10 of the best online ticketing platforms for event planners

Data is the currency of the XXI century. Platforms like Google and Facebook have grown into the juggernauts they are nowadays thanks to all of the information they’ve collected about us. They’re a game changer in all types of industries.

Event planners are not exempt from this trend. Data allows organisers to know their audience better and manage future projects more effectively. When these acquired facts are used responsibly, they can create better experiences for the attendees which will translate into more revenue for the client (T-shirts can also provide an awesome experience!). And there is no better way to collect this data than with online platforms.

We’ve already talked about apps that allow you to organise and plan your professional life, now we’re presenting you with 10 online platforms that will allow you to effectively sell tickets for your events.

Without further ado, here they are in no particular order:

Top 10 online ticketing platforms


It is one of the most famous platforms and for good reason. Eventbrite allows you to create events easily and in a matter of seconds. It is free to use for free events and charges a small percentage of each ticket sold in paid ones.
The good: It’s very friendly with SEO and integrates well with social media.
The bad: Their fees are a bit higher than other services.

online ticketing platforms - eventbrite


Bizzabo does everything aside from serving you tea. This is a fully fledged platform that allows you to manage every aspect, at every stage of the event planning: Create a landing page, sell tickets, email attendees and run reports at the end of it all.
The good: Amazing customer service.
The bad: The email integration is not as extensive as it could be and some users have experienced problems at the time of sending messages.

online ticketing platforms - Bizzabo


The whole premise of TicketTailor is that unlike other platforms they don’t charge fees per ticket sold, but instead charge a flat monthly rate. The rates start at £19 for up to five active events and 250 tickets per each.
The good: Easy to use and great customer service.
The Bad: The platform has crashed in the past in times of heavy traffic.

online ticketing platforms - ticket tailor


Much like Eventbrite, TicketSource won’t charge you for organising free events, but there’s a small fee for paid ones.
The good: Straightforward and easy to use.
The bad: Allegedly, TicketSource refunds tickets when the event is canceled, but only after they charge a return fee.

online ticketing platform - ticket source


Like many of the platforms on this list, Ticketbud allows you to promote and sell your tickets. It offers lower fees than its competitors and it’s also got a cool little tool that allows you to calculate revenue according to ticket pricing.
The good: Great customer service.
The bad: They received some heat for changing their philosophy on fees, but this was a while ago.

online ticketing platform ticketbud

Tonic Ticketing

Tonic is a ticket selling platform brought to you by DesignByNight a leading UK portal designed to book and discover nightlife joints. The startup is specialised in B2B technology for the event industry and is always looking to offer new services and experiences to its customers.
The good: It’s specialised for B2B businesses.
The bad: We couldn’t find anything bad about it. Have you used it? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

online ticketing platform - tonic ticketing


‘Bring people together’ is Picatic’s slogan. It’s pretty simple, but it works. Some of the highlights of Picatic is how user friendly it is — not technical skills required — and even if you have problem with the software, there will be someone to help you out thanks to its amazing customer service.
The good: They just released Picatic Anywhere which basically allows your customers to pay straight on your website without going to a third party site.
The bad: Their search event engine is not as powerful as Eventbrite’s.

online ticketing platforms - pictatic


Universe is known for being intuitive and well designed. It offers far more branding options that its competitors and allows you to embed the entire system onto your website.
The good: Intuitive and a lot of branding options.
The bad: Some comments have been made regarding the reports not being as informative and customisable as they could be.

online ticketing platforms - universe

Brown Paper Tickets

Brown Paper Tickets is one of those love them or hate them companies. On the plus side, they offer 24/7 customer service in three(!) languages and no fees to event producers. On the con side, there are quite a few stories of event goers not happy with the service. Yikes!
The good: No costs for event producers.
The bad: Your clients have to pay for these costs.

online ticketing platforms - brown paper tickets

Seat Advisor

Seat Advisor is one of the platforms with the most years in the business and the longest list of customers. They’ve worked with people all over the world to promote and organise their events. Interesting fact, they were the first to provide interactive SeatMaps including the view from the seat.
The good: It’s on the cloud so it doesn’t require installation
The bad: Once an event has been created, it is difficult to make changes to it.

Online ticketing platforms - seat advisor

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