Catvertising: The Future of Advertising

London, UK: Brands are always looking for new creative marketing campaigns to capture the attention of the masses, but what really makes a campaign stick out like a sore thumb? Being creative and being different goes a long way as you are trying to set yourself apart from the rest.

We can take a cue from history: some of the most successful and impactful campaigns, we see, come from marketers’ traveling into the blurry unknown to experiment with utterly unconventional actions. In other words, it’s when a brand takes a completely different angle for a campaign, as opposed to the run-of-the-mill periodic adverts, that it encounters the greatest success.

One of these ‘blurry unknowns’ where marketers have tapped into for their success is feline: advertising with cats. This quote sums it up.

“Nobody wants to see ads anymore. They want cat videos.”

Take for example the Toronto-based Marketing agency St. John’s. They’re now shifting their focus entirely to cats. Or, as they so eloquently put it, “Catvertising: Everything is moving toward cat videos.”

It’s inevitable that the world succumbs to the ongoing cat trend. They are everywhere and everyone loves them (at least they love the videos).

Most of the mega brands have become one-dimensional, with their standard advertisements tending to steer clear of new styles. While the ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ mentality is applicable to them, they haven’t considered that advertising needs to be ever changing; we are creatures that enjoy seeing new and different marketing ideas.

Taking this into consideration, brands would be able to expand their target customers into the younger, pop-cultured-involved, cat-loving crowd. Being able to relate with the future generations early on could prove to be beneficial and they could reap the benefits before the other brands. Having the same, repetitive advertisements will continuously target the consumers they always have been targeting.

While it is difficult for a brand that has already established their own style and strategy to focus on a market that they have never approached, it still can be done.

How? You ask. A picture says a thousand words. Enjoy.

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Changing their traditional adverts to appeal to the younger generation will not only entertain the young ones but also bring a breath of fresh air to the consumers that have been seeing the same adverts over the years.


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