It is the duty of every professional to stay updated with what’s going on in the world of their respective careers, but for the event planner, in particular, it feels like a matter of life or death due to the neck-breaking speed the industry moves at. As events evolve thanks to new technologies and shifting markets, so does the role of the organiser. What might have worked a year ago may be old news today.

Events (like conferences and congresses) and the publishing industry have been for a long time the go-to source when it comes to finding out the “latest” news, but luckily, nowadays we have the internet to aid us in this journey. Social media, webinars, online courses – are all viable sources of information at the tip of our fingers, and the best part is that we don’t even have to leave our house!

A while ago Bethany Smith, a writer for Event MB, highlighted how content marketing has become an intrinsic part of an event professional’s life. As a brand storytelling expert, she places emphasis on event professionals being on top of content marketing if they want to stay relevant on the field, and the best way to do it is through blogs.

So in order to help you stay up to date with what’s going on, here are 20 of our favourite blogs in the UK events industry:

#1 EventManagerBlog

This blog covers nearly all kinds of event planning and is split into three main sections:

  • Education – event planning associations, event management, marketing, sustainability and tips
  • Inspiration – concepts, ideas, lifestyle, start an event business and venues
  • Innovation – event technology, mobile, social media, start-ups and trends

Founded by event professional Julius Solaris, Event MB is one of the most complete sources you’ll find for “eventprofs” on the web. Their content is varied, well written and easy to digest. On top of tips and how-to articles written by experts, on this blog, you’ll find reviews, webinars and even templates for your event planning website.   

#2 EventManagementStudent

Created by Caitlin Kobrak in 2011, the award-winning I’m a damn student, what do I know? the blog was born out of the necessity for fresh and honest content in the industry for future event management professionals. Her unique approach got us hooked from the start. What we love about it is how personal it feels as it is written by just one person in comparison to the other blogs on this list that are instead produced by many. We’re not saying this makes it better or worse, it just makes it stand out.

#3 EventJuice

A blog with loads of ideas for planning events and marketing your own business. Get ideas for organising your company’s Christmas Party to how to nail a job interview. EventJuice gets our vote as it’s really easy to read and laid out clearly, there’s nothing to detract from the main blogs so the reader can focus on their readers. The only downside it’s that it doesn’t get updated very often. 

#4 Techsytalk

This blog, powered by Liz King events, offers plenty of ideas on how to use technology for event planning, from social media to podcasts. If you’re a technophobe (and you really can’t afford to be one these days) this blog is for you as it makes using tech for events reachable and easy to understand. 

#5 TheMiceBlog

A lively and up to date blog for professional event planners. What does MICE stand for? Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. The MICE Blog brings you tips and tricks for eventprofs along with new destinations for company events and interviews of experts in the industry. 

#6 BonjourEvents

Mostly specialised in weddings, Bonjour Events is a collection of event tips and ideas. Aside from brides related content, it also covers parties, conferences and charity events. The pages are split into the different categories so it’s easy to find event-specific information. Bonjour Events also features a long list of vendors and suppliers, useful if you ever cater an event in the US. 

#7 BizBash

Is a really exciting blog that covers absolutely everything in the events world. David Adler, BizBash’s CEO, set out to create the biggest source of the event planning industry in the US and he has probably accomplished it. It has got a big venues list, suppliers and idea finding section on the home page – and even a job finding link.

#8 Prestonbaily

Wow, is all we can say about this blog. Although not UK based we had to include it simply because of the awesome event design ideas it contains by Preston Bailey, the renowned US event planner. If you’re into lavish decorations and flower arrangements then this is the place for you. Step into the world of jaw-dropping engagements of the famous and wealthy.

#9 Event Magazine

The self-described leading brand of the UK’s event industry, Event Magazine is the place to follow the best bloggers in the business. There’s lots of advice on event marketing and branding. On top of the recommendations, the blog features in-depth reviews and live event coverage. 

#10 Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a platform that allows you to manage your event digitally, especially when it comes to selling tickets. Along with their services, they host a blog that’s filled with useful information for any event planner. There’s a little bit of everything from “how to hire event staff” to “how to manage your budget”.

#11 Thoughtfullysimple

Created by Tori Tait, her blog Thoughtfully simple takes a foodie and DIY kind of approach to event planning. A fantastic source of event information and ideas for some really unique party ideas. If you’re a Pinterest and Instagram kind of person then you should follow this blog. Love the colours!

#12 Gallusevents

Based in Barcelona, Gallus Events is a company dedicated to consulting, social media and marketing, among other event related activities. In their blog, you’ll find well written and interesting articles that cover some of the lesser talked about subjects, such as hosting a vegetarian event, gender balance at conferences, the point of award dinners, and sustainable event management.

#13 EventIndustryNews

A whole host of event news for larger events in the UK such as festivals, concerts, and sporting events. If you want to keep up with what’s happening in the world of UK’s biggest events, this one is for you.

#14 Prezi

You may not know it, but Prezi, the revolutionary presentation software, has a blog and it’s pretty good. There’s advice on how to make excellent presentations at events to how to align sales and marketing teams. If you’re into conferences and meetings this is a blog you cannot miss. 

#15 ConferencesThatWork

A leading professional blog that’s all about conferences and meetings. Adrian Segar, the founder of the blog, gives valuable advice on how to bring your event organising skills to the next level. More insightful than most, this blog is a must-read for anyone specialised in the field of professional gatherings. 

#16 TeamChallenge-company

Team Challenge is a company dedicated to team building activities and running corporate events in the UK and Ireland. On their blog you’ll find lots of advice on how to create a unique conference that people will actually want to attend.

#17 HelloEndless

This blog isn’t just about event entertainment. It covers all aspects of planning and on top of that, includes lots of podcasts and videos. Among the massive amount of information on this site, there’s an inspiration section, event planning tips, figures on event trends and ideas on how to increase staff productivity.

#18 EventandConference

We like this blog as it covers ‘average Joe’ events, such as egg rolling in Preston, to vaster subjects like what the Artic Monkeys can teach you about event planning and Kirstie Allsopp’s opinion on whether you need a degree in event planning. The downside is that it doesn’t get updated as often as we would like. 

#19 Velvetchainsaw

This blog offers some very unique and different ideas in terms of event planning for conferences and trade shows. It focusses on planning events without following the crowd, yet still coming up with something that is appealing.

#20 Sternbergclarke

A varied blog that covers all aspects of the planning scale, from wedding ideas, events in castles to corporate entertainment. The blog has a theatrical feel which conjures up unique event planning ideas.

#21 Tagvenue

On the Tagvenue blog, you can keep up to date with the latest trends and inspiration, as well as find expert tips and tricks for your event.

Did we miss any blog you think an event professional should be following? Then please let us know. We love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below or drop us a message through any of our social media networks. In the meantime, keep reading the Printsome Blog for more awesome content.

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