It’s no secret that many top vloggers on Youtube have cashed-in on their fame, making a fortune off the backs of personalised merch T-shirts and garments. There’s no exact science to how they achieved their massive subscription fanbase, as that is the nature of a phenomenon. Or so we thought. It may seem disappointing to the aspiring entrepreneur, that the key to selling is to have an already-established fanbase of millions. But what if we told you there’s something more to it?

Our list of shops containing top YouTubers merchandise provides insights on what is behind the success of each e-commerce store. Prepare to be whisked behind the scenes, getting a preview of how these famous Youtubers’ analyze and present their strategies, operations, and their promotion tactics. In the end, you will come to learn that while millions of engaged subscribers are still beneficial, that abiding by some tested practices is paramount to staying on top.   

Now, you’re probably not an influencer and perhaps you lack a broad audience reach, still — whether you’re running a merch shop or working as an online content creator struggling for sponsorships — these insights, on what the best YouTubers in the world do, will help you to find a profitable revenue stream, through selling customised garments from your own shop.

How do Youtubers make the most of their revenue?

You’ll be curious to know that Youtube influencers represent outside brands, interlinked with their channel’s view count. Merchandise sales are an important part of their business model but it is almost impossible to configure a real estimation of how much money this segment actually represents. 

What does a 5-7 figure monthly revenue sound to you? That’s how much there-abouts these guys are making, simply by selling T-shirts online. To put that into a bitesize context, that is to say, they could buy a new Porsche every two months if they fancied! 

These guys and girls are being proactive by diversifying the old-reliable avenues of making big bucks, such as independent ways of gaining it, and then, through sponsors and YouTube’s Ad’s monopoly. They’re taking their careers a step further and they’re doing this through printed garments.  

The Best Marketing Tactics From Famous Youtubers Around the UK and Europe 

How Do YouTubers Convert Followers into Cash?

1. Through Strategic Collaborations and Thinking HARD About What the Audience Wants

Some YouTubers join forces creating stretch collaborations (for example The Cloak Brand and Sidemen) to create clothing brands as DudePerfect and Tsuki Market (PewDiePie) do. While others decide to sell merch that is not based on their own persona or content but is aimed to specifically excite their target market (in the same way EmilyTube does by creating merch based on children’s interests). 

2. By Making It Simple Because It Is Always Best! 

Either way, with most of them, a simple T-shirt design can be fundamental. Which, if paired with the removal of complicated production variables, featuring too much customisation, would mean a faster turnaround time and controlled costs. Nice and simple designs on highly-available wholesale T-shirts and other garments do the trick. This works best if the production and distribution method chosen is print-on-demand with drop-shipping or bulk-printed items fulfilled by logistic centres. 

3. By Promoting (And Not Being Afraid Of It!) 

Most of these YouTubers are open to showing off and advertising their merchandise within their official YouTube channels and social media without the fear of sounding too greedy. They always find a way of doing so within a context of good taste. However, the marketing strategy of some others is based on the opposite rules. They play on exclusivity, scarcity, or at times, they avoid mentioning their merch products, except when they launch limited campaigns. 

4. Creating a Turnkey eCommerce solution

YouTubers utilise simple e-commerce technology and sell their products out of Shopify; as well as other online influencer marketplaces, such as Represent, Fanjoy, or 3BlackDot. They avoid custom-made websites or the use of WooCommerce. In other words, at this point, simplicity is a running theme to follow. Aside from that, even if better results are found using more than one sales channel, we observed they aren’t taking advantage of it.

Instead, they allow others to sell unofficial merchandise in marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, Redbubble, and Amazon — among other e-commerce portals populated by a lot of unlicensed items. 

Best tips (from Printsome’s expertise!) to create a functional and awesome Youtuber merch or any merch shop?

If by chance you’re whatsoever involved in the merch industry, we want to share the best tips and advice for different aspects of creating or promoting your merch shop. 

  • Base Youtubers’ clothing brands on simplicity in terms of artworks. 
  • Keep the type of customisation simple by using mostly DTG printing for on-demand and Screen Printing when in bulk. Some use embroidery as well as customised labels and hem tags.
  • Promote OPENLY throughout the Youtuber channels and videos or, if not, create unique experiences and a sense of exclusivity for those lucky enough to be part of the “private club”.
  • Collaborate with others or create solid solo operations.
  • Use Shopify technology. It’s preferred as well as influencer’s merch marketplaces, always through official channels. 
  • Have clear what is the ultimate goal and purpose of the shop.
  • Decide what each product will be based on.
  • Create a great story behind the personality. Stories that are memorable sell. Drama sells. 
  • Use on-demand printing production or bulk production combined with drop-shipping fulfilment centres

NOTE: Read the guide on how to choose the best printing technique for your project to learn more about the simplest printing techniques.

