13 of the best YouTuber merchandise shops out there

The original pitch for this blog post was for me to review YouTuber merchandise like personalised T-shirts, but that would require a budget which is why I’m now reviewing online shops instead :D.

One thing one must know before jumping into the world of YouTuber merchandise is that a lot of these products make reference to a video or a moment in particular of the creator’s career, which is why sometimes when we go through these items it can feel like we’re the third wheel on a conversation that only ends with an abrupt ‘Inside joke’ comment.

YouTuber merchandise it’s not mainstream. It’s not for the masses. It’s not for us don’t-know-who-Emma-Blackey-is old people. These products are designed to serve a very particular niche with its very own particular needs and the way these creators try to satisfy such varies greatly.

I my opinion, when it comes to merchandise there are three types of YouTubers:

  • Youtubers who take a great mount of time to make high quality products that have been designed specially for their audience;
  • YouTubers who hire a third party to handle their merchandise and don’t really pay much attention to it other than picking the T-shirt colour — remember they’re too busy making videos;
  • And then there are those who fall somewhere in between the two.

Another thing I realised was that most YouTubers use a third party website to sell their items. These are either platforms like Spreadshirt that make the online shop creation process easy or a website created by a manager specialised in these types of businesses. Websites are in decline, or so it seems. Especially for video personalities that spend most of their time on social media. With that being said, let’s check out some of the best YouTuber merchandise shops I was able to find….

13 of the best YouTuber merchandise shops

#13 “The Creator Store” – Joe Sugg, Tanya Burr, PointlessBlog and others

At the Creator Store you’ll find merchandise for several British YouTubers including Joe Sugg, Tanya Burr and Zoella’s boyfriend Alfie Deyes. The layout of the shop is pretty clean, but it doesn’t feel minimalistic, but rather soulless due in part to the generic items that are up for sale.
Favourite item: Sugg Life icon Phone Case
Why? Tanya Burr poster — not so much the product itself, but the presentation. With the plant and the candles, you can barely see it!

#12 Marcus Butler

This shop didn’t stand up to me right away as the best designed or the one with the most variety of products, but one thing I did like is that it is very personable. It’s got an easy to read FAQ section and introduction which is presented in a light and humorous tone. Whoever wrote the copy did a good job.
Favourite item: “Wake me for food” cushion
Why? Everything is sold out
"Wake me for food" Marcus Butler Cushion

#11 iDubbz

This YouTuber has been gaining popularity lately thanks to his controversial videos. I get the feeling this is going to become one of those “love it or hate it” type of channels. The reason why he made this list is not because if what he’s selling (it only offers four T-shirts at the time of writing this), but the way he decided to advertise it, instead. Basically, he is promoting his own merchandise by making fun of YouTuber merchandise — I still cannot decide whether it’s brilliant or just plain stupid.
Favourite item: “Epiphany” T-shirt
Why? Penis mask — he’s not selling it, but still…

#10 Ryan Higa AKA Nigahiga

This Hawaiian YouTuber’s shop doesn’t stand out for its variety, but rather for its presentation. At a first glance it might seem like the merchandise of a K-Pop band, which I later found out that he does have a foe/parody K-Pop band called Boys Generally Asian.
Favourite item: “Lit” T-shirt
Why? Too little variety
Lit T-shirt Nigga Higga

#9 Fernanfloo

Luis Fernando Flores, better known as Fernanfloo, is a gamer from El Salvador that currently boasts a channel of over 19 million subscribers. Not too shabby. His merch is easily recognisable since it is mostly green (his official colour) and it is well designed. Unlike other YouTubers, Fernanfloo seems to have hired a good illustrator to do some work for him.
Favourite item: Christmas T-shirt
Why? Leggings

#8 VanossGaming

The first thing that stands out from this YouTuber is the owl avatar he has designed for himself. It is on his logo and spread across his various items.
Favourite item: Gold logo bracelet
Why? Not a big fan of the mask

#7 PewDiePie

You probably already know, but it bears repeating that PewDiePie has the biggest YouTube channel. Period. Over 50 million subscribers at the time of writing this post. This is why I find it surprising that his official merchandise shop its, well, a bit bare. Don’t get me wrong, I think the products are well designed and its got a strong branding (brofist power!) but for the biggest YouTuber of all times I was just expecting a bit more.
Favourite item: All-over Brofist men’s tee
Why? Foam Bro Fist — it reminds me of something I cannot mention on this blog.

#6 “Unicorn Island” – Lilly Singh AKA IIISuperwomanIII

From the moment I clicked on this website, it stood out from the rest. Nowhere will you read IIISuperwomanIII merch shop in here, this place is called “Unicorn Island” and it’s a site where her fans can gather and celebrate their favourite YouTuber. Worth mentioning is the look book which is the first I’ve see in an online shop of this kind. The only downside is that when you click on a product, it takes you to to her page on the District Lines platform which may or may not feature the same products than in the Unicorn Island website. Bummer.
Favourite item: Super snapback
Why? Featuring a product that you cannot buy.
IISuperwomanII Snapback

#5 Jenna Marbles

Right now, Jenna is only offering one T-shirt at her official online shop, but she still gets the award for most creative merch ever which are the plush toys inspired by her real life dogs!
Favourite item: Plush toys
Why? Only one T-shirt. Really, Jenna?

#4 JackSepticEye

The gamer’s shop checks all the boxes: It’s a platform that is well designed (powered by fanfiber), it’s got variety and a strong branding across all the items. I cannot vouch for the quality of the products, but they sure look good.
Favourite item: Septiceye Sam Plush
Why? Flat cap? It’s probably an inside joke I’m missing

#3 Dudes Perfect

Now this is a channel I didn’t know. In a sea of gamers and beauty vloggers, a group of guys that combine sports and comedy is actually refreshing. Their merch shop stands out from the rest by miles. When you’re in there it actually feels like the site of a retailer rather than a YouTube channel. Also worth mentioning, is that they offer products for children — not something you see very often when it comes to Youtuber merchandise.
Favourite item: Dude Perfect Performance Tee (perfect for the gym!)
Why? All Sports Flag (are you guys planning on starting your own country — or something?)

#2 Dan & Phil

I will get it out of the way right now, I may be biased because Dan and Phil are two of my favourite YouTubers, but their online shop it’s just so bloody awesome! Their merchandise clearly reflects their quirky personalities and sense of humour and though it might feel like they go overboard at times, it just feels so right here. May the power of the whiskers be with you.
Favourite item: Llama hat
Why? Europe Tour Pass (if you can buy it, then it beats the purpose)

#1 Smosh

Now this is what I call a merch shop! Once upon a time, Smosh used to be the channel with the most subscribers on YouTube, that is until PewDiePie took over and they were left on second place (right now 7th), but that didn’t stop them. What started as a joke between two mates it eventually grew into a franchise that encompasses ten YouTube channels, movies and music. Of course, the merch had to follow. On their shop you’ll find everything from hoodies, to sweatpants, T-shirts, calendars and anything else in between.
Favourite item: The winter games merch is dope. I particularly like the pink hoodie on the promo pic — or do I like it because it’s being worn by WesTheEditor? *Swoon*
Why? Anthony’s bobblehead. That doesn’t look like him. It doesn’t even look like the same species. No, just no.

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