We all have dreams and they are all different. For you maybe it’s to travel around the world, to make tons of money or to have a family. For some folks, however, the dream is to start up their own projects, in this case, their own custom clothing company. They’re all brave souls.

They stand when people call them crazy, when they say it’s not possible to do what they are trying to accomplish or how the heck they even think about starting a clothing brand when there are thousands already out there.

But you know what?

It’s it possible.

It’s possible because these guys did it. And you can do it too.

The Best Clothing Crowdfunding Projects of the Month (March 2016)

For this month’s best clothing crowdfunding projects we bring you quite a few interesting campaigns, from a t-shirt that can teach you anatomy to a new revolutionary mens robe.  Do you want to learn more about them and the people behind?

Meet them with us! And do not forget to support the ones you like the most! =)

#1 Virtuali-tee

An extraordinary project. Ever thought a t-shirt could teach you something? Well, if you ever did, you had to be thinking on something like this. Congratulations to our friends from Curiscope, you’ve done a really cool job developing this app and I truly hope you guys get funded!




#2 Led Shirt – WiFi Controlled

The concept of the t-shirt is old (you’ve probably seen them if you’ve been around Camden Town) but with a smart spin. Willem Wouters, an engineer from the Netherlands, has designed this new app that allows you control your t-shirt lights with your phone. I don’t really know just yet what its use is but hey, it’s damn good!!

#3 Better Beanie

Better Beanie is the new therapeutic wearable designed to assist you while keeping your hands free. An interesting concept brought to you by the folks at BetterBeanie!


#4 The Definitive T-holder

Out of all projects we have this month, this one is by far the most successful one. They’ve raised more than 10 times what they were asking for, a practical “thing” that will fix all your problems holding your t-shirts under your trousers.

The T-holder is made up of different elastic layers, which help to keep your shirt in place. The elastic bands are attached to another band, which is covered in elastic and comfortable material. At the end of the band there are several clips, which you then attach to your shirt to keep it in place.


#5 The Man Robe Re-defined

Let’s be honest, us men wear robes at home and they are ugly as fuck. Not sexy, nor so comfortable. Can you imagine an elegant robe for men? Our friends Dan and Kim have come up with this awesome design that combines a traditional man robe with an elegant shirt!

men robe

#6 Fuck Your Kickstarter Art T-shirt


Even though this is not as serious as the previous projects, I had to include it here. Brilliant idea that already got funded. Have you ever failed at Kickstarter? Then this is your project. I could try to explain it myself but better if you just see what they say:

“Hyaena gallery is helping our favourite artist & mischief maker create his new art T-shirt design: FYKS. This T-shirt will only be available on this forum for the 30 day campaign period…and never produced again at any time. This is a conceptual art piece – an experiment in meta. The ironic action of obtaining the FYKS T-shirt through Kickstarter is what we consider the real art, the actual T-shirt is the unfortunate byproduct that you will have to wear. The artist will sign the T-shirts upon request, making the artwork suitable for framing. If worn or displayed as intended, the piece will open dialog about the vocal criticism some people have towards crowdfunding, along with the modern necessity of a platform like Kickstarter to help artists bring their projects to fruition”.

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