20 colossal events that will own 2017

2017 already looks to be shaping up to be a promising year. From massive marketing conferences to incredible music festivals, there’s no reason that your calendar should be empty in the following year. There are so many things going on, that there’s bound to be a big event to fit just about anyone’s interests.

Whether you choose to go for business or pleasure, we hope you’ll find at least one event you think is great on this list!

Sundance Film Festival

Where: Park City, Utah, US

When: 19-29 January 2017

The Sundance Film Festival is currently underway in Park City, Utah.

Probably the most famous film festival in North America and amongst the best in the world. This is the place to be in January for snooty film buffs and sleazy paparazzi alike. The date was suggested by director Sidney Pollack who thought that the festival would get more attention if it took place in the middle of ski season. He was right, and today the festival is renowned worldwide, particularly for its documentary offerings.  


Where: Dublin, Ireland

When: 24-26 January 2017

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Billed as a “disruptive conference and gala“, this conference is geared at events professionals looking to keep their skills sharp. There is a range of sessions tailored for different types of events professionals with different levels of experience, including masterclasses on specific topics. The event is crowned by a glamorous gala night to celebrate the best achievements in the event world. Don’t miss out on the many off-site events either!

The Industrial Internet of Things

Where: San Diego, US

When: 20-21 February 2017

This is billed as an “international knowledge exchange platform“, which over 500 high-level executives attend and actively participate in. It’s aimed at senior-level managers and discusses all things related to IT and manufacturing. You’ll get reputable insight on things like cloud, automatic, robotics, interoperability, automation, data and security. Like any good conference, the schedule is packed full of interesting speakers, helpful workshops, examples and case studies and advice from experts on how to stay up-to-date in the industry.

Startup Grind Global Conference

Where: Silicon Valley, US

When: 21-22 February 2017

best events 2017

Startup Grind is a global community of all things startup-related, with chapters in over 200 cities all around the planet. Their global conference will see startup types from all sorts of businesses, industries and countries show up to Silicon Valley. Past speakers have represented companies and brands like Slack, Twitter and Airbnb; we can’t wait to see who shows up this year! Their website promises “Every year sells out!”, so try to arrange your tickets and travel plans early if you’re hoping to go.

Microsoft Envision

Where: Los Angeles

When: February 27, 2017

best events 2017

This is the replacement event for Microsoft Convergence. The inaugural edition was held last year in New Orleans and gathered business professionals from all around the world. 2017’s version is a great chance for professionals who want to learn from experts in their field and come together to make new connections and share the top strategies from your industry. Of course, as a Microsoft event, you’ll get lots of information about the company’s products, latest news and how they work with other businesses.

Mobile World Congress

Where: Barcelona, Spain

When: 27 February – 2 March 2017

best events 2017

With over 100.000 attendees in 2016, the Mobile World Congress has become the world’s largest event for the mobile world. It’s been running since 1987 and has expanded to an edition in Shanghai held in 2015 for everyone interested in the mobile industry, including people who are using mobile platforms for their business. There are opportunities for people from all types of industries here.

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit

Where: New York City, US

When: 8-9 March 2017

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Last year’s speakers included heavy-hitters like Twitter, the BBC, Samsung, Siemens, Acer, and Lego. This year? So far, representatives from brands like Condé Nast, Buzzfeed, the Met Museum and Tough Mudder are already on board and expect to see that list get much, much longer. The two-day event will be filled with handy information about the future of digital marketing. You’ll get the best inside information about the digital world from some of the top names in the game.

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Social Media Marketing World

Where: San Diego, US

When: 22-24 March 2017

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California is where a lot of the cutting-edge stuff happens in all things tech, so you’ll be sure to get the newest, freshest ideas about social media at this conference as it is the biggest of its kind in the entire world. There’s always a good mix of sessions about network and marketing, talks from leading names int he field, workshop and presentations by major brands (Microsoft and Adobe are just two that have attended past events). Being in beautiful San Diego in springtime certainly isn’t a bad thing, either!

World Ski & Snowboard Festival

Where: Whistler, Canada

When: 7-16 April 2017

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Whistler, Canada is the perfect setting for the biggest celebration of snow sports in all of North America. Thousands of cold weather enthusiasts show up to partake in their favourite wintery sports and enjoy the very latest from the world of ski and snowboarding. Apart from hitting the slopes, they can check out concert series, fashion shows, film screenings, dance contests and photo sessions.

Coachella Music Festival

Where: California, US

When: April 14-16 and April 21-23 2017

best events 2017

Who wants to party with the beautiful people and maybe the best soundtrack on the planet? On top of that, you’ll be dancing the night away in luxe surroundings, full of lots of palm trees, sunshine and art installations. Welcome to Coachella, one of the coolest events of the year every year. If you’re hoping to go, you’ll have to be quick to get a ticket, as they almost always sell out nearly instantly — sometimes even before the lineup is announced.

