Every few months someone arises from the crowdsourcing circles announcing that they’ve invented the ultimate T-shirt — or jacket, or vest. While the claim is always attractive, there’s virtually no way of telling which of these is THE best garment, but we still pay attention because we love to know what’s the latest in the world of design.

This month we present trousers that are built to last, stylishly illuminated cycling garments, a zero-waste tee, the last shirt on earth, apparel for very tall men and an oxford button-up with a 30 year warranty. Enjoy!

And don’t forget that if we missed any campaign that you feel should have been included on this list, fee free to let us know! 

Zephyr Berlin: pants that travel well and are built to last

Goal: €10,000
Limit date to pledge: Tuesday, October 11 2016

These trousers are being marketed as the ultimate travel pants for both men and women. They’re made out of a very resistible fabric Schoeller® Soft Shell Dryskin that is lightweight, rain proof and won’t wrinkle as easily. On top of that, the garments will be produced in Berlin by workers with fair wages. If you travel constantly, for work or pleasure, this is a campaign you should check out.

LUMO – The world’s finest city cycling apparel with lights

Goal: £30,000
Limit date to pledge: Friday, October 14 2016

Lumo is a cyclist apparel brand that was born on Kickstarter two years ago. That time they made a statement with a jacket and now they’re back with three new products: the Clissold Bomber, the Brixton Messenger and the Holloway Gilet. These products have been carefully designed with the user’s safety in mind, but without sacrificing any of the style. Their materials provide protection against the unpredictable British weather and little lights allow for the cyclist to be seen from 400m away. If you would like to support this project, then head over to their Kickstarter page. 

TSHARED: Zero Waste T-Shirts

Goal: €11,111
Limit date to pledge: Friday, October 14 2016

Jeroen van der Heide is a self-called ecopreneur from the Netherlands who’s mission is to launch a T-shirt line that creates as little waste as possible. His time working for major fashion lines inspired him to come up with a more sustainable production model— according to his campaign, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. This is how TSHARED came about, an eco-friendly, on demand, T-shirt printing business. Part of the proceedings also go to children education in developing countries. If you think we should work towards a more sustainable fashion industry, don’t forget to visit Jeroen’s page on Indiegogo.

Last Shirt on Earth: The T-Shirt Completely Reengineered

Goal: $40,000
Limit date to pledge: Saturday, October 15 2016

Made entirely of pima Cotton (which is supposed to be better than Egyptian), this T-shirt is marketed as being supper soft, durable and made completely in the US under fair trade regulations. Extra points for making a funny promotional video. A campaign worth pledging if you’re a fan of good quality T-shirts.

Tallboys Apparel: Tall Basics

Goal: £39,000
Limit dare to pledge: Monday, October 28 2016

When it comes to high street fashion, it seems like every time there’s more variety in styles and prices, but little progress has been made in terms of sizing. That’s why whenever there’s a project like Tallboys Apparel, people pay attention. As a tall man myself (6,4 ft) I do understand the frustration of finding the right size; if you go for a large, then garments tend to look baggy, while a smaller size may hug your chest correctly, for example, but show your midriff — which, unless you’re a bodybuilder working out at the Santa Monica pier, it’s not a good look. If you’re a very tall man, then I’d recommend stopping over their Indiegogo page. 

The Entrepreneur’s Shirt

Goal: £10,000
Limit date to pledge: Monday, November 14 2016

From the same people who brought you the 30 year old T-shirt, now comes the 30 year old shirt! The man behind this project is the London based designer Tom Cridland who has made a name for himself for crafting high quality apparel with sustainable materials and dressed the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio. This time around he presents an oxford shirt that will be used to raise funds for struggling entrepreneurs in the UK and developing countries, hence the name. If you would like to own a shirt that will last — really last, then check out the Entrepreneur’s shirt.

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