free and 100% customisable”.

Cost: Free

49. Lady’s T-Shirt Mockup

A Fully layered PSD that allows you to change the colour and background image. Dimensions: 2500 x 2500px.

t shirt mockup

Cost: Free

50. Colourful T-Shirt Mockup

This template featured in freegoodiesfordesigners.com was made (according to its designer) as a response to the lack of colourful t-shirt templates out there. You can either download it for free or give a donation of $0.90 to its creator.


Cost: Free or $0.90 depending on what you choose

51. Men’s T-shirt Mockup

Another mockup by graphicburger.com, this one is for men apparel. The PSD file includes realistic textures, folds displacement mapping and filter actions.

mens t-shirt mockup, mens t-shirt template

Cost: Free

52. Male T-shirt Template

A simple template of a “ghosted” men’s t-shirt. Remember to credit the creator Thetrueguilty when you use this file.

male t-shirt template,

53. Gildan Teen 2.0

TheApparelGuy comes to the rescue again with a brand new t-shirt template. This one features: customisable colours, artwork mask layer, photorealistic shadow and highlight Layers, front and back sides, and a modifiable Tag.

gildan t-shirt template, gildan mockup

Cost: Free

54. Realistic Hanging T-Shirt Mockup

This cool looking t-shirt template is brought to you by Vayn studios. Is completely free to use, but make sure you send them a thank you note!

tee template, hanging shirt mockup

Cost: Free

55. White Long Sleeves T-shirt Mock-up

This long t-shirt template offers a nice break from the short sleeved ones. This one comes with a model and both front and back sides.

white long sleeve shirt template, white long sleeve shirt mockup

Cost: Free

56. T-shirt and Tote Bags PSD Mockups

Studioweeber brings us a selection of male and female t-shirt mockups and if it wasn’t enough, they also threw in a couple of tote bag templates, as well.

t-shirt mockup, t-shirt template,

Cost: Free

57. “Art goes here” Template

T-shirt template that lets you easily change the colour as you desire.


Cost: Free

58. White and Black T-shirts mockup

In case the black t-shirt wasn’t enough, freepik also features this mockup that contains both a black and white t-shirt.

black t-shirt mockups, white t-shirt templates

Cost: Free

59. White T-shirt mockup by Freepik

In case a white t-shirt is all you need, Freepik also features this simple white t-shirt template.

white t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

60. Vintage Styled Free T-Shirt Mockup

Lovers of the vintage style, this is the mockup for you. On top of the unique silhouette, this template has a layer that will allow your design to perfectly adapt to the creases on the garment.

free t-shirt mockup, t-shirt template

Cost: Free after subscription

61. Ladies’ t-shirt mockup

This template is based on a photo and comes in five different colours.

tshirt mockup, colour shirt templates

Cost: Free

62. Mockup and print file generator

This file generator by Printful is a great solution for a quick mockup. It is quick and easy to use.

t-shirt templates, shirt mockups

Cost: Free

63. T-shirt mockup by Max Fatfullin

A simple t-shirt mockup brought to you by this young Russian designer. Remember to credit!

free t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

64. Red T-shirt mockup by ThisLooksGreat

This mockup is brought to you by Cristian Doru, the man behind ThisLooksGreat.net. As he warns “don’t be fooled by how simple it looks”.

hanging shirt template, hanging shirt mockup

Cost: Free

65. Set of (Men & Ladies) T-Shirt Mockups

A collection of four high resolution mockups of t-shirts for both men and women.

male t-shirt mockups,

Cost: Free

66. T-shirt tag logo mockup by Renan Facure

This Brazilian designer presents a very special mockup for just labels! The masked layers allow you to adapt any logo for a realistic finish.

tag template

Cost: Free

67. Ringer Tee PSD

Yet another template by TheApparelGuy. This one is for ringer t-shirts. If you like this particular kind of t-shirt then this is the mockup for you.

ringer t-shirt templates, ringer shirt mockups

Cost: Free

68. American Crew-Neck Template

A nice mockup PSD file of a “ghosted” t-shirt.

crew neck t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

69. Ladies’ Crop T-shirt Mockup

If you happen to design several kinds of lady garments then chances are you’re using at least one kind of crop top. If that’s the case then don’t look further than this template.

short sleeve t-shirt template, short sleeve shirt mockup

Cost: Free

70. Black T-shirt Mockup

This mockup was originally designed to be used at a DeviantArt group and therefore don’t know if it can be used for commercial purposes or not, but you can always ask.  

black t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

71. PlaceIt mockup generator

This generator allows you to create professional looking mockups in a matter of seconds. Its interface it’s easy to use and offers many different kinds of garment images, from folded tees to models in all shapes and sizes.

