Complete The Slogan – Quiz!

Complete de slogan Quiz

A brand slogan is a memorable phrase that serves as a repetitive expression for an idea or a purpose. Whether they are well known or not, every brand has a slogan that represents their product or service (ours is T-shirt printing just got easy!’, for instance). Truly memorable slogans are the ones that stand the test of time and we will never forget, but not every brand can achieve that.

A slogan is the most important advertising a business can have. The best advertising slogan is the one that is able to truly bring out the very reason of a brand exists. They are able to fully express their idea for the brand in a brief manner. Companies use slogans as a way to stand out from the rest of the competition.

A slogan should be able to capture the attention of the consumers and help a product stand out. It should tell the consumer the need or desire that they will fulfill.

So in an advertising age, where companies big or small all have a slogan, how can one determine whether it is good or not? While there are many factors that can decide the quality of a slogan, the ones that is the most truest is whether the slogan really describes what the brand or company does in a short and catchy phrase. Keyword being catchy.

Complete The Slogan – Quiz!

So what slogans have been able to stand the test of time and stick with you? With our Complete the Slogan quiz, you will be able to determine is a slogan has that true catchy nature or if it is just another one among all the other brand slogans. Don’t worry I haven’t searched carefully for the slogans that are unheard of! I decided it would be more fun to test which famous brand slogans you are able to complete!

Have fun and happy quizzing!

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