Hello, November! We can’t quite believe that it’s already the 11th month of the year. 2016, where have you gone? Before you know it, we’ll all be putting on our sparkliest attire to ring in 2017.

With winter just around the corner, quite a few of these crowdfunding campaigns feature clothing that would be perfect for keeping warm and toasty when it’s miserable outside, including two jumper projects that help local communities and a clever design for a new trench coat.

We hope you enjoy these crowdfunding projects as much as we do. And don’t forget to let us know about any that we might have missed!

CITEE: Map T-shirts

Goal: £1,000
Limit date to pledge: Wednesday, November 9 2016

Wouldn’t you love to wear a T-shirt inspired by your favourite city? This cool project offers tees created out of stylised versions of city maps. Designer Alex launched the collection last year with 80 designs, but now he’s added an astonishing 150 more. That’s a total of 230 maps you can choose from.

He’s got cities from all over the world, from Bangkok going through Barcelona to Birmingham. Each map has the street names removed so it looks clean and streamlined. For the new version of the project, Alex also decided to offer posters of all the designs as well, which you can buy in light blue or black.

You can see what all the designs look like right on the Kickstarter page. We’d love one of these for London!

AntarPenguin: A trench coat with removable down lining

Goal: $15,000 (£12,000)
Limit date to pledge: Wednesday, November 9 2016

This might just be the perfect winter coat, as not only is it classic and stylish but it also comes with a removable warm vest you can put on or take off according to the temperature. The lining is made of down, but this is no bulky puffer jacket. Instead, they press the feathers between two layers of fabric so they’re compact but still warm.

The vest buttons right into the coat, and you can also wear it as a piece on its own. The designer behind the project has worked with brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and classic trench coat masters Burberry.

The coat is available for men and women, and comes in khaki and navy blue for both, plus dark green for men and dark red for women. 

The Libre sweater: made from llama wool

Goal: $20,000 (£16,000)
Limit date to pledge: Wednesday, November 16 2016

The Libre sweater is a lightweight but rugged and cosy piece designed to stand up to some serious wear.

The style has a sporty edge to it, and the pieces are cleverly designed with extra reinforcement in places woollen tops might usually sag, breathable panels on the back and partnered so as not to bunch. The company guarantee they’ll last for 61 years — which is the average lifespan of somebody who lives in a developing country.

Libre sweaters are entirely produced in Bolivia, with care taken to ensure they have a minimal impact on the environment.

ASIYA: Activewear for Muslim women

Goal: $25,000 (£20,000)
Limit date to pledge: Thursday, November 17 2016

Their fundraiser page itself puts it best: “all girls deserve to play”, regardless of what they want to wear. They also point out a fact you may not have known — that Muslim girls participate in sport about half as much as their peers. Part of the reason? That it’s tricky finding the right clothing.

The line has three different styles of hijabs to accommodate different requirements for how much the girl wants to cover her head, from one that resembles a swim cap to ones that cover the head and neck entirely. They’re also designed to tuck into a team uniform so they don’t get pulled out of place or grabbed.

What a great way to help more girls participate in sport!

The Karma shirt: organic shirts for men

Goal: Kr30,000 (£3,500)
Limit date to pledge: Thursday, November 17 2016

These shirts are another example of mixing classic fashion with a good cause. These button-down shirts for men are focused on helping more people access clean drinking water. Did you know that one of the biggest reasons for water pollution is the chemicals that are released into water while goods are being produced?

By using organic materials to produce their shirts, this brand avoids the chemicals that are released into water when clothing is produced. They also only create the shirts when they’re ordered so they’ll never make things that go unsold, on top of making sure the workers who create them are have fair conditions.

Carcel: Danish designer wear made by inmates

Goal: Kr 150,000 (£18,000)
Limit date to pledge: Thursday, November 24 2016

We were just talking about llamas, now it’s on to alpacas! This Copenhagen fashion label produces its 100% natural clothing by employing female inmates from the world’s poorest countries. This helps the inmates not only earn money while in prison to help support themselves and their families, but also helps them gain skills they can use in their futures post-prison.
Their first collection was made in Cusco, Peru, by women in prison there. They created the clothes out of baby alpaca wool, a local and sustainable option. Each piece comes with the name of the woman who made it on the inside.
Both men’s and women’s clothing options are offered, including jerseys, T-shirts and even trousers.

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