OK, so last month I was saying that I couldn’t believe it was already the 11th month of the year. But now I really can’t believe it — we’re just days away from the end of 2016. Time flies when you’re having fun, as they say, and we’ve been having a lot of fun here at Printsome checking out all the amazing clothing crowdfunding campaigns that have happened this year.

The final crop in our class of 2016 crowdfunders definitely doesn’t disappoint, and we’ve found six truly outstanding projects that deserve getting funded.

Dragonwing: Keep Girls Confident

Goal: $18,692
Limit date to pledge: December 19

Dragonwing has created a line of clothes to keep girls comfortable and confident when they play sports. They’ve got a racerback bra and a cami top made out of high performance materials that wick away sweat and are breathable and antimicrobial.
The inspiration came from the designer’s daughter, who loved sports but couldn’t find performance wear for girls. Everything high-performance was in the boys’ section, and everything in the girls’ section was cute, but not very functional or age appropriate. And so, the Dragonwing line was created to solve the problem!

Haus of Assembly: Shoes Made in the Bahamas

Goal: $7,500
Limit date to pledge: December 20

These shoes are bright and stylish, a perfect match for their source of inspiration, the Bahamas. Their espadrilles are hand made there as well by artisans. The authentic textiles get a boost from detailed embroidery and beading, as well as screen printing to make them pop even more. They incorporate both local culture and tradition and modern style.
They promise to bring the vacation feel to your everyday life. Even better, they add, “On a local scale, it is introducing the first footwear and accessories brand, native to the Bahamas.”
While the shoes are the star of the Kickstarter, they also have headscarves and keychains that you can receive as a reward if you donate.

Doctor Stranger Things

Goal: $20
Limit date to pledge: December 23

The person behind this project is Joeming Dunn, who runs an independent comic company called Antarctic Press and loves all things comic and sci-fi related. They already have a line of shirts that parody or pay homage to some of their favourite series, and they want to use their Kickstarter to help them to expand their line.
This project is already getting funded, as they put their goal at just $20, but if you’re a fan of all things comic and sci-fi you may be interested in donating so they have more money to expand the collection. Just as an FYI, they offer men’s and women’s tees.
Also, if you’re interested in creating your own collection of fan art T-shirts, why not check out the guide to what you can and can’t do with fan art? https://www.printsome.com/blog/2016/printing-fan-art/

UKYS: Perfect tailored shirts measured from your phone

Goal: $6,700
Limit date to pledge: 21 December

Almost every day, there’s some new technology out there that manages to blow our minds, and this is one of those things. UKYS promises to provide you with a high quality shirt that fits perfectly by doing the fitting with your phone’s camera.
They developed the technology themselves with their team of engineers, and get exactly the same information that a professional tailor would when you visited them. The person ordering the shirt has to take five different photos, and they use those to create a model of their body to get the measurements.
It’s pretty cool stuff, and it would certainly make shopping for tailored shirts a lot easier!

Portefini blazers: The everyday blazer for all occasions and outfits

Goal: $15,000
Limit date to pledge: December 21

Just like a good tailored shirt, a good blazer can really pull your outfit together and make it look chic instantly. These blazers bridge the gap between nice looking blazers that are uncomfortable and casual ones that look sloppy.
The idea is to make just an “upgraded, addictive hoodie” that’s easy and effortless to put on. They’ve got photos of it styled on all kinds of guys in all kinds of outfits to prove their point, and it looks great in all of them. The blazers are available in four colours, and will be delivered in July 2017 if all goes according to plan.

Urban Circus: Fashion-Tech Jackets

Goal: €15,000
Limit date to pledge: December 21

The Urban Circus jackets are designed to be high visibility, inspired by the idea of the yellow safety vest, of which Karl Lagerfeld said “It’s yellow, it’s ugly, it doesn’t match anything, but it can save lives.”
These jackets are neither yellow nor ugly, though they can do the saving lives bit just fine. They’ve created cool unisex jackets that are ideal for people who love to bike, skate, or jog and need some added visibility, or just people who want to wear them to parties because they look cool!
Not only do they have panels of fluorescent material that’s highly visible, but they also have some versions with LED turning signals built in. And they all look very stylish.

That wraps up our final crowdfunding project list of 2016! We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring all these creative ideas as much as we have. We can’t wait to see what new ideas 2017 brings us. Judging by this year, we’re in for a fantastic ride. See you back next month – and next year – for more great stuff.

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