D&AD Awards Ceremony

Where: London, UK

When: 25-27 April

best events 2017

This awards ceremony celebrates the top design and advertising work of the year. Designers are awarded different categories of pencils — wood, graphite, yellow, white or black. Obviously chic black is the best! It’s reserved for truly groundbreaking work. The judging panel is made up of art directors, book designers, advertisers and more. But it’s not all for seasoned professionals; there’s also a category for new designers to give up-and-comers the chance to shine. The 2017 awards will be held in the appropriately cool neighbourhood of Shoreditch in a brewery. Not bad!

UEFA Women’s Euro Cup

Where: Netherland

When: 16 July – 6 August 2017

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Often times in sports, the women’s teams are overlooked. This year, the ladies of the beautiful game are taking to the field to compete for the UEFA Cup title. In total, 16 teams are participating this year (up from 12 in previous editions) in venues across the Netherlands. Which countries do you think will be playing in the finals on August 6th?

Tomorrowland Music Festival

Where: Boom, Belgium

When: July 21-30 2017

best events 2017

The 14th edition of Tomorrowland is coming in the summer of 2017 – and it might be getting closer to you this year. What’s now one of the world’s biggest electronic music festivals started in Belgium, and expanded to Brazil (Tomorrowland Brasil) and the United States (TomorrowWorld) in 2013. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a TomorrowWorld festival held in 2016, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for one in 2017. Expect to see heavy-hitters in the electronic music world and a whole lot of colourful outfits.

Comic Con

Where: San Diego, US

When: July 20-23

best events 2017

Comics are serious business! Although they’re usually supposed to be fun, they can also mean big bucks. From selling comics to creating films based on the stories in them. This conference has been around since the 1970s but has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years and is attended by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, popular authors and writers, comic creators and of course, fans. Their biggest event welcomed 130,000 people.

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Where: Edinburgh, 4-28

When: August 2017

PHOTOGRAPH FREE TO USE FOR FIRST USE. Edinburgh street artists perform in Edinburgh on the last weekend of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009. This year saw a record number of acts perform representing the best dance, theatre and comedy.

Home to all things quirky and offbeat, the Fringe is the biggest arts festival in the world. It’s been running since 1947 and is officially “open access”, which means literally anyone can participate in the festival. While this famously leads to some rather, er, experimental performances, it’s also a great opportunity to see acts by real up and coming stars. And if you can’t get into any of the good ones, then we hear there are some rather lovely sights (and bars) to see in Edinburgh instead.

Note: You may need the bars anyway if you’re planning on seeing some of the truly out-there stuff.


Where: San Francisco, US

When: Fall 2017 (exact date TBA)

Dreamforce 2015, Salesforce.com's user and developer conference held at the Moscone Convention Center and various hotels in San Francisco from September 14-18, 2015. (© Photo by Jakub Mosur Photography)

Not surprisingly, the largest software conference in the world originated in San Francisco. Actually, it’s gotten so big that it’s known for shutting down some parts of the city centre (whoops). Numbers of attendees are sky-high, and there will almost certainly be hundreds of thousands on hand at the 2017 edition as well. Good news is there’s no need to feel intimidated if you come from a smaller business, as there are sessions and speeches from business professionals of all types and from almost any industry you’d like. Pick and choose which are best for you; maybe it is the talk about cloud-based marketing practices, or perhaps you’d be more interested in heading to the session on women’s leadership.

Entrepreneur 360™ Conference

When and Where: Location and date TBA

best events 2017

This is the event if you’re a business professional, no matter your industry. While it’s particularly geared towards entrepreneurs, including people working for start-ups and for themselves, there’s a lot going on at this event that will be of interest to anybody serious about business. You’ll get the chance to hear speakers from a range of industries and sectors talk not just about their successes, but also about their failures and tips for what to do and what not to do. While “business conference” might sound dry, trust us, this one is definitely not dull.

Technology for Marketing

When and where: Location and date TBA

By now, we’d guess that just about everybody has gotten the message that technology is really important for business, including marketers. To make sure you’re up-to-date on all the latest practices, this conference will prove you with just about everything you need to know about the world of tech. You’ll get the chance to see the very latest technology from suppliers and attend educational sessions to learn how you can take your business to the next level with things like technology and social media strategies.  

Women Deliver

When and Where: Location and date TBA

This is an annual conference centred around discussing issues relating to women’s rights and well-being in countries from all around the globe. Not only will you get the chance to discuss and explore women’s rights issues globally, you’ll also get the chance to connect with people like big-name policymakers, world leaders, journalists and advocates to gain further insight. There are also plenty of representatives from the private sector from lots of different industries. This meeting of the minds is ideal for creating new ideas and coming up with new ways to empower women worldwide.

World Shakespeare Congress

When and where: Location and date TBA


While this congress may have a bit of a niche appeal, it’s pretty incredible that hundreds of years after Shakespeare’s death there are entire conferences dedicated to him being held. This one is celebrating its 11th year, after both its 10th edition as a conference and the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death. There will be lots of innovative new takes on his works from some of the very best theatre companies in the world, plus lots of information including exhibitions, online projects and events.

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