Now, if you want to see how all this works in practise for the YouTubers, we’ve prepared a list that covers a selection of remarkable YouTubers Merch from the UK. Also with their personal operations, as well as our valuable insights on the best YouTuber merch shops around the globe. See, if you can learn more from them!


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6 Great British YouTubers Merch Stores

1. DanTDM

DanTDM merch in the UK
Channel: DanTDM
Niches: Gaming, entertainment, live shows
Youtube Subscribers: +23.3M
Who is behind all this: Daniel Robert Middleton

Why is DanTDM great?

Based in the UK, Dan’s fanbase is predominantly children. He inspires them to discover their creative side and to not be afraid to express it. Parents love him because they find his content safe for their children. Why? Dan does not curse and he has never been found in the midst of any controversies.

Why is Dan’s MERCH great?

Let’s not forget about the age of Dan’s fans. The merch clearly signifies that with its rainbow designs, space hats, a pom-pom hat with eyes, blue eye’s on a backpack creature, and this gleaming diamond which would attract the attention of many young subscribers like a magpie to treasure.

Why is Dan’s STORE great?

First of all, Dan shows his smarts in extending his audience to children. Compared to other YouTubers in this list, who target adolescents/older, Dan has managed to carve out some exclusivity. A monopoly if you will. In other words, he has become many kids’ true friend. These kids even send “thank you” videos, which actually make Dan cry (so cute!). 

His merch is sold on the official DanTDM e-store, which has “all times” pieces in separate parts, as well as the contest pieces. There is a slight differentiation of the items to associate with different markets, as well as this he has a “US Store” and “Rest Of The World Store”.  

Dan took the initiative with projects such as the Contest, which is the interactive cinema event that took place all over the world. Then, also “Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal” — his debut graphic novel, which became a bestseller in the UK — as well as other publications and live tours have brought him success on a tremendous scale. His hard work, consistent family values, and absolute ambition are what lifts his brand to the fullest.

2. KSI

KSI merch in the UK
Channel: KSI
Niches: Music, boxing, fashion, pranks, entertainment 
YouTube Subscribers: +21.5M
Who is behind all this: Olajide “JJ” Olayinka Williams Olatunji

Why is the guy great? 

He’s a “Top British entertainer” and “Social media icon”. Also rapper, actor and boxer, and the richest member of the Sidemen. He became the first person in Britain to receive the Diamond Play Button. And the first black YouTuber to do so! 

Why is his MERCH great?

Sidemen clothing incorporates a wide range of products, for all genders and ages, starting with jewellery and apparel, then ending with gaming gear and seat cushions. Comparable to a substantial retail brand. 

Why is the BRAND great?

KSI started his rapping career around the same time the Sidemen was founded. The expansion of his career had a major influence on the Sidemen’s brand. He would frequently wear his branded clothing in music videos with famous rappers such as Offset, Tion Wayne and others, to promote. 

His boxing fights against Logan Paul generated even greater hype around the Sidemen group. The rapping rivalry between Paul and Olatunji (KSI and Deji’s surname) brothers, representing the US and British sides, somehow reminds us of the notorious wars between the East and West coasts in the USA’s 90’s rap world. 

The group has its own e-commerce platform, Sidemen Clothing. It represents a collection of street style and futuristic designs for kids and adults. It’s also their main channel of distribution. 

Sidemen clothing designs a lot of merch that features prints with all its members together. This addresses more audience than just the fans of a single-member. The video clips containing all members wearing their branded stylish streetwear are also super influential. Being the most followed member of the group, KSI is constantly innovating and making up new genres of content to broaden their market reach, and thus bringing in more interest.

WS2 merch in the UK

3. Wroetoshaw (W2S)

Channel: W2S
Niches: FIFA gaming, entertainment, comedy 
YouTube Subscribers: +15.3M
Who is behind all this: Harold Christopher George Lewis or “Harry” Shaw 

What’s so special about the guy?

The loudest, happiest, and most self-ironic FIFA video game commentator ever. He owns his mental illness by openly declaring his moderate Aspergers condition, which only makes his audience admire him more! And seeing as there are 1 in 100 of the UK population alone on the autism spectrum, W2S is a relatable and strengthening figure for other sufferers of the condition. 

Why is his MERCH so cool?

The W2S crown logo and signature electric blue are the protagonists of his simple day-to-day stuff. 

Why is the STORE awesome?

Harry is the youngest member of the Sidemen — a British YouTube group that also includes other famous figures like KSI, Miniminter, etc. This group is the biggest collection of YouTubers in Europe. 

