Streetwear has gone from… well, the streets to the runways of the world’s fashion capitals. London, Milan, Paris and New York can’t seem to wait for the next collection of Supreme to drop. Garments that used to be the uniform of skaters and punks are now the go-to pieces for super models like Cara Delevingne.

Those who were once outsiders are now influencers. Evangelists who praise streetwear and, instead of knocking door to door, use their Instagram accounts to preach the word of Gosha Rubchinskiy and Palace. These people attract thousands, if not millions, of visits and brands chase them for collaborations.

In this post, we’ll feature some of the hottest British streetwear influencers on Instagram. From industry veterans to 14 year-olds who are decked out from head to toe in Comme des Garçons.

These are the leaders of the pack when it comes to the latest urban trends.

Gabriel Pluckrose

You may not know who he is but you probably know who he works for. Pluckrose is a designer for Palace and in his Instagram account, you’ll find some of his latest designs along with pictures of his travels and inspirations.






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Gareth Skewis

Skewis is one of the owners of Slam City Skates, which is the oldest skate shop in Europe, and he’s a partner of Palace. Enough said.












Luke Matthews

Matthews is the founder of Size? which at first glance it might seem like just another trainers online retailer, but it is more than that. Size? is a community of shoe lovers. Worth noting is their YouTube channel which features great reviews and interviews.






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Stavros Karelis

Karelis is one of those buzz names that has been on the lips of fashion insiders for a while now. He is the founder and buying director of Machine-A, fashion concept shop in London.












Ella Dror

Dror works in PR and through her firm The Lobby represents up-and-coming streetwear brands. She has been profiled by Business of Fashion as one of the rising stars in fashion PR.






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Too Hot Limited

Too Hot Limited is a streetwear archive where you’ll find vintage pieces from brands like Burberry and Armani at great prices. They also do collaborations from time to time, like the photoshoot with LAW magazine ‘La Dolce Vita.’






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Kofz Kaccalla

Better known for his YouTube channel ‘The unknown blogs’, Kaccalla covers some of the most important streetwear events in the English capital.






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Tom Emmerson

Emmerson is a skater and photographer whose career took off at the age of fifteen (I was playing Final Fantasy VIII at that age). On top of taking pictures, he has also worked as a model for Gosha Rubchinskiy.






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Kiko Kostadinov

A recent graduate from Central St. Martins, Kiko is a Bulgarian designer who’s making a name for himself in the world of fashion. His creations are not a 100% streetwear but you can see the influences.






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Her tomboy style and ‘no f*cks given attitude’ have earned Cea.ras her place in the streetwear online community. In a male dominated scene, her presence is welcome.






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Robert Stewart

Stewart is half of the duo that launched SneakersER, an online shop that sells stuff to protect your trainers and, as you can imagine, his Instagram account is dedicated to all things sports shoes.






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Juice Gee

Her real name is Jess Gavigan and she has made a name for herself in the streetwear community thanks to her business Small Feet Big Kicks. The online retailer specialises in selling high-quality trainers to, you guessed it, people with small feet!






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Mikey Trapstar

Trapstar became THE British streetwear brand when celebrities like Rihanna, A$AP and Iggy Azalea were shot by the paparazzi wearing his designs. On his Instagram account, you’ll find previews of his upcoming garments and snaps of the rich and famous donning their favourite pieces.






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With only 18 years old, this full-time student has been gaining popularity among the streetwear community thanks to her model-like looks and impeccable style.






So much purp and smiles ????☂️?#footlockereuforher #reebokclassic

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Gary Aspden

He has worked with Adidas and doubles as a DJ. His Instagram account is a collection of sportswear memorabilia and the coolest trainers around.






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It’s kind of hard to describe what Set Wing does, since one day he is styling a photo shoot and the next he’s coaching a CEO at the other end of the world. What we’re sure about is that he loves trainers as we can see by the many pictures of his feet.






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Astrid Andersen

To put someone on this list who thinks that the concept of streetwear is outdated is ironic, to say the least, but we still think that she’s an influencer in the sector whether she likes it or not. The Danish designer has been gaining momentum since she started her career in 2010 and is known for being inspired by hip-hop and basketball.












Lucien Clarke

Lucien Clarke has been a staple of the British skating scene for a while now but is now becoming a fashion icon, as well. The skater can be seen modelling in the latest catalogue from Palace.






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Gully Leo

Due to his young age (14, ahem) and apparent ability to get his hands on the most coveted streetwear items before anyone else, Gully Leo has gathered a big following of both fans and haters. How does he buy all of those clothes? It is anyone’s guess, although he did say in an interview that he resells must of the garments he acquires.






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