Every month we browse crowdfunding platforms and select the best of the best when it comes to custom clothing projects. For the month of August we bring you a fashion line that stimulates the economy in Ghana, an ethical clothing brand, a revolutionary T-shirt sizing system, the best running shorts ever and probably the most colourful socks you’ll ever see in your life.

LaBré: Your Expression is a Movement

Pledged: $7,525 of its $10,000 goal

Limit date to pledge: Friday, August 5

Breanna Moore, B.A. in international studies and African relations, founded LaBré after travelling to Ghana and falling in love with Ankara fabric and Kente cloth. Inspired by what she saw, she came up with the idea for LaBré which is both a fashion line and a social project. By hiring Ghanian artists, Moore is not only looking to sell beautiful clothes, but also stimulate the economy and generate jobs in the area. Most of the employees are women which tend to have less job opportunities than men in the sub-saharan country.

If you want to help fund this fashion line with a humanitarian cause, please visit LaBré’s Kickstarter page before August 5th.

Flyte Socks – Ridiculously Bright, Bold & Comfortable Socks

Pledged: $56,425 (!) of its $10,000 goal

Limit date to pledge: Thursday, August 11

With one of the funniest pitching videos I’ve seen lately for a crowdfunding campaign, Flyte promises to solve all of your sock related problems. Ever lost one in the laundry machine? Not anymore! Flyte socks come in threes so if you happen to lose one, you still got a spare. Smelly feet? Worry no more, these socks are made out of bamboo fibres that are antibacterial and hypoallergenic by nature — keeping your toes fresh and dainty all day long. Bored of the same old styles? Then delight yourself in this technicolor wonder! Your coworkers will be nothing short of awed when you flash your ankles.

They already gathered more than five times the funding money they were originally asking for, but you can still stop by their website and check their festive designs. 

MORPH: The revolutionary T-shirt that makes you look better

Pledged: €12,610 of its €12,000 goal

Limit date to pledge: Sunday, August 21

If you follow me on social media or have read the blog post I wrote about Brand Archetypes for Printsome, then you will know I like archetypes — more like obsessed, actually. I don’t know why, but there’s something about the concept that I find fascinating. My therapist would probably have something to say about it. That is why my mind started spinning with excitement when I ran across MORPH: a new T-shirt line that promises to find the perfect fit for any man. The premise here is that the old small, medium and large size model is outdated — the contemporary man needs something different. MORPH created different sizes based on the three most common body types found in men: ectomorph (lean), mesomorph (athletic) and endomorph (stocky). Each has got three different versions based on height (to a total of nine) and have named them after an ancient Greek hero or god. The idea behind this was to give more honourable names to fits that might otherwise sound demeaning or less masculine. For example, their extra small is a Hermes. Sounds much better, doesn’t it?

If you’re interested, you can find out your archetype on their website (I’m a Perseus, apparently). And if you want to back up the project, visit their Kickstarter page. 

Humantra – Sweatshop-free, ethical, eco clothing

Pledged: $2,884 of its $5,0000 goal

Limit date to pledge: Thursday, August 18

Sam, Owen, and Matt, the founders of Live Learn Evolve, have created a brand new line of ethical clothing called Humantra (by the way, if you enjoy reading about self-improvement and spirituality, I highly recommend their blog). Humantra is a brand that sells contemporary fashion that’s ethically made, which means no sweatshops. And on top of that, their business model is on-demand-printing that leaves little to no waste.

Sam, Owen and Matt have turned to crowdfunding to see if the project is feasible. In the past, they’ve embarked on different enterprises only to fail because of lack of funding. If you’re interested in the humanitarian cause of Humantra then feel free to pledge on their Indiegogo page.

SPS: The World’s Best Running Shorts

Pledged: $16,789 of its $10,000 goal

Limit date to pledge: Saturday, September 17

These people claim to have designed the world’s best running shorts. SPS stands for “Smart Performance Shorts” — a garment that’s supposed to make running with your valuables a lot easier. The SPS is actually a two-in-one piece, with a pair or longer, thiner tights that hold everything in place underneath a more traditional pair of shorts. There are special pockets for your smartphone and valuables, reflective details to run at night safely and a small earphone hole so you can listen to your music comfortably. On top of all that, it is made with an antibacterial and anti-odour fabric so you can keep working out for hours without smelling like a pile of wet rags. 

I don’t know about you, but as a victim of bouncy pockets myself, I’m definitely intrigued. If you feel like pitching in, visit their Kickstarter page.

And there you have them…

The top five crowdfunding projects of the month according to Printsome. If you like any of their ideas, please support the cause. It is the backing of regular folk like you and me that make it possible for new and revolutionary designs to enter the market.

Did we miss any cool clothing crowdfunding project? Then please, let us know in the comments below or reach us via any of our social media networks. For more awesome content, keep reading the Printsome Blog.

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