The marketing strategy the Sidemen follow enforces a shared group power. Each member combines their diverse subscribers, including a wide age range, spread across all genders, and the demand for their merch is naturally multiplied. To sum, you’re looking at 100.7 million followers. 

Similarly, they participate in various events such as Charity Football Matches, the Release of Sidemen: The Book, Boxing matches against other YouTubers like Logan Paul mentioned above, Sidemen Wars, etc. to further promote their brand. 

4. ThatcherJoe

ThatcherJoe Youtuber merch in the UK
Channel: ThatcherJoe
Niches: Live shows, comedy, entertainment 
YouTube Subscribers: +7.9M
Who is behind all this: Joseph Graham Sugg 

Why is the guy great?

He’s a “baby faced” daredevil millionaire whose content includes pranks and gaming. His impressions of the Simpsons characters are freakishly accurate and he’s the brother of Zoella. 

Why is his MERCH great?

Sugg. Mr Sugg. Sugg91. Sugg Life. Suggs, not Drugs. Sugg life chose me. This guy knows how to play with words and with his name in a way that sells anything from phone cases to hoodies. Now you will remember his name too.

Why is his STORE great?

Joe made up catchy word combinations playing with 2Pac’s “thug” word. They are very well understood by the generations born in the 80s and 90s. That is why the merch that features those phrases is well received not only by his channel audience but also by other generations. He is using something already popularised — changing it a little to adapt to his personality. Some of those phrases even turned into memes.

When he and his sister Zoe (the famous YouTuber Zoella) first started the Sugg merch line, they promoted it by opening a pop-up store in the Covent Garden. The product line included limited edition ‘Sugg Life X PB’ (Pointlessblog) merchandise. 

Joe also proved to be an excellent dancer, participating in the Strictly Come Dancing TV show with Australian dancer Dianne Buswell. Later they did a Live! Tour lineup. They made history by winning 25 shows in a row against six other couples. What is more, they became the overall tour winners having won 28 of the 29 shows.

Of course, like a fairytale would have it, they became a couple. Their beautiful love story is captured on his latest merch items, placing their colorful dancing silhouettes on T-shirts, mugs, and other items. Therefore, he leverages immensely on a personal branding strategy that is easily read and understood by masses. Everyone dreams of similar love stories. 

Until 2018 in collaboration with Alphie Deyes’ The Creator Store, Joe has had his own official clothing brand store – SuggLife, which is now “under construction” and set to be relaunched soon, based on Shopify technology. In the meantime, lots of fan-created merch can be found in e-commerce marketplaces, including Amazon. 

5. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright Youtuber merch in the UK
Channel: Patricia Bright
Niches: Beauty, fashion, education, entertainment 
YouTube Subscribers: +2.9M
Who is behind all this:  Patricia Bright 

Why is she great?

She’s a fashion and beauty influencer that originally started out on YouTube as “BritPopPrincess”. Today she is a social media queen, the founder of the Break platform and the author of an educational course on how to build a business online. 

Why is her MERCH great?

Her WAOW shirts and SHINYSHINY hoodies made of bright colours correlate with her motivational and inspiring personality. 

Why is her STORE great?

Patricia’s official store is hosted by Represent, a merch marketplace for celebrities. This is a clever move because we cannot forget that she is a fashion influencer who gives tips on style and beauty. Her own merch website implies she sells fancy and production-complicated clothing closer to prêt-à-porter rather than offering simpler customised prints as we can see in her Represents shop. But let’s admit the fact that her own merch line is very beautiful, however, it doesn’t offer a great variety. But the pieces from her basic line are always available. 

Her collaboration with Amazon was something that created a genuine buzz. An initiative run by Amazon, where influencers get the chance to drop their collection as a singular live event, lasting only 30 hours. In other words, those pieces were in a way limited edition. That is how Patricia dropped her forward-thinking merch collection in which she masterfully mixed the office and street styles. 

“With this collection, I really wanted to capture an honest vibe. These are clothes that I like to wear and I designed them to be flattering for myself and my followers. But I also wanted it to be a bit daring. I had complete control over the design process which was exciting” she explained in a recent interview. 

Given that Patricia is considered to be a fashion icon, the clothing line was super successful. If she is wearing something, that must be good a priori. 

Although, she seems never to wear her own merch, but would occasionally mention it unobtrusively during her reviews of the latest season’s collections and beauty products. Being a trusted fashion guru, she has no need to use a manipulative strategy in order to widen her revenues.  

