Yep, a new month has rolled around already! We’ve been searching around for the best crowdfunding projects on personalised clothing that are fresh on the scene that you might be interested in for September. For this month, we have some seriously flexible jeans, a creative take on scarf patterns and a clever design perfect for stylish mums on the go. Once again, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by just how much cool stuff there is out there!

Revolutionary Performance Denim by Joseph Chanan Clothing

Pledged: $26,000+ (out of a $15,000 goal)
Limit date to pledge: Thursday, September 15

A great pair of jeans is a staple in pretty much anyone’s closet, but they’re not always the most comfortable piece of clothing (especially if you love a good skinny jean like me!). These jeans designed by Joseph Chanan Clothing promise to take away the comfort vs. style debate by creating a really comfy pair of jeans. They’ve named their trousers the “All-In-One Action Denim.”

The idea came about when a bunch of people over dinner talked about having the same problem about jeans — finding a good pair that fits nicely and is comfortable is really tricky. So, they decided to create their own jeans that bring together the holy denim trinity of comfort, fit and style.

The jeans are definitely plenty stretchy, as you can see from their photos of people doing yoga, climbing trees and playing sports in them. They’ve got special fibres that keep the jeans from losing their shape, as well as features like comfort, stain resistance, and “rear lifting technology” (translation: they promise the jeans will make your bum look great).

Just writing this up, I’m getting sold on the idea myself. If they can fix the other problem I always have with jeans (they’re always miles too long for my Corgi-esque legs), then I’m definitely in!

Men’s Premium Jeans – Never Hem Again by Scale Denim

Pledged: $42,694 (out of $50,000 goal)
Limit date to pledge: September 7

Hey, look at this — this project would fix my short legs vs. jeans problem! Well, except it’s only for men. So close!

Anyway, the idea is really good. These jeans are offered in seven different inseam sizes so that they’ll fit a wider range of customers and you won’t have to take your jeans to the tailor (or do the poor man’s version of tailoring — awkwardly tugging up the cuffs of your jeans all day).

The jeans were created by three friends and denim lovers, and come in not only seven inseam sizes, but also nine waist sizes too. So no matter what sort of body shape you have, they’ll almost certainly have a pair of jeans that fits you from hip to ankle. They’ve got a slim fit and a straight fit, and offer the trousers in dark blue or black.

Leche Libre: Stylish and Functional Breastfeeding Apparel by Andrea Newberry

Pledged: $33,439 (of $20,000 goal)
Limit date to pledge: September 1

The idea behind Leche Libre is to allow breastfeeding mothers to feed their babies whenever and wherever they like while still looking stylish. A poll showed that although 90% of mums wanted clothes that would be suitable for breastfeeding, only 15% went out and bought those clothes — because the ones on offer weren’t stylish at all. Founder Andrea Newberry said she was frustrated when she became a mom and felt like she had to give on being stylish, and the idea was born!

The clothes come with zippers down the bust that are not only easy to open, but also discreet — and not to mention that they look cool. There are lots of options for professionals, as well as trendy pieces like a little black dress. Currently, there are three looks available that are all fashionable and practical. It’s not an easy feat to pull off!

Andrea also included a lucha libre inspired onesie for the babies as a nod to the source of inspiration for the clothing line’s name.

Unique, London inspired check pattern scarves by Holly Pressdee

Pledged: £4,770 (of £5,200 goal)
Limit date to pledge: September 2

The timing couldn’t be better for this project, as a killer scarf is the perfect finishing touch to any autumn outfit. The concept behind the project run by Holly Pressdee and the company Check Me Out is it to have a meaningful product that’s basically the opposite of throwaway fast fashion. Pressdee has always been a fan of tartan scarfs because of the meaning and heritage that goes into every design. She started making them for her friends and family and now wants to offer them to the world through a Kickstarter campaign.

This particular line is inspired by the iconic map of the London Underground: She created the colour palette using actual colours from the map. They come in small and large versions, and are totally produced by UK manufacturers. In the past, she’s worked with the same people who do Burberry’s scarves, so you know these are some very luxe scarves!

The World’s Best Hybrid Hoodie by Fortress Clothing

Pledged: $49,995 (of $18,000 goal)
Limit date to pledge: September 19

Calling your product “The World’s Best” is always a bit of a bold move, but judging by the amount people that have already pledged to this Kickstarter project, we’d have to say they’ve got a pretty solid product. They’ve come up with comfy hoodies that are as warm as a jacket for chilly temperatures, making this another well-timed project for the incoming cooler weather.

They actually started by making clothing for industrial workers whose jobs required them to be out in the extreme cold. We’re talking – 20°C (- 5°F) Fahrenheit here, although as someone who grew up in southern California, “extreme cold” for me is anything below 25°C (75°F) — and yes, I mean that.

Anyway, for those of you who are into this whole winter thing, these hybrid hoodies are a lightweight option that allows you to be comfortable in sub-zero conditions. They’re thin and comfy to wear, and the hoodies use three different ways to keep people warm — stopping wind, retaining body heat, and evacuating moisture (a polite word for “sweat”). The hoodies will come in men’s and women’s sizes and in multiple colours.

I didn’t even know there were different aspects of cold, so I am beyond impressed by the thought that went into these!

So that rounds out our list of the best crowd funding projects for September. If you like any of these ideas, do consider backing them and helping out the people who are behind them. Just a few people can really make a big difference, and here at Printsome our team is always supportive of innovative stuff on the fashion scene. Some of these projects are real game-changers and could even become your next favourite piece in your wardrobe.

Now, we’d love to hear from you! Which one of these projects did you like best? Are there any that we missed that we should have included? Let us know in the comments.

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