14 of the best personalised T-shirts for entrepreneurs

Working for a start-up is more than just working long hours for little money, it’s also about being part of a big community of entrepreneurs, hustlers and grinders that either dream of hitting gold or coming up with the next revolutionising service. Let’s check these funny and curious personalised T-shirts  and hoodies for entrepeneurs.

This group provides not just networking events, but also a net where individuals can find guidance and support that come from professionals with a similar set of values.

And, of course, whenever there’s a big community there will always be a businessman wanting to make a profit of it which is why in the past few years we’ve seen a rise of start-ups that sell personalised T-shirts aimed at other start-ups.


In order to celebrate this entrepreneurship within the entrepreneurship (this is getting a bit meta) we’ve scattered the web to come up with some of the best garments that are out there for entrepreneurs.

‘I’m actually going to do this’ sticker

I don’t know about you, but I happen to think that the person who came up with this sticker is a genius. How many of us haven’t tweeted(?) the things we’re going/want to do? By printing them, we might actually remember to follow through.

RedBubble Entrepreneur Sticker

‘Get sh*t done’ hoodie

There’s not much to say here. Anyone who has ever worked at a start-up knows that there are lots of moments where one has to get down to the nitty-gritty and just get sh*t done!

Get Sh*t done personalised Hoodie

‘I can and I will’ T-shirt

The message is not particularly creative, or entrepreneur related for that matter, but I do appreciate the way the design was conceived.

'I can' personalised T-shirt

‘Beta Beast Mode’ T-shirt

Regardless if your start-up is designing new technology or not, there’s something about the culture that feels like we’re on a constant ‘beta’ testing. There’s always something to ‘fix’, ‘test’, ‘get out’ or ‘publish’. To an outsider, it might look stressful (and often times it is) but the thrill of constantly being on the verge of creating something new is what makes it exciting. And that T-shirt represents that.

beta mode personalised t-shirt

‘Mondays aren’t that bad – it’s your job that sucks’ T-shirt

While this message is a bit more negative than what I usually like — and sometimes not even the most awesome of jobs can drag you out of bed on a Monday morning — it is still a good option when you want to ruffle a couple of feathers.

your job sucks - personalised T-shirt

‘Entrepreneur on the outside, biker on the inside’ T-shirt

Do you have a wild side? Do you enjoy thrills inside and outside the office? Then this is the T-shirt for you!

entrepreneur on the outside, biker on the inside personalised T-shirt

‘I’m an entrepreneur, bitch’ T-shirt

And her name is not Britney!


i'm britney, bitch - gif


This garment comes to us from the organisation of the same name that has the mission of empowering entrepreneur women.

I'm an entrepreneur, bitch - personalised T-shirt

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‘CEO,000,000’ T-shirt

Most people start their own company because they want to make big money, right? Well, with this T-shirt you’ll be able to visualise your goal a whole lot easier. Ka-Ching!

CEO 000 000 - personalised T-shirt

‘May the funding be with you’ T-shirt

Probably my favourite out of this entire batch. This tee makes reference to one of the hardest parts of launching a start-up and makes light of it.

Funding, no laughing matter it is. But if making fun of if you can, then the easier it will be.

may the funding be with you - personalised T-shirt

Benjamin Franklin T-shirt

According to the ENTRPRNR website, this T-shirt was inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s immortal quote ‘You may delay, but time will not’. Time is our most precious commodity and nowhere is it truer than in the start-up world.

benjamin franklin personalised T-shirts

‘Favorite position CEO’ jumpers

1950 Collective is a brand founded by Angela Jin and Nishiki Maredia; two young girls who created the T-shirt line that offered good quality and affordable One Direction merchandise. Two years later, the company is still standing and not only providing products to the boy band’s fans but also designing garments that empower their clientele.

my favorite position CEO - personalised jumper

The entrepreneur hoodie

The entrepreneur hoodie is not just a hoodie, it is THE entrepreneur hoodie according to its founder Elena Titova who realised that a lot of the people in the industry wore the same garments and decided to design the ultimate one.

entrepreneur hoodie

‘Nikola Tesla, the original pirate’ T-shirt

This garment comes to you from Pirate, an apparel line for entrepreneurs or as they call them ‘movers and shakers’. According to the T-shirts’ description, Nikola Tesla was an ‘original pirate’.

nikola tesla personalised t-shirt

‘Be unstoppable’ hoodie

This hoodie is brought to you by Startup Supply Co. a brand dedicated to offering merchandise to entrepreneurs. The garment is pretty simple and goes straight to the point, the colours of the print remind me of a core — which makes sense if you think about it because, regardless of what you do, you must be ‘unstoppable’ at the core.

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