20 of the best eSports teams from worst to best dressed

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Here at the Printsome Blog, we’ve written several times about how important custom sportswear is to teams.

In the past, we’ve covered the history of Olympic sportswear and what happens when fashion designers take over football kits, but today we’ll be talking about a different kind of team. A team that doesn’t run around on the field but instead sits behind a computer screen. That’s eSports, of course.

Today, we’ve put together a list of the most famous eSports teams out there and ranked them solely on the quality of the design of their personalised T-shirts. So if your favourite team doesn’t make the cut (or is in a low position), remember that this is not about how they play but how they dress (because we’re shallow like that).

Prepare to see a lot of pictures of young adult men crossing their arms.


CDEC Gaming - eSports Teams

20 – CDEC Gaming

This Chinese team kills it in tournaments but in the wardrobe department, they might need a little help. While we appreciate the ‘retro’ look of their polos, maybe they should’ve paired them with trousers? Or at least have all the team members wear the same shorts?


OpTic - eSports Teams

19 – OpTic Gaming

So many lines. So many shades of grey and green. There’s a lot going on here and the logo doesn’t help too much. It’s supposed to be an ‘O’ and a ‘G’ but we don’t really see it.


Wings gaming, eSports Teams

18 – Wings Gaming

The name of this team is ironic if you think about it since all of their players ‘flew’ away. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the logo because it creates awkward negative spaces. On top of that, the V-neck is not very flattering.


neww bee, best eSports teams

17 – Newbee

What I like most about Newbee’s brand is the logo. The knight/warrior can be a bit cliched, especially in this sector, but here it is well designed. Where they messed it up was with the white font underneath the logo. If it had been blue then it would’ve looked better.


natus vincere, esports teams

16 – Natus Vincere

This Ukrainian team with a Latin name (born to win) have picked a classic black and yellow combination for their uniforms. Their hoodies look nice but they’re not particularly creative which is why they don’t rank higher on the list.


Digital Chaos, eSports Teams

15 – Digital Chaos

This Red Bull-sponsored team has decided to choose purple and orange as their colours. These are almost contrasting shades which make it hard on the eye. What we like is the texture and the ombre towards the bottom of the garment.

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team og, best esports teams

14 – Team OG

Like another team on this list, you’ll see in a bit, Team OG has chosen green and black as their signature colours. While we like the details on the shoulders, there’s really not much else going on here. They look nice though! Especially when you got big muscles to fill them up.


invictus gaming, eSports Teams

13 – Invictus Gaming

While the zip-up is always a good idea, it is the combination of materials here that doesn’t convince us. The torso is matte while the sleeves are shiny — we’re guessing their intention was for them to look like leather but they look more like a rubbish bag. Invictus, we know you can do better.


LGD, eSports Teams

12 – LGD

While we appreciate the creativity by picking a different type of garment (the T-shirts have got a zip and a collar) we ultimately believe that the combination of white and orange doesn’t look very flattering on the team.

Want more eSports? Then check out our interview with Albert Rojo, a development manager for Riot Games.


Team Secret, eSports teams

11 – Team Secret

They get props for having the best logo of this entire list. I could easily see it tattooed on someone’s body. The problem is it doesn’t blend very well with the print of the T-shirts. The logo is a bit mystical while the print of the garments looks more futuristic. Oh, and a colour block around the waist is rarely flattering.


Cloud9, eSports Teams

10 – Cloud9

The shade of blue Cloud9 picked to be their official colour is attractive and flatters all the team members. The problem here is the logo, while it is aesthetically pleasing, it is just too big. If it had been just a bit smaller it would’ve looked better.


Alliance, eSports Teams

9 – Alliance

These jackets have some details on their chest that make them look like the suit of a superhero. While cool, they also stand out like a sore thumb on top of the grey fabric.

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Evil Geniuses, eSports Teams

8 – Evil Geniuses

They’re known for the signature blue colour and circular logo (which is an ‘e’ and a ‘g’ at the same time — very clever!). Personally, we prefer the version of the T-shirt that gradients from light blue to black. Cool effect!


EnVyUs, eSports

7 – EnVyUs

The lines on these T-shirts are dynamic and would fit into the ‘cool technology’ mood board I did while at design school. They almost seem to have come out of a Tron movie.


Team Liquid, eSports Teams

6 – Team Liquid

Over the years, this Netherlands-based team has had several ups and downs when it comes to their uniform. For a while, they wore blue T-shirts that could’ve been merchandise for a pharmaceutical company because of how boring they were. But they stepped it up eventually with a kit that looks like the one of a professional football team. We’re particularly fond of the horse head print across the torso.


Fnatic, eSports teams

5 – Fnatic

Their logo which resembles a kanji works very well on almost any position or garment. The mixture of orange and grey, which is dangerous for some, works particularly well in the example. The gradient also adds a nice touch.


Virtus Pro, eSports Teams

4 – Virtus Pro

This is another team that could lend their kit to a professional sports team and nobody would notice. This time around the T-shirts would fit seamlessly in a Rugby field while the logo reminds me of the ones of American sports teams.

If you want to learn about American sports teams logos, then check out our interview with the man who designed several of them, Michael Raisch.


SK Gaming, eSports teams

3 – SK Gaming

This team’s shirt is very ‘sporty’ but at the same time is reminiscent of an armour due to their shades of grey and combination of thin lines and black shapes. It makes sense since they’re heading to a (virtual) battlefield.


SK Telecom, eSports Teams

2 – SK Telecom T1

This Korean team has got several wardrobe choices. The baseball shirt and the varsity jacket are cool but for this list, we’re picking the red polo. Because we appreciate anyone that makes an effort to dress up in this sector which tends to lean more towards casual.


Vici Gaming, eSports Teams

1 – Vici Gaming

When it comes to fashion, less tends to be more and Vici Gaming is a good example. Like Team OG, this Chinese team chose black and green as their signature colours and they know how to make them work. We particularly like the jackets with the green stripe across the chest — they’re very flattering. Like ninjas dressed for battle, they’re ready to kill.

Tip: If you want to make your chest look wider, wear a garment with a thick stripe that goes across it.

So do you agree with our list? Id there anyone you would add or leave out? Please, let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, keep reading the Printsome blog for more awesome content.

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