If you’ve come here thinking we’re going to be talking about business cards, leaflets and flyers, you would be wrong. We’re going to talk about how to market a brand in 2019, not 1999. 

While traditional printed products still have their place in today’s day and age, thanks to the rise of technology, there are now so many other innovative methods to market your brand or business. 

How to market a brand in 2019

From printing promotional T-shirts to your very own action figure, here are some great ideas you could think about implementing for your brand, to leave a lasting impression on your consumers:

How to market a brand - fortune cookie
Not only the inside message but the packaging of a fortune cookie can also be customised.

Use a business card alternative

OK, so I may have been a little hard on business cards – after all, they are still a great way of marketing your business. Plus, with a wide range of digital printers to choose between, they can be a highly cost-effective method of getting your brand seen and heard. 

That said, traditional 2D business cards don’t exactly get many people’s pulses racing – they’re old-fashioned and, most of the time, end up in the bin. Think about using a 3D business card instead, or another unique method of how to market a brand. 

If you do decide to go down the business card route, a good starting point is to think of a creative way to represent what it is you do. Easier said than done I know, but thinking outside of the box can help to create a long-lasting impression on your consumer. 

Here are some alternative methods you could use if you’re keen to avoid using an old-fashioned business card:

  • Lego Figures. You can now order customised Lego figurines which you can then use to promote you and your brand. If you are a blogger, for example, you could produce a figurine branded with your logo and a personalised laptop, showcasing exactly what it is you do. 
  • Fortune Cookie. There’s no denying it – everyone loves fortune cookies. Not only do they taste nice, but they also often contain a kind-hearted message that is usually complete nonsense. Now, you can turn that inner message into an alternative form of marketing for your brand. 
  • Matchboxes. Bars and restaurants have used matchboxes to promote themselves for a while now, and it’s not hard to see why. Smokers often go hand-in-hand with bars and pubs, so having a useful box of branded matches available can help develop a lasting consumer impression.

*For more ideas on business cards alternatives, don’t forget to check our blog post ‘25 creative alternatives to the good ol’ business card.’

Create walking adverts

What better way is there to advertise your business than by converting your consumers into your very own walking adverts? Whether it be hats, T-shirts, jumpers, whatever – printing promotional clothes can be a fantastic method of getting your brand seen by the masses.

Plus, if you can think of a creative design, or unique logo style, to print on your clothes – even better. You could inject a bit of humour, for example, make a strong statement, or add a relevant social media hashtag that you are trying to get trending. 

In today’s day and age, standing out is becoming more and more difficult, but one of the best ways to do exactly that is through an effective clothing campaign. ‘Effective’ is the keyword here, as ensuring your money, time and effort are all being well utilised is easier said than done. Check out some of our previous articles for advice on how to get started. 

How to market a brand - Uniforms
Branded workwear is a bullet-proof way to market a brand.
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Gamify your brand  

This idea is particularly out there and could come at a much higher cost, but advergaming is an incredibly innovative way of not only ensuring your brand is seen by consumers but also engaged with. 

Well, sort of. Rather than giving out business cards to everyone, Arduboy allows you to hand out credit card-sized Gameboy systems to each interested customer. Their laser printing service allows you to incorporate your branded design on to the system while allowing the consumer to play a particular 8-bit game of your choosing. 

The concept may seem a little random but it allows you to feel rest assured that consumers will be engaging with your brand every time they decide to play on your customised Arduboy system. Money well spent.

‘Pepsiman’ is a video game infamous for how bad and difficult it was. It was exclusively released in Japan in 1999 as part of a marketing campaign.

Run a contest or product giveaway 

Who doesn’t love receiving a free gift? Running your own contest can not only be a ton of fun, but it can also be a highly effective way of gaining goodwill. Building awareness and connecting with potential customers is a great example of how to market a brand. 

Whether you run a recording studio and decide to offer free recording time to a lucky winner, or work at a zoo and give somebody the chance to feed an animal of their choice, there are a number of creative ways to get your brand seen and talked about. 

You could also think about holding a product giveaway for your consumers, swapping a product at a discounted price for an honest review. In today’s day and age, business reviews and testimonials are everything – in fact, according to a recent survey, nearly 9 in 10 consumers read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business. Make sure your logo and branding are clearly identifiable on your products so that consumers can build a good relationship with your brand.

Back in 2018, the fintech company Coconut decided to thank their backers with a free branded T-shirt.

Text: Annie Button

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