6. Emily Tube

Emily Tube Youtuber merch in the UK
Channel: Emily Tube
Niches: Entertainment, education
YouTube Subscribers: +10.7M
Who is behind all this: Emily Cozmiuc

Why is the girl great?

She is a 6-year-old kid influencer who really knows, not only how to entertain, but also how to educate. The channel is managed by her parents, of course.

Why is her MERCH great?

Very adorable little T-shirts with unicorns, rainbows, hearts and suns! Just a complete girls’ queendom, where “girls rule”, of course. 

Why is her STORE wonderful?

Emily’s secret is in her variety of video content. She covers everything from fun learning to shopping trips, to staged sketches in the pool like a mermaid. Those little videos are targeted not only at the kids of her age, but also at their moms and dads. It gives them new ideas to entertain their children. 

What if they already bought all the dollhouses with the matching fairytale books, the LOL dolls, and the bicycles? What else is there left to do as a parent with your children when you’ve already pretended to be a bear, a wolf, and Santa all in the same day? 

The channel gives subscribers more outside of the box ideas — keeping your kid distracted with how awesome Emily is as a mermaid, while you cook! But how is all this related to the merchandise?

Let’s not forget that Emily’s parents are normal people who (used to) have an average income and normal family lives. That means, they should totally understand what a normal baby girl likes. 

Basically, they adapted the merch to recent “little girl” trends, like unicorns, rainbows, etc. — even though there are millions of followers that represent the same target market as their own — and they were able to convince many families to buy the merchandise! Clever!

Other Great Worldwide YouTubers’ Merch Stores You Should Know About


Markiplier Youtuber merch in the UK
Channel: Markiplier
Niches: Video Gaming, Comedy, Charity, Social Issues.  
YouTube Subscribers: +26.1M
Who is behind all this: Mark Edward Fischbach 

What makes Markiplier great?

Mark is so much more than a professional gamer. He is a natural comedian and philanthropist. When it comes to gaming, his content style is unique and cocky. 

What makes Markiplier’s MERCH great?

In spite of his simplistic and minimalistic style, his merch is very captivating. Mark’s logo is a key example — a pink moustache placed on top of his initial, “M”. 

Why is the Markiplier STORE awesome?

Mark was able to come with a superb strategy based on a well-defined purpose; the profit from his merchandise is then donated to charity organisations!

Using hilarious commentaries in his videos helps Mark glean continuous engagement with the viewers, who end up buying his products and therefore supporting charity. Perhaps kindness and humor will save the world.  

Besides his own apparel line, he also has The Cloak Brand, a collaboration he started with Jacksepticeye in 2018. Both online stores focus on apparel printed merchandise, which aligns with ongoing fundraising campaigns based on trending social and health issues. 

His strategy is based on managing two brands and navigating multiple sales channels. Mark tries to promote his brand as much as he can. His Instagram feed is full of pictures of him and Jack wearing both his and the Cloak Brand garments.


Jacksepticeye Youtuber merch in the UK
Channel: Jacksepticeye 
Niches: Video Gaming, Comedy, Charity, Social Issues.  
YouTube Subscribers: +24.3M
Who is behind all this: Seán William McLoughlin aka “Jack”

What makes JackSepticEye great?

This guy is a pro of turning bad events into good opportunities using his positive and charming attitude. 

What makes JackSepticEye merchandise great?

His merch is consistently one neutral colour, but there is always a bright detail outlining the phrase or the print that is referencing one of his contents. For example, Laugh T-shirts, PMA Positive Mental Attitude hoodies, etc.

Why JackSepcticEye’s STORE rocks? 

The store is completely built on Jack’s authenticity. As a kid, Jack had an accident in his right eye from his friend’s glasses while playing football. The eye developed an infection a few days later so his friends started calling him “Jacksepticeye”. Instead of feeling embarrassed, Jack had the brilliant idea of building his whole identity around this unfortunate event. 

His blue eye logo, his Irish accent that he actively uses to underline his origin, even his green hair that goes in line with his logo — all of this indicates his uniqueness and helped him to build a real brand identity for the Jacksepticeye store.

He has an official e-store, built on the Shopify platform, offering a nice selection of sweatshirts, T-shirts, and other merchandise. The design has been renovated throughout the years, but the eye logo and key phrases from his content are the pillars of his brand. Those symbols make his fans feel like members of an inside club since they understand the real meaning of each element. 

Jack also is part of the Cloak brand, which he created with Mark, as we mentioned previously. That project is fully dedicated to charity purposes. Their e-store is a super space where both Jack and Mark greet us in their branded clothes. The collections have absolutely breathtaking prints fully inspired by gaming culture. Multiple graphics and bright tones are the trademarks of the Cloak brand.

