Since we’re a start-up based and specialised in T-shirt printing in London, it is only natural that we’re interested in other up-and-coming companies in the UK.

That’s why after the success of our 2016 list, we’ve decided to put together another one for the ongoing year.

Below you’ll find a list of 10 of the most interesting British start-ups to keep an eye on in 2017. You’ll find platforms to buy cars, apps for financial investment and a courier for the furriest family members.

Companies that deliver food to your door are nothing new. Start-ups like Blue Apron have been finding success in the US so it’s only natural that now man’s best friend is getting some love, as well.

What sets apart from other couriers is the attention to details. Taking into consideration age, weight and health, the company makes a specially designed meal for your dog and delivers it straight to your door. On top of that, all of the delivery packagings are personalised with the pet’s name. Not to mention the great customer service! - british start-ups



Carspring has simplified something that many didn’t think it was possible, buying used cars. This platform turns the transaction into an easy and straightforward process. From the comfort of your own home you can browse among their wide selection of inspected vehicles and once you’ve made a decision, they’ll bring it to your door. Ta-dah!


carspring - british start-ups



Carnow is for new cars what Carspring is for used cars. The way it works is pretty similar, too. Once you’ve signed up to their service and picked the car you want, the system will look for the best price among local and national dealers and send it to you. It’s a great service on wheels!


carwow - british start-ups



Described as banking for Millennials, Monzo is the first completely digital bank in the world. It has been designed to be used from a smartphone via its user-friendly app. Since being founded, it has received great reviews and been featured in places like The Guardian, the BBC and Bloomberg, among others.


british start-ups - monzo screen shot



This start-up does not only help you save money but invest it, too! The way it works is that you connect the app to a credit card or bank account and with every purchase you make, Moneybox rounds up your expense and invests the difference. Fast and easy, not to mention that the design is super cute.


moneybox - british start-ups


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Voted as the number 1 money-saving app by The Guardian, Azimo lets you transfer money to over 190 countries for very little. Unlike banks that charge hefty fees, Azimo only asks 1% for the same transaction. Parents with kids abroad in Erasmus just sighed with relief.


azimo - british start-ups


Receipt Bank

This app has made accounting a whole lot easier. The way it works is that it extracts the main information from all of your receipts and invoices and stores them all together in a place where you can easily access them. Receipt Bank even gives you the option to download the information as a CSV file. Companies big and small all over are already using their services.


receipt bank - british start-ups



After successfully rounding up £30 million at Hong Kong’s financial advisory firm Convoy, Nutmeg positioned itself as one of the biggest British fintech firms. The premise is simple, an online investment manager. What sets it apart is how easy it is to use it. With the possibility to keep track of your money on your smartphone and drop the service whenever you want, investing has never been this practical.


nutmeg - british start-ups



This start-up is yet another investment platform which manages their clients’ assets on their behalf. From their headwaters in Cardiff, Wealthify uses a combination of cutting-age technology with professional economists to offer the best possible service to their customers.


wealthify - british start-ups



Is a cyber-security company which uses AI to learn and protect enterprises from online attacks. They describe it themselves as a system that acts like the human immune system. Darktrace‘s main offices are in Cambridge and San Francisco and they employ over 500 people all over the world.


darktrace - british start-ups

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