Big Brand Polo Shirts

Here we are again and it’s that time of the week – it’s crazy tee time (and crazy tea time too, we love tea at the office). So as some of you may know, we like to get creative with different themes through our blogs and with the t-shirt blog… you guessed it…it’s with t-shirts. So this time around, we decided to create some funky personalised polo shirts designs for some of the world’s biggest, most valuable brands. But we didn’t just stop there. We thought it would pretty cool to see how our polo shirt designs could provoke a slightly different vibe from the giants. So here we go, check them out!

Big Brand Polo Shirts


1# Unilever

So let’s start with Unilever, who produce food and drinks, as well as cleaning products. Pretty average stuff, right? So we decided to use that fun illustration thing they’ve got going on with their logo to give them a more Hawaiian shirt vibe. I bet you’re not thinking about milk now, unless it’s coconut milk that is.


2# Google

We know that Google have created this kind of never-ending interchanging magical logo, just through using colour and shape, so we took advantage of this. This inspiration for this one comes from the vintage style Adidas t-shirts with their simple lines and colours. Can you imagine a vintage Google t-shirt? Now that would be pretty!


3# IBM

Ever imagined working at sea? Well IBM took us off into a dreamy land of sailors with their stripy logo and we figured it would look quite hot on a polo, so that’s what we did. Not quite Jean Paul Gaultier, but you get the idea.


4# McDonald’s

This one was a little more tricky since we’ve seen countless versions of McDonald’s polo, t-shirts, uniforms and merchandising. For this one, we tried to imagine what MaccyD’s would be like if it had a slightly more 1950s American diner feel to it and this is what we came up with. It’s not pink, but you could probably pair it up with one of those cute little diner style skirts just the same.


5# Android

We wanted to have a go at Android, since it’s one of the few giants that have a splash of green. We thought that repeating that little robot dude and turning him into a pattern might give us a golf-jumper kind of vibe. It didn’t, but never mind.


6# Microsoft

Trying to make Microsoft look a bit like a Scottish brand is quite fun (though perhaps the result is slightly offensive to the Scottish). The logo was screaming out to us to get something checkered and outrageously colourful going on, like one of those embarrassing shirts your Dad has in his wardrobe. Sexy. Not sure if it looks more tartan, or more like the dance floor from Saturday Night Fever.


There are loads of other big brands out there, give us a shout if you want to see any of them attacked by our ridiculous designs at We’d love to hear from you!

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