Some of us at Printsome, we particularly love the way Cloak is printed and embroidered on the hats! And we also admire that both of them pose in the pieces they sell. When you hover over an item you like with your mouse, it instantly switches to either Mark or Jack wearing that. So cool! 


ElRubius youtuber merch T-shirt
Channel: ElRubius
Niches: Animation, gaming, entertainment 
YouTube Subscribers: +37.9M
Who is behind all this: Rubén Doblas Gundersen

Why is ElrubiusOMG great?

He’s the top YouTuber in Spain, and one of the top 20 in the world for video game streaming. He excels as a 3D animator, editor, book publisher, filmmaker, creator of the Virtual Hero animation series, and finally, the CEO of El Rubius Corp. 

Why is ElrubiusOMG MERCH great?

Have you seen those cute Tees with manga artworks featuring Ruben himself and his favourite cat? If they did not make you fall in love with him, we don’t know what will. 

Why is the ElrubiusOMG store great?

Being famous at a young age can be challenging. It takes time to cope with the stress of social pressure and the need to protect your private life. Ruben experienced that in full. Despite having been diagnosed with anxiety and other mental consequences provoked by young fame, he is restless to find himself and inner peace, both in the online and offline worlds. 

He seems to have found a perfect balance between expressing himself the way he enjoys and maintaining a complex business. He partnered with editorial and media companies for a big venture called “Virtual Hero”, an animated TV series. That way he gave up part of the control to his partners and focused on doing what is making him happy. The fan shop, based on the series, is run by his partners.  

In 2019, he launched El Rubius Corp as a fictional corporation that showed off his artistic and creative mind. In the form of merchandise products based on manga characters along with featuring himself like a mastermind and powerful ruler. Nowadays, he owns and operates the webshop with the help of external agencies.

The main strategy behind it, besides promoting his personal creativity and vision, is based on the scarcity and urgency of marketing tactics. When launching limited products for some weeks, he sets up a live shop. Antiotaku Club and ElRubius Corp manga characters merchandise during summer and Xmas 2019 respectively, were an example of those kinds of events. 

However, unlike most of the American and British influencers that promote their merch openly through YouTube and other social media channels, Ruben chooses to barely show or publicly talk about his own products, capping his revenue at only about 20% of his market potential.  

Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link Youtuber merch
Channel: Rhett and Link
Niches: Morning shows, entertainment, comedy sketches 
YouTube Subscribers: +16.4M;
Who is behind all this: Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal

Why are Rhett and Link so cool?

Two of YouTube’s first stars, hosts of Good Mythical Morning, the purchasers of Smosh — Rhett and Link, are true veterans still upholding a celebrity reputation whilst continuing to grow.

Why is Mythical MERCH cool?

Quirky T-shirts, grooming products, Good Morning mugs, and many more are shining examples of their channels: Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link, Ear Biscuits, Mythical Kitchen and Good Mythical More. 

Why is Rhett and Link’s STORE l-e-g-e-n-d-a-r-y?

Rhett and Link don’t differ much from a traditional brand. They follow an expansion strategy, based on developing five channels. Then they expanded into podcasts, publications and even acquired another famous YouTube channel, Smosh, with its own store

Given such a broad scale, imagine how much content they are using to inspire their merch. Consider, for example, a basic T with the fork logo that belongs to the Mythical Kitchen channel. Add that to their funny sketches from everyday life, where they wear the store products. Or the fact that by acquiring the Smosh channel (with the store), they increased their overall audience by more than 25 million followers — and therefore potential buyers. 

They are, in essence, stellar examples for younger YouTubers on how to build an online empire. Almost behave almost like LVMH, but in the YouTube world.

Both Rhett and Link often joke that they’ve gotten too old, however, this is not really relevant to the focus on selling their merch and other channels’ activities. Mythical store is a logical expansion and it embodies the humorous duo properly. The store makes up one small part of the Mythical Entertainment empire, however, it creates a nice percentage of their income.

Atta Halilintar

Atta Halilintar T-shirt merch
Channel: Atta Halilintar
Niches: Entertainment, vlogging, music, pranks 
YouTube Subscribers: +24M
Who is behind all this: Muhammad Attamimi “Atta” Halilinta

Why is the guy great?

Muhammad Attamimi “Atta” Halilinta is southeast Asia’s first YouTuber with 10 million subscribers. This is the first guy from Asia to become a YouTube star. 

Why is Atta Halilinta’s MERCH great?

His designs represent modernised Asian mythical motifs that are placed on the garments. The duality and darkness are what the fans find so attractive about AHHA merch. Even his black versions come across as very refreshing. 

Why is his STORE great?

