Our list of the 20 best (and worst) polo shirts in golf

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Golf is one of the few profesional sports where athletes don’t have to wear a uniform. This allows golfers to show off their fashion sense — sometimes to disastrous consequences.

Who knew that a personalised polo shirt could be so colourful?

Sometimes avant-garde, at times posh and also just… baffling, the golf field has got nothing to envy the runways of London. It’s that creativity that we’ll be celebrating here.

And this post couldn’t have been scheduled for a a better time since Masters is starting this weekend. For those who don’t know (myself included) this is one of the four biggest golf tournaments in the world. Every year only a select few of the best golfers from around the world get invited to play for a chance to win the coveted title.

It is so influential that sporting retailers create merchandise inspired by it. Anything from chaps, to caps and T-shirts get printed with the rich, emerald green that’s associated with the competition.

Golf Polo Shirt Merchandise

So here they are, in no particular order, to celebrate Masters: 20 polo golf shirts that have for better or worse left an impression on us.

Note: You may want to put on a pair of sun glasses before looking at this list.


Gary Player

Known as “The Black Knight” for his habit of wearing black from head to toe on the golf field, Player makes it into the field with this classic (obviously) black polo shirt. There’s a reason why when it comes to fashion they advice you to go ‘simple and classic’ because it works.

Golf Polo Shirt - Gary Player

Ryo Ishikawa

While I’m personally not that into prints and colours, I do admire people who are not afraid of them. Ishikawa certainly isn’t.

Zach Johnson

He keeps it simple and has worn a lot of classy polos, but this ombre shirt (a huge trend right now) may just be our favourite.

Fred Couples

Fred Couples is serving some bee realness with the black and yellow stripes. Either that or he is a Hufflepuff.

golf polo shirts fred couples

Hunter Mahan

Mahan mostly wears solids and this particular red garment really complements his skin nicely.

Golf Polo shirts Hunter Mahan

Graeme McDowell

McDowell always looks sharp and put together. He has worn many a colourful shirts on the field, but this purple polka dots fantasy is the one we like best.

golf polo shirts Graeme McDowell

Rory McIlroy

Thanks to his sponsorship with Nike, Mcllroy can always be spotted wearing some really cool garments. We think that this long sleeved polo looks particularly sleek.

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Dustin Johnson

From Nike, we went to Adidas. In this case, Johnson wears a baby blue polo shirt which we like because it’s not a colour you see normally on male adult’s apparel.

golf polo shirts dustin johnson

Adam Scott

If you’re not sure of what to wear, just go with black. It never fails. In this picture, Scott wears a black polo shirt that stands out thanks to the simple white trim on the collar.

Duffy Waldorf

Waldorf is often listed as one of the worst dressed men in golf and by doing a quick Google Image search, it is easy to see why. Let’s put it this way, I once stayed in a hotel that had the same pattern in the bed sheets, walls and curtains; he is the human version of that.

Bubba Watson

While the shirt is a bit oversized, we do like the intention of the orange pattern on top of the chest. It looks great against the white fabric.

Woody Austin

While I have nothing against anyone showing a sense of patriotism every once in a while, I’m not so sure if the golf field is the best place for it. Specially with such a bold print. Yikes. It just might be one of those ‘so ugly that’s beautiful’ sort of thing.

Rickie Fowler

My eyes! My EYES! Fowler sure likes his bright colours. He is famous for the ‘beware’ orange, but he is also known for wearing hot pink on occasion. He made it to the list thanks to this CMYK combination puma shirt.

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Ian Poulter

Whether you think it’s tacky or not, you have to admire someone who’s got the guts to wear a golden T-shirt in public. I have a love/hate relationship with this shirt, on one hand I think it’s hideous, but on the other I still love it somehow.

Kevin Na

Who said you couldn’t play with fonts on sportswear? Try to form a word with the letters on Na’s polo shirt.

Panye Stewart

Stewart was known for wearing the classic golf uniform: beret, knee high socks and jumper vest. But he also carried some interesting polo shirts. Pictured below is a garment which colours have a striking resemblance to the Irish flag.

Roy Sabbatini

Sabbatini was feeling purple as he played the final round of the 2009 Masters Tournament in Augusta. The shirt in itself is not that bad, but that belt. Wow…

Greg Norman

Now that’s what we call a print and it’s got a blue collar to boot! We’ll forgive him because it was 1993 – you know, that year that fashion forgot about.

Chi Chi Rodriguez

In terms of clothing, Rodriguez’ fedoras almost overshadowed everything else he was wearing, but his polo shirts were also worth noting. We’ve picked this particular model for its colourful and fun print.

Tiger Woods

No list about golfing would be complete without the Tiger Woods. He is famous for — well, we all know why he is famous for NOW, but not too long ago he was the best golfer alive and was known for always wearing a red polo shirt to the final round. Throughout his entire career he wore many models, but for this list we’re picking this one for its striking black details that make it stand out.

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Text: Harald Meyer-Delius
Research: Luna Giontella

PS: Kudos to my boss Ed for giving me a hand with this post!

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