mockup for t-shirts

Cost: Goes from $12 for a simple plan to a $199 plan that includes videos

72. T-Shirt Template Vector

Unlike most templates in this list, the file presented by Freepik is a vector and therefore doesn’t have any pixels. Which means you can expand it to any size you want without worrying about image damage.

t-shirts templates,

Cost: Free

73. T-Shirt template Vector Design

A useful vector t-shirt mockup that allows you to customise it in whichever way you see fit.

men round t-shirt templates, round t-shirt mockups

Cost: Free

74. Vector T shirt Templates and T shirt Icons

This template not only features Vector templates, but also little flat icons of t-shirts that are perfect for menu displays or mobile apps.

Vector T shirt Templates and T shirt Icons

Cost: Free

75. T-shirt design templates vector

This template comes not only with t-shirt, but also polo vectors. It also features silhouettes of male and female models.

blue t-shirt templates

Cost: Free

76. T-shirt Vector Template by JovDaRipper

Simple vector design which features front and back sides and a headless silhouette of a model.

t-shirt template, t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

77. Vector Template 2.0

This vector template by GoPurifyYourself contains both ai and psd files.

shirt template, shirt mockup

Cost: Free

78. T-shirt collection by atilazz

This young designer brings us a collection of garments in one package. Tees, hoodies and even silhouette illustrations of models.

t-shirt collection mockups

Cost: Free

79. Shirt template by IKorteXI

Useful vector of a white t-shirt for all of your wonderful creations.

shirt template

Cost: Free

80. Template by Colour Overload

This template of a blank t-shirt comes with a total of 40 base colours inspired by American Apparel products.

black t-shirt template

Cost: Free

81. Mockups by JovDaRipper

The DeviantART designer created a straight-to-the-point mockup of male and female t-shirts. It includes front and back side views.

t-shirt template, t-shirt mockups

Cost: Free

82. T-shirt model by NX57

Template of a white t-shirt. Leave a comment for the designer so they can improve their skills!

t-shirt model, t-shirt templates

Cost: Free

83. Blank t-shirt mockup by softarea

This psd vector file comes with three different t-shirts: white, black and coloured. You may also modify the size of the garment to fit your needs.

colour templates, white shirt mockups, dark shirt templates

Cost: Free

84. Superman (Man of Steel 2013) T-shirt Design PSD

This one is a bit different. The template features a model wearing a tee with the latest Superman logo on it. You can get a free version or a premium one for $3,00.

superman t-shirt templates

Cost: Free or $3,00, depending on the version.

85. Ladies’ top mockup by Bartlomiej Bednarski

Most templates are for male t-shirts, so when we see one for female garments we can’t help but feel thankful. In exchange for the file, the designers only asks for a “like”.

ladies top mockup, ladies top template

Cost: Free

86. 2nd T-shirt mockup by AlienValley

This mockup features a t-shirt extended on a flat surface. The zip file includes the mockup and even links to the free fonts used on the fake logo.

tee shirt mockup

Cost: Free

87. Ladies Tee Mockup by Tinydesignr

A simple ladies’ garment template that’s easy to use.

t-shirt mockup design

Cost: Free

88. PSD T-Shirt mockups template

Another template by Tinydesignr, this time for the male gender.

t shirt mockup templates

Cost: Free

89. Deep V-Neck men t-shirt template

This file features a mockup of a less common type of t-shirt for men, the deep v-neck. It comes with three high-resolution images and photorealistic effects.

v-neck t-shirt templates

Cost: Free

90. Men Polo Template

The same people behind the men deep v-neck mockup bring you this template for polos. It includes: 4 views, single and bi-colour options, organised highlighted layers, and more.

men polo t-shirt templates

Cost: Free

91. White t-shirt with model mockup

An cool looking mockup that features a male model standing in front of an urban background.

free t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

92. T-shirt hanging from Wooden Hanger

This template is made of a fully editable layered PSD. You can change the colour, design and background.

free t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

93. Guy opening his shirt

This is probably the most creative mockup we’ve seen so far. The file created by mockupworld.com   comes with the picture of a guy opening his shirt a-la-Superman style to reveal the printed garment underneath.

creative t-shirt mockup

Cost: Free

94. Two free mock-ups

Coming from our friends at Gospace:


95-115. The Awesome Printsome Mockups

a) T-shirt Mockups

Last but not least, our very own t-shirt mockups! Download them for free, you just need to subscribe to the blog!

That’s all the t-shirt templates we have for you. As you can see, we have a mix of t-shirt template vectors and t-shirt template PSD files, all of them though are t-shirt templates for designers. Woo! What a mouth full! I hope these links will have come in handy!

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