Indonesia’s pioneer, an example for the country’s youngsters, Atta is a pure inspiration for those who want to concentrate on becoming an online influencer. His encouraging quotes and messages describe his own path to success. Plus, he’s a self-made millionaire so that raises the value of his store and brand

His fans at home buy his branded goods to feel part of this success story, and those abroad are tempted to follow suit upon viewing his unprecedented designs. Atta can often be seen wearing his branded headbands and other accessories when shooting his content. That mostly includes music videos, vlogs, pranks, interviews, and celebrity house touring.

To promote his merch, Atta also has an Instagram page @attahalilintarhabit that is exclusively for his brand. The profile promotes full-fledged fashion campaigns, featuring both unisex and children goods with built-in links to all the channels where the merch is available to purchase.

Also, his merch can be seen in several Asian e-commerce portals claiming to be Atta’s official sales channels, however, it is not clear whether they are genuine or piracy operations.


Juega German merch T-shirt
Channel: JuegaGerman
Niches: Entertainment, music, acting 
YouTube Subscribers: +40M
Who is behind all this: German Alejandro Garmendia

Why is the guy great? 

This Chilean guy has the same effect on his fans as the Beatles used to. He sings, writes, acts and directs, but he’s a Youtuber instead. A genuine artist through and through. 

Why is his MERCH great?

His merch is full of positive and fun messages professionally created with great aesthetic taste. It is so “Germanish”.

Why is German’s STORE great?

Garmendia is a star for all of the Spanish-speaking people in the world and that is practically half of the total population. However, it seems like that isn’t good enough, so now he is working on conquering the music industry and Hollywood. 

That includes videos with exaggerated Telenovela-acting, a 2016 best-selling book called #ChupaElPerro, multiple Spotify music playlists, a voice in the Spanish version of Ice Age, the pop-rock band Ancud, a sponsorship with Reebok/LG and many more.

His whole strategy is based on promoting his artistic brand, as much more than a Youtuber. He owns a clothing brand with on-demand printed T-shirts, Hoodies and sweatshirts featuring appealing artworks around his “good vibes” personality. 

The clothing is shown on his YouTube’s channels and main website. It is mostly promoted via social media though an instagram account solely created for that purpose (@garmendiaclothing), but don’t click on the web address in its Instagram bio because the link is broken (please someone tell him to fix it and actually direct it to his shop). 

And once again, don’t be fooled by the merch you can find outside his official shop, because none of those offer his official products. 

Collins Key

Collins Key merch is live
Channel: Collins Key
Niches: Illusionism, pranks, entertainment 
YouTube Subscribers: 21.5M
Who is behind all this: Collins Key

Why is the guy great?

You won’t believe it, but this guy is a real magician in the first place. He became the youngest finalist of America’s Got Talent. And, well, like magic he became a YouTuber with 21.5M followers. 

Why is his MERCH great?

Bright merch with juicy prints, popular slang phrases like “Key Bros” and an inevitable use of a key as a logo keep Key’s main audience — the teenage segment — obsessed. 

Why is his STORE great?

Collins uses his prank video content, where he works with watermelons, pineapples, lollipops, and other colourful items, to design his merch, which features the images of those objects. 

His main audience is teens, so the colours he uses are very bright and tantalizing. The official website greets you with two options, to shop for girls or shop for guys, and it is very charming to browse through.  

The Key logo, referring to his surname, is his trademark to success. Phrases like Keyp Calm, Yeet (meaning “throw”), and Keyper Squad are displayed on hoodies and other items helping him to create a celebrated identity around Collins and his brand. Apart from the outstanding marketing of his products, he has successfully built up the reputation of a nice college guy you’d like to be friends with. 

His content is born from engaging with his fans, who give him ideas for his next video.  “Our videos are fun, energetic, upbeat and it’s going to leave you with an enthusiasm for life”, says Collins in one of his interviews. 

What makes his store strategy “magical” is the result of specific targeting and designing content to impress teenagers who end up wanting a piece of his magic — even if it’s just a T-shirt.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul merch hoodie
Channel: Jake Paul
Niches: Pranks, music, boxing
YouTube Subscribers: +20.1M
Who is behind all this: Jake Joseph Paul 

What is it about the guy? 

Starting out as a popular Viner turned Disney-Channel-character, Jake nowadays is notorious for his explosive character and controversial actions, which include YouTube boxing, rapping, and looting scandals. 

Why is his MERCH great? 

Phrases like JPAULERS, the baby Jake prints, his hoodies, and T-shirts are like some secret cult pieces that fans are absolutely craving to wear around. 

Why is his STORE great?

