Christmas Jumper Day in the office is looming and you just don’t know what to wear. You want to stand out, but somehow snowflakes, Santa and Rudolf just won’t do it this year. Why not get a personalised jumper and stand out from the office crowd? Below are our ideas to make your festive office wear a little bit different.

Christmas Jumpers that will make you be the king of the office

Note: A Christmas jumper doesn’t have to be a jumper, which can sometimes be too itchy and hot for the office. Why not consider a sweatshirt, hoody or even a t-shirt? Which have the convenience of being comfortable and easy and cheap to print on?

The ‘family’ Christmas jumper

This one’s for the whole team. Many bosses talk about being one big happy family, working in harmony and teamwork, so why not get them to buy a set of office Christmas hoodies or t-shirts? You could personalise the garments with office nicknames (careful!) a team slogan or words from your favourite Christmas carol.


Christmas Jumper for brands


To get the bosses interested why not see who can incorporate the company brand or slogan with the Christmas theme?

Use your corporate business colours for the basic garment and screen print your logo, combined with the Christmas theme for a fabulous office Christmas jumper. Add a few baubles, tinsel, sequins and stars and you’ve jazzed up your jumper to suit the festive season.

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The glam Christmas jumper

Christmas jumpers don’t have to be embarrassing. Mention the words ‘office Christmas jumper day’ and some people will run a mile swearing they’ll never be seen in such a hideous garment. But the Christmas jumper can also be chic and stylish, particularly when designed by you. Snowflakes, reindeers and stars can be glam when done in the right way. A simple star printed on a sweatshirt could be worn year-round.


Ugly Christmas Jumper


You could hold a competition to see who can design the most glamorous Christmas jumper for the office. Think feathers, glitter, sequins and baubles. Let your creative juices flow! You could use a personalised sweatshirt or t-shirt as the base, printed with words or a basic design (Christmas trees, stars, reindeers, Santa) and further decorate it yourself. Some great slogans we’ve found for glam Christmas jumpers are:

  • Festive bird
  • Merry Chicmas
  • Baby it’s cold outside
  • All I want for Christmas is ….. (a promotion – go on, we dare you!)
  • Happy Birthday Jesus

And this isn’t just an idea for the girls, guys can join in too.

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The colleague’s Christmas jumper

This is your chance to tell your boss or colleagues what you think of them in the form of a Christmas jumper. To make sure everything is fair, put everyone’s name in a hat and whoever you select is the jumper you have to design for. If the office budget stretches to it, a t-shirt or hoody could be personalised to reflect the person whose name you drew out. We do advise exercising a little caution here, (remember you don’t want to lose your job over the Christmas jumper event) but it could be great fun too.


Ugly christmas jumpers


Slogans like office babe, office nerd, office geek, office glamour puss could all work well, providing no one gets offended. You’ll have to decide the level of humour your colleagues have and how far everyone can go. Funny doesn’t have to be insulting.

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Christmas quotes on jumpers

Keep it simple and personalise those office Christmas jumpers with your favourite Christmas slogan or words from a Christmas song. Play around with the words and personalise them to reflect your personality: bah humbug, ’twas the night before Christmas, ‘tis the season to be jolly, so this is Christmas and what have I done? does anyone know it’s Christmas anymore? on the 125th day of Christmas … and so on. Let your imagination run away with you and see what you come up with.


quote on christmas jumper


The funniest Christmas jumper

Now you can really let your imagination run wild and depending on how conservative or open-minded your office is you could eve have some great fun. Personalise a t-shirt or sweatshirt with a funny slogan or design and bring some Christmas cheer to the office. You may have to remove your clothing (and replace it with something else of course!) if you’re having a serious client meeting. Some ideas are: Jesus with a birthday cake, reindeers making love, Santa crashing his sleigh, reindeer in a tie, Christmas pudding body with a colleagues face screen printed on the garment … and so on. How far dare you go?

The main thing is to join in the fun and face the fact that you are likely to have to wear a Christmas jumper to the office at some point this year so you may as well get into the spirit of things and go with it.


ugly christmas jumper party

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