Custom Shirts UKAfter 20 years of memorable graffiti, I bet that by now you’ve heard of Banksy. He’s probably the most famous street artist on Earth (and ironically the most obscure). But he’s also a film director, political activist and an excellent painter. His satirical art and subversive epigrams combine dark humour with graffiti via his remarkable stencilling technique. His political and social commentary pieces have been “featured” prominently on streets, walls, and bridges in the UK and around the world.

Banksy creates his art everywhere. You see it on walls, stairs, furniture… he even went to paint on the Berlin Wall! It reinforces the magic that Banksy never sells photographs or reproductions of his street graffiti. Sadly though, art auctioneers have attempted to sell his street art on-location, and leave the issue of its removal in the hands of the winning bidder.

Still, don’t know the work we’re talking about? Don’t you recognise his name? Mate, it’s hard to believe you never heard of Banksy if you live in the UK. Surely you’ve seen some of these drawings before:


Banksy Street Art, Banksy T-shirts


Now you remember, don’t you?

I must say that Banksy’s UK pieces are among the most impressive things I saw the first time I came here. I’d heard of his art before and had seen some of his designs (especially the one with the elephant). But mate, there’s something magical when you actually see and touch them in person. They are so meaningful dispute being so minuscule. Such small things so full of intention and ideas, sarcastic in the most original ways. If you’re one who thinks that changing the world is possible, then Banksy’s your reference point.

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Banksy’s personal brand

Apart from being an incredibly good artist, he’s also the perfect example of “how to create a successful personal brand”.

The story of how Banksy went from a graffiti artist in Bristol to a global brand is known worldwide. We can extrapolate 4 of his ideas and apply them to your business!

1) Create genuine and interesting content. Whatever you do must make people feel something. Look for a reaction. It could be happiness, sadness, anger, introspection… Create emotions.

2) It’s not only the message, it’s also the way it’s shown, and where it is. Use different channels to communicate your ideas. Make it concrete, unique and special. Create a connection with the geographical locale.

3) Spreading the word is difficult to control. Banksy doesn’t own a website or Social Networks. Actually, he doesn’t even try to promote his content. Regardless, it’s everywhere. Great content is the only thing that can help your brand catch on in the public sphere.

4) Storytelling. This is the real key factor. Everything Banksy does aligns with his story. It’s a story of injustice, abuse and unfair treatment. There’s a bad guy and a hero, a way to fight, and a final victory. That’s a story worth listening to.

Being the character he is, and knowing how indirectly related to marketing his story is, how could I not feature Banksy t-shirts designs on a T-shirt Tuesday?

Here we go!


Banksy t-shirts, Banksy designs, Banksy Art

Banksy t-shirts, Banksy designs, Banksy Art

Banksy t-shirts, Banksy designs, Banksy Art

Banksy t-shirts, Banksy designs, Banksy Art

Banksy t-shirts, Banksy designs, Banksy Art

Banksy t-shirts, Banksy designs, Banksy Art

Banksy t-shirts, Banksy designs, Banksy Art

Banksy t-shirts, Banksy designs, Banksy Art

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