“A genius or a jerk? A punk or a prophet? In a media landscape where clicks are money, does it even matter?” that’s what New York Times says about Jake. Bad publicity is good publicity, right? He’s almost heralded as a sort of a religious figure, as fans are happy to be associated with their “God” by means of wearing his branded apparel! 

Jake’s social controversies are precisely what makes him special in his young fan’s eyes with wishy-washy minds. Even his haters who call him, “the worst person on earth” contribute to the hype. His rap track “It is Everyday Bro” was like an anthem to JPAULERS: “5 mills on YouTube in 6 months, never done before, Passed all the competition man, PewDiePie is next” (BTW, he still has not beat him. Maybe you also have to be accused of racism to beat PewDiePie? 😁  Just kidding.) Want to know a fun fact? The hoodies featuring the song name are almost always sold out. 

When Fanjoy — a platform selling YouTubers merch — launched Paul’s first piece of merchandise in 2016 (a simple sweatshirt with his name) it became an instant hit. In 2017, Paul released a song on Spotify where he sings “Fanjoy to the World, my merch has come,” spelling the full URL to his Fanjoy store. And what do you know about effective advertising? 

To sum up, Jake’s strategy is to exploit the fame he built during his past and produce controversial activities to raise his views. So when another one of his stunts is being actively reported in the press, those who are not even interested in YouTube end up knowing about his media influence. At least he is consistent in his rambunctious behaviour, causing continuous love from his fans and forcing the haters to spend time thinking about him. 

Logan Paul Vlogs

Logan Paul Merch face mask
Channel: Logan Paul Vlogs
Niches: Pranks, music, boxing, social causes 
YouTube Subscribers: +21.9M
Who is behind all this: Logan Alexander Paul 

What’s great about this guy?

He’s a fierce racism fighter, boxer, actor, an elder brother, and a calmer version of Jake Paul, who actually proves that in order to impress people you don’t necessarily have to destroy store windows.  

Why is his MERCH great? 

Logan’s favourite sidekick and parrot, Maverick, used to be the central bright key accent placed throughout all of his old merch collections. After the rebranding, Maverick is still there but he has been converted to a strict logo for all seasons. 

What’s great about his STORE?

Do we really have to explain? If you go to you’’ll see yourself. 

Practically, Logan has turned his store into a club, where purchasing a membership means ”joining the inner circle”. That in turn grants you access to exclusive content, real-life hangouts, giveaways, discounts, limited edition items, and “a ton more”. 

What did Logan do right? He created a real brand in its traditional meaning, with a hybrid YouTuber and Influencer marketing strategy. His capsule collection is in all-black and its message is Living Proof. 

If you watch the commercial, you’ll realize why it is called Maverick. It’s a very motivational campaign, where Logan shares the rebellious story of his upbringing. Featuring a group of young people wearing the garments, it literally says, “We are the living proof that the only thing that can stop you is you”. This is a very powerful message to any generation, who’s dreaming to repeat Logan’s or any other YouTube star’s success. 

His hybrid strategy reveals the secret of his merch success. The store uses Shopify.


PewDiePie merch 2020
Channel: PewDiePie
Niches: Gaming, charity, entertainment 
YouTube Subscribers: +105M
Who is behind all this: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Why is PewDiePie great?

He was one of the world’s 100 most influential people according to Times magazine back in 2016. He’s been labeled as one of the pioneers and a trendsetter who inspired so many other famous YouTubers. A philanthropist. What else do you need to know?…

Why is PewDiePie MERCH great?

It’s so unconventional coming from any perspective. A T-shirt with Russian swearing? A space vest? Are those symbols Korean? And what about those Cyrillic letters? As an audience, it’s normal to have mixed emotions and a bit of confusion, but that’s why PewDiePie is a pro.

Why is PewDiePie STORE great? 

As many of you already know, Felix has been accused of being a closed-minded white nationalist which he actively has been denying. He even deleted his Twitter profile to show his protest regarding these personal accusations. 

PewDiePie has been a synonym of success on YouTube before the media started to accentuate his anti-Semitic comments and turn him into a racist monster in the public eye. As a result, the guy took offense and went undercover. 

So what is his strategy? Reinventing and rebranding himself. Before we used to see curse words in Russian put in big letters on his T-s, now he is all cute and behaving like a faithful family man. And now he’s doing all that pretty clothing with his beautiful wife/muse. 

She inspired (or that’s what we supposed to believe) him to launch their recent unisex clothing brand — the non-conventional Tsuki. 

The name of the brand comes from the Japanese translation of “Moon”. The transcription of the name uses a combination of Cyrillic and Latin letters – ТSЦKI. 

