What’s one way to know that you have achieved ultimate brand loyalty? How about if your customers put a device in an easily-accessible place that allows them to automatically order your products just by pushing a button? Amazon Dash Buttons do just that.

Don’t get this branded button confused with the Amazon Dash device, which you can use to order any Amazon product via voice commands or a barcode scanner that connects to an app on your phone. Also, don’t confuse this new button with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service, which is for automatic ordering of supplies for device manufacturers.

What is the Amazon Dash Button, then?

The Amazon Dash Button is in an exclusive beta testing phase, but it looks set to take the market by storm. Marketers are happy that it’s not just an April Fools joke after all. The catch? You have to be a Amazon Prime member to purchase one for $4.99.

The Amazon Dash Button puts an automated process into your hands. For example, if you use a tonne of Kleenex, you could place a Kleenex button on your nightstand that you’d press to automatically order more from Amazon Prime.

How does Amazon Dash work? Simple:

Purchase an Amazon Dash button here.

  1. Place it: Set it up on your phone to order what you want
  2. Press it: When you’re out or almost out of the product, press the dash button to save time!
  3. Get it: You already know that Amazon’s fast.

Which companies are signed up for the Amazon Dash Button?

Apart from having to be an Amazon Prime member to use the Amazon Dash Button, there are currently only 18 companies signed up whose products can be delivered through the service. Those companies are:

  • Bounty
  • Tide
  • Cottonnelle
  • Glad
  • Clorox
  • Olay
  • Gillette
  • L’Oreal
  • Gatorade
  • Maxwell House
  • Smartwater
  • Izze
  • Huggies
  • Gerber Formula
  • Amazon Elements
  • Kraft Mac & Cheese
  • Larabar
  • Wellness

What’s the trend? Use. Use and reuse. These companies sell products we use daily, and which we constantly need to be stocking up. So it got us thinking…

Which companies need to use Amazon Dash Button, right now?

We decided to go ahead and save these companies the work by grabbing their logo and creating the buttons for them. We’re impatient. These companies need to use the Amazon Dash Button; we can’t live without their products!

1. Coca Cola

I don’t care if it comes shaken in a delivery truck! I need Coca Cola’s caffeine, and I need it now.

coca cola dash button, coca cola, coca cola button, dash butotn

2. Durex

It’s always good to be prepared and safe. A Durex Amazon Dash Button would go well in the drawer of the nightstand.

durex dash button, durex, dash button, amazon dash button,

3. Heineken

Same goes for Heineken as for Coke. Shaken doesn’t bother me. I love the feeling of getting Amazon products in the mail. It’d feel even better to get beer delivered! This button would have a prominent spot on my refrigerator.

heineken, heineken dash button, amazon dash button,

4. Penguin Random House

We want books! What if we could program a reading list that when we push the button, it orders the next one down?

penguin random house, penguin dash button, amazon dash button

5. Colgate

My toothpaste lasts a long time. Still, I somehow manage to postpone getting more until it’s too late and I go a day without brushing. Never again.

colgate dash button, dash button, amazon dash button

6. Grumpy Mule Coffee

Ok so Maxwell House already has an Amazon Dash Button to get espresso refill capsules, but I don’t drink that brand. I need Grumpy Mule Coffee to get an Amazon Dash Button, and soon.

grumpy mule coffee, coffee dash button, amazon dash button

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How about Amazon Dash Buttons for the office?

We like to write about creative marketing and ideas that help marketing professionals in the office, so naturally we want to brainstorm Amazon Dash Buttons that we’d love to have at the office. Here’s what we came up with:

1. Epson

Every office still prints a ton of paper, probably. We’d love to see Epson with a branded Amazon Dash Button. We might as well mention that t-shirt printers like us would love to have a dash button for direct to garment t-shirt printer ink like Firebird or Resolute.

epson dash button, epson, amazon dash button,

2. Xerox

Printing’s useless without paper. If we’re going to print something, we need a dash button for a Xerox paper to be delivered to our UK office!

xerox dash button, xerox , amazon dash button,

3. BiC

Why is it that there are always so many shitty pens when I have a good one of my own, but then when I lose my pen, all the shitty pens are gone, too? I need a BiC Amazon Dash Button, please.

bic dash button, bic button, amazon dash button,

4. Walkers

What? You don’t have junk food making the rounds at the office?

walkers, walkers dash button, amazon dash button

5. Centra

Staples. Yup.

amazon dash button, centra dash button, staples dash button, dash button, 6. Red Bull

We already mentioned coffee, but we’re more creative than that! We want wings. Amazon Dash Button, give us wings!

red bull, red bull dash button, amazon dash button,

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