There so many, crappy marketing infographics out there that finding something worthwhile can be a time-consuming process. This is why, here at Printsome, we decided to do the dirty work for you and put together a list of the best marketing infographics we could find.

Marketing Infographics:

marketing basics, marketing infographics

Marketing Infographics – The Basics

These infographics will teach you the basics of digital marketing. If you’re new to this world then this is where you should begin.

Also, if you’d like to make your own infographic but you’re not a graphic designer, check out these design tips from our friends at Visme.

What is Digital Marketing?
We begin with the very basics. What is digital marketing? This infographic will explain. (Link)

4 Ps of Marketing
What are the four Ps of marketing? Hint, the second one has to do with money. (Link)

New World Marketing
Mobile devices, email and social media are the trifecta of new marketing. (Link)

Inbound Marketing VS Traditional Marketing
The first is about converting users who land on your website while the second is about getting as many eyes on the brand as possible. Learn more differences on this infographic. (Link)

Why You Need a Marketing Workflow
Once you know what digital marketing is, it’s time to sit down and understand what it covers and how its different parts relate to each other. (Link)

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content marketing, marketing infographics

Content Marketing

Content is one of the pillars of digital marketing. These infographics will teach you how to harness its powers. (Link)

How to Create Useful Content: 12 Steps to Follow Every Time
If you’ve ever struggled with your content creating process (like me) then this is a perfect aid for you. (Link)

The Rise of Content 4.0
What is content 4.0? Or even 3.0? For that matter. Hint, it’s about how we interact with content and what it offers us. (Link)

Why Content Marketing is the New Branding
Think the only valid forms of content are your blog and social media? Think again! (Link)

History of Content Marketing
Did you know that content marketing started over 100 years ago? I didn’t! (Link)

How to Grow Your Business Using Content Marketing
Content marketing is not just good to get visits to your blog when done well, it can grow your business. Here are the basics. (Link)

The Content Marketing EXPLOSION
Let a cute Shar Pei instruct you on some of the most interesting stats about content marketing. (Link)

The Anatomy of Content Marketing
There’s a lot of talk about content marketing but what does it exactly entail? This infographic has the answer. (Link)

Leveraging Content to Drive Awareness, Permission and Sale
But where’s content located in the inbound marketing funnel? Well right at the top, of course, and then comes everything else. (Link)

Content Diversity in Online Marketing
The past, present and future of Content Marketing. It seems like everything is leading up to personalised content. (Link)

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marketers, marketing infographics

All About Marketers

This field encompasses so many different branches, from data analysis to graphic design, that the digital marketer of today must be a jack of all trades. Here are some infographics on how these professionals identify themselves.

5 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Agency
There are businesses who have their in-house marketing while there are others who hire an external source. There are benefits to both but here are the benefits of hiring an agency. (Link)

Marketing Artists VS Marketing Scientists
Some of them pay attention to aesthetics while others prefer to look at the data. (Link)

The 10 Marketing Skills Needed in 2018
Soft skills and hard skills. Here’s all you need to succeed in the world of digital marketing in 2018. (Link)

7 Types of Digital Marketers
Which one are you? Or better yet, who do you work with? (Link)

Inside the Minds of Digital Marketing Leaders
The Guardian presents this infographic based on the answers of c-level digital marketers in different industries. (Link)

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ecommerce, infographic, marketing infographic


Thanks to print on demand and drop shipping, e-commerce businesses are all the rage right now. These infographics will help you attract new customers to your new site.

Comparing Online and Offline Shopping
This is one of ours! This infographic compares the differences between online and offline shopping which may surprise you. (Link)

Why Shopify is The Best at What it Does
Another one by us. This one talks about Shopify and how it became the juggernaut it is today. (Link)

What Social Commerce is
And yet another one of ours. Funny how these keep popping up. This infographic talks about how the power of social media can be harnessed to fuel e-commerce. (Link)

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email marketing, marketing infographics

Email Marketing

It is one of the earliest — if not the first — version of digital marketing and it is still going strong! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The Best Days and Times to Send Marketing Emails
Don’t make the rookie mistake of sending an ill-timed message. (Link)

19 Types of Emails to Send Without Being Annoying
A newsletter is not always the best choice, take a look at these ideas to avoid repetition. (Link)

10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts
Things to do, things to avoid to have a good email marketing strategy. (Link)

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seo, sem, adwords infographic, marketing infographics


They may get a bad reputation for being so technical but they’re not so complicated once you get to know them.

