Today, just about every brand and company is on social media trying to stand out amongst the crowd and although it’s super simple to send out a tweet or write a quick status, some major skills are needed to pull off a fantastic social media campaign. We’ve all seen those brands who try way too hard to be cool by calling a nine year-old girl a c*nt, or whatever the latest social media trend is.

However, we’ve also seen those brands who never seem to misstep on the social platforms. Everything they send out is engaging, funny, cute or just plain-out useful, and naturally, has about a million well-deserved shares and likes.
These are the brands any social media lover would kill to work for:

Social media campaign planner at Disney

Disney is one of the biggest corporations on the planet, and people who work for the Mouse often end up becoming extremely dedicated to it and everything it stands for. Its social media managers seem to be no different as they’re dedicated to run fun campaigns for families like Healthy Living, which is a program dedicated to teach habits like exercise and a balanced diet to British families.

Innocent smoothies’ Twitter manager


The genius behind this quirky social media strategy is named Helena Langdon, and she’s responsible for a 35% increase in engagement on Innocent Smoothies’ Twitter ads! Their brand is all about honesty, and their feed is honestly fantastic. This looks like a fun job as the community manager is allowed to be silly and sincere and share all sorts of fun stuff, as well as seems to have a genuinely good time interacting with customers.

Yorkshire Tea’s Facebook page manager

Another beverage, another brand that’s absolutely smashing it on social media. Yorkshire Tea posts everything from photos of Yorkshire puddings shaped like tea kettles to a rap song about tea (“Blessed are the Teamakers”, which you should definitely watch). Like Innocent, their community manager looks like they’re having fun as they respond to customers’ comments and questions.

Part of the team that gets to make Ikea’s YouTube videos

Ikea also has a YouTube series about Hollywood actors leaving the silver screen behind to work in furniture stores, including Keanu Reeves and Jeff Goldblum making guest appearances.

Sir Charles Barkley’s Instagram photographer

I hope everyone went out and farted today! #barkleyforpresident #voteforme #electionday

A photo posted by SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie (@barkleysircharles) on

Sir Charles Barkley is a French bulldog with a massive following on Instagram. We’re just letting his owner know that if they’re ever bored of snapping pictures of him, we’re happy to take over the duties.

Red Bull’s Social Influence Manager

best social media jobs

This job is actually open at the time of writing! Wouldn’t it be amazing to be the person who comes up with Red Bull’s fun campaigns? Just one of the many cool ones they did was the “#PutACanOnIt” campaign, which encouraged fans to hold up a Red Bull can to transform a photo.

Any social media marketing position at Coca-Cola ever

When it comes to marketing, Coke is the king. With millions of followers on any of their social media channels, all eyes will be on you. And you’ll have the budget to pull off some seriously spectacular work — like this fun live stream during the Super Bowl that got nine million views.

Whoever is in charge of making lists of cute cat photos

awesome social media jobs

Somebody, somewhere has this job — and we are really jealous of it!

Lens creator at Snapchat

This year saw many a Halloween costume dedicated to the highly flattering butterfly lens — a true sign that it’s made quite a sizeable impact on pop culture. Here’s an article about the incredible amount of technology behind your selfies, if you’re curious. Even if you’re not, it would be amazing to get to create those lenses yourself!

Whoever gets to choose the photos for National Geographic’s Instagram feed

Looking at photos of beautiful and fascinating places all day? That certainly sounds like a major step up from most office jobs!

John Oliver’s Youtube Channel Manager

The comedian’s YouTube channel keeps winning awards for its content, which manages to pull off a fantastic balance of being informative and seriously entertaining. We’d love our job to be watching his videos!

This blog is full of gorgeous shots of beautiful baked goods. And we know that they didn’t get there by themselves — somebody had to create them. Could that someone be us?

GoPro’s video guy

GoPro creates some of the most jaw-dropping videos we’ve ever seen – so we would be beyond thrilled to actually get to create those videos ourselves, especially if it involved playing around with their new drone.

Video producer at Buzzfeed

Whether it’s trying bizarre foods and drinks from around the world  or attempting to outrun Usain Bolt, the people in Buzzfeed’s YouTube videos get to do all kinds of crazy stuff. Don’t you wish that’s what you had to do for work?

The Humans of New York photographer

Brandon Stanton created one of the most-liked Facebook pages ever with HONY. He spends his days walking around the streets of New York City talking to and photographing interesting people, and occasionally travels further abroad to cover a special issue.

The Vice President of Communications for any company

best social media jobs

…because Glassdoor says they have an average salary of £135k – £158k! The job entails a lot more than social media, though.

A member of Pinterest’s team

best social media jobs

If you’re a crafty type, this is pretty much a dream job! And they just so happen to have quite a few positions open right now, too.

The person who does Nando’s social media

We assume this job comes with free chicken. Extra peri-peri sauce for me, please!

Part of Jet Blue’s Twitter team

While we imagine other airlines’ Twitter feeds are mostly made up of dealing with customer complaints, Jet Blue’s features parties they throw to celebrate new routes and fun rewards for their customers, like greeting them at the gate with cupcakes.

Anything to do with Cadbury

Yes, we think we could just about manage writing and thinking about chocolate all day, too.
And as a bonus, we’ve got the one job you really don’t want to have: Being in charge of Vine. For anything!

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