Both of them work hard on the promotion of their new creation. Instead of hiring models, they are ones who pose wearing the apparel on the official brand’s website – Tsuki Market.  The Instagram feed of the indicative husband features pictures of both of them wearing their official merch. 

The products are highly customised, including embroidery and many details. It is produced in bulk on a collection basis. The latest garments are inspired by outer space and feature T-s, sweatshirts, socks, joggers, pins, and bandanas. Originals are only available on the official website.

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect merch line 2020
Channel: Dude Perfect
Niches: Sports, Tricks, Pranks, Comedy
YouTube Subscribers: +51.6M
Who is behind all this: Tyler Toney, Coby Cotton, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, Cory Cotton

Why is DudePerfect awesome?

By looking at these guys you can’t help but think, I could be that. They are down to earth, they remind us about the value of friendship, they inspire us to act even if we think we lack something important. They simply make us believe in ourselves.

What makes DudePerfect MERCH great?

A great diversity of professional sports garments and equipment, inspired by beautiful DudePerfect branding and content, both for adults and kids. Our personal favourite was their hockey sticks which, when put together, feature their logo pointing in opposite directions. 

Why the DudePerfect STORE rocks? 

Once upon a time, there was a boy in North Texas who loved basketball but wasn’t tall enough to become a professional player. The guy played as quarterback though and was very smart. One day he gathered with 4 of his Texan friends, perhaps soulmates, and built a team with a great spirit that they later called Dude Perfect. That guy was Tyler Toney. 

While their college mates were partying, the Dudes were betting on sinking outlandish shots in their backyard, where they had put up a basketball hoop. Since Toney did it really well, they decided to shoot a video and that’s how their first “Backyard Edition” was made in 2009 on YouTube. Shortly, their profile gathered thousands of views and their name became a brand. 

Nowadays the guys have over 50 million subscribers on YouTube. That makes them even more famous than some professional basketball stars on Instagram and Twitter. 

The guys couldn’t stop and they were smart enough to launch a clothing brand and merchandise line based on their sports activities, including basketball. They support it with funny, cliche content that is basically presented as a series of original campaigns. 

The store successfully unifies all Dudes’ hobbies and values. It represents a harmonious entity that can inspire you to build a business purely based on your personal interests. Basically, the Dudes store is based on five pillars: their friendship, shared values and beliefs, group spirit, common hobbies, and the last but not the least – humour.

The moral of the story is if you can’t be an elite sports professional for whatever reason, create sports activities on your own. Then pretend that you are bloody FC Barcelona and create your own merchandise — this accounts for 15% or more of DP’s total revenue — sell it to the masses and become a bloody millionaire. Bravo Dudes!


Vanoss Gaming merch 2020
Channel: VanossGaming
Niches: Gaming, entertainment, animation
YouTube Subscribers: +25M
Who is behind all this: Evan Fong

Why is VanossGaming great?

Exceptionally talented editor with ironic humour, Evan has one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube. 

Why is VanossGaming MERCH great? 

The signature Owl has become the main hero of Vanoss’ merch; printed in black and white, colourful, shiny, drawn in mesh, it doesn’t matter. If you see the owl, you instantly know it’s from VanossGaming. 

Why is the VanossGaming SHOP awesome?

The collaboration with 3BlackDot has made Vanoss’ brand even more awesome. Those guys have a super talented comprehensive studio, production, and marketing company — label it whatever you wish. They gave the Vanoss brand unprecedented value. Now the owl that Evan has been using since the beginning of his career seems to be everywhere. 

Why does the owl work so well though? Initially, the owl was used as a mask on Fong’s character model in Grand Theft Auto. Later, since Evan is also an animator, he made the owl the main hero of his animations which became super popular. 

Vanoss has a high production value in his animation videos and other online content. His team puts a lot of planning into editing the videos and making them funny. 

They also take some time off between uploading their new creations in order to tease their fans. The effect is awesome because not only does it keep the shock factor, it also leaves the fans wanting more. While they wait with anticipation, they are given short Instagram campaigns, which helps boost his merch sales. Those are really amazing videos mostly featuring limited edition items. Overall it makes the fans purchase more Owl stuff to quench their craving between uploaded videos.

The Vanoss official merch is sold on the official Vanoss e-store, powered by 3BlackDot. 


Next time you find a successful YouTuber don’t take it for granted that they are consistent stars just because they were lucky enough to build a huge audience. They stay on the top because what they do is good though and, when it comes to selling merch, they use best practices and make them their own.

So, if you are in the merch industry, take these learnings above and see what is at your hand or, at least, start planning and acting to get your merchandise operation in the best shape possible. In the end, everything is hard and clever work!

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