Google Adwords
Like its title, this infographic goes straight to the point. It shows the most important data and numbers on Google Adwords. (Link)

Google Adwords: The Small Business Guide Infographic
A perfect guide for those who own a small business and want to get into SEM. (Link)

5 SEO Tips for Photo Bloggers
Need help with a photo blog? This infographic may have the answers for you. (Link)

Avoid these 10 SEO Mistakes
Warning! Stay away from these if you want your page to rank. Some of this blunders are typical for beginners and can be easily avoided. (Link)

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social media infographics, marketing infographics

Social Media

If you’re not on social media, then you don’t exist or at least that’s what most digital marketers say. Still, there’s an art to social networks. Being there just for the sake of it won’t bring many benefits which is why a strategy is needed.

Ultimate Guide to Better Facebook ad Targeting Campaigns
Don’t conform to the official Facebook guides. There are plenty of benefits you can get from Facebook Ads but you must know how to do it well. (Link)

Cultivate Your Audience and Drive Engagement on Pinterest
Pinterest is a powerful — and often underestimated — tool. Learn how to drive visits through it by reading this infographic. (Link)

43 Tips to Grow Your Blog with Pinterest
Another infographic on Pinterest. This one’s got 43 tips! Don’t forget to check it out. (Link)

50 Social Media Tips to Help You Promote Your New Brand
From the Printsome family to you. This is one of our most popular infographics and it features some of the most important social media tips we’ve learned through the years. (Link)

The Social Part of Social Media
After all, at the end of the day, they’re meant to be social but some of us need a reminder every once in a while. (Link)

How to Choose the Right Social Media for You
Every business has a different target demographic which means that you should pick a network strategically. (Link)

How to Reach Your Target Audience on Social Media
What type of audience are you trying to reach? Sports fans? Fashionistas? This infographic will help you choose a social network based on your audience’s tastes. (Link)

A 12 Step Checklist to Set-up (or Clean-up) Your Social Media Profiles
Are we sharing too little or too much? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. This is why this infographic was made, to help you tell the difference. (Link)

Everything you Need to Know About Snapchat
This cheat sheet will teach you what every single icon on Snapchat means. Who knew there were so many? (Link)

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marketing infographics, trends

They come and go but we have to be on top of them if we want to stay relevant. Here’s a list of infographics that will get you up to speed with these year’s digital marketing trends.

Content Marketing Statistics And Trends
You already learned everything there is to know about content marketing. Know it’s time to see what’s in vogue. (Link)

The State of Digital Advertising and Marketing in 2018
The information on this infographic is based on the opinion of experts. So you know it’s valuable. (Link)

21 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018
More trends! (Link)

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marketing infographics


No list is complete without a miscellaneous section, right? Here’s marketing advice for restaurants and even dentists!

10 Effective Marketing Strategies for Dental Professionals
Dentists can reek the benefits of digital marketing, as well! (Link)

The Must-have Components of a Modern Sales and Marketing Machine
Here’s an infographic that will help you build the sales and marketing machine for the future. (Link)

Your Sales Lead Follow-up Template
Does your sales team need help? Here’s how to follow up all kinds of leads. (Link)

Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan
It’s never too late to get started. Here’s an infographic to write this year’s plan. (Link)

People are More Likely to Survive a Plane Crash than Click on a Banner Ad
Sounds tragic, doesn’t it? But it caught your eye and that’s one of the golden rules of creating banners. (Link)

The Power of Print Marketing
Print won’t die any time soon and it’s still very effective. Here’s an infographic that explains why. (Link)

5 Steps to a Unified Fine Dining Marketing Strategy
The restaurant industry is very different from others so its marketing strategy should be special as well. Here’s a beautiful infographic on how to market a fine-dining establishment. (Link)

How to Get the Best Out of Influencer Marketing
If you’re paying thousands to showcase your products on Instagram then you should get the most out of it. Here’s how. (Link)

The Anatomy of a Winning Website Design
Building a good website is the first step in executing a good marketing strategy. This infographic tells you what shouldn’t be missing. (Link)

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