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Pepsi Coca Cola Logo Swap

If you follow regularly the Prinstome Blog you probably already know we’re a custom t shirt printing agency with much love for our Creative Exercises. Perhaps you remember when we turned popular brands into beers:


Or maybe when we imagined what would happen if brands sponsored entire countries:


Not yet? Alright, then what about when we swapped rival brand colours?:


If none of this sounds familiar, don’t worry. All you need to know is that WE LOVE CREATIVITY.

The Brand Logo Swap: A New Creative Exercise

We love it so much that every week we have to come up with a new creative idea (sometimes inspired by your suggestions!). It’s simple, we create a concept and then turn it into a reality! What started out as a “Printsome thing” has now become an “Everybody’s thing”, our designs have been featured on Adweek, Playboy, DesignTaxi… people even started twisting them and creating their own versions! Awesome!

This series has been running for almost a year now and to celebrate its anniversary, we’ve decided to honour one of our most famous creative exercises yet: The Brand Colour Swap.

But what could we do?

We brainstormed for a while, trying to think outside-the-box (literally – we left the building and went into a bar), but that day it just wasn’t flowing… until it happened.

But this time the idea didn’t come from any of us. It was the waiter! The waiter!

Let me explain you what happened real quick:

He came to ask for our order, as usual, when he saw us discussing the potential concept. We were looking for a way to make The Brand Colour Swap better. The waiter took interest and since he knows us (we’re regulars at the establishment), he asked what we were talking about. It was after we explained it to him that he uttered the 3 magic words:

“Make it simpler.”

I had “The Brand Colour Swap” written down on a sheet of paper and when he said that, I just looked at it and thought:

“What if we just swap brand logos? That’s simpler.”

As it usually happens when we think we have a good idea, we quickly drew the basics for the article and started designing it. A few weeks later, there you go. Our latest Creative Exercise: The Brand Logo Swap!

Did you ever imagine how Coca-Cola’s logo would look like if it had the Pepsi style? What about Heineken and Guinness? Sony and Nintendo? Star Wars and Star Trek? It’s weird as fuck.

Wonder no more, here you have the definitive Brand Logo Swap!

#1 CocaCola VS Pepsi

pepsi cocacola logo swap



#2 Ferrari VS Lamborghini

Lamborghini - Ferrari logo swap



#3 Nintendo VS Sony

nintendo sony logo swap



#4 Visa VS Mastercard

visa mastercard logo swap



#5 Heineken VS Guinness

heineken guinness logo swap



#6 Target VS Walmart

target walmart logo swap



#7 Duracell VS Energizer

energizer duracell logo swap



#8 Avis VS Hertz

avis hertz logo swap



#9 JCPenney VS Sears

sears logo swap




hp ibm logo swap



We want to thank Ivan Apostolski for designing these ones for us! He couldn’t hold himself when we told him about the idea and decided to collaborate with us! Awesome! =)

#11 Star Wars VS Star Trek!

starwar startek logo swap

logo swap

logo swaps

#12 Apple VS Microsoft

apple-microsoft logo swap

apple microsoft logo swap

Microsoft apple swapped logo

Any other brands you’d like us to swap? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll try to make it next time!

Printsome is an online personalised clothing serving the UK, offering from t-shirt printing Belfast to t-shirt printing Cardiff and everywhere in between. Some of these creative designs might look pretty cool as direct to garment printing, hint hint.

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