Branding is more than just your company name and logo.  

Branding is the process of pushing customers to perceive a business in a certain way. This goes way beyond a tag line and colours.  

A brand is, in many ways, a promise to your customers. You have to live up to their expectations and deliver an experience.  

As crucial as colours, logos, and site designs are – they are not the heart of a brand.  

The core of a brand revolves around meaning and interpretation. Words are the best way to do this.  

We’ve listed ways that content writing can leverage a brand, and how you can create this quality content too. 

What are the benefits of content writing?  

Consistent, engaging, and high-quality content impacts the audience more than any other technique. Content writing allows your brand to create cohesive pieces of information. Consistency, especially in brand messaging, is one of the significant factors to determine the growth and success of your business.  

With content writing, if you carry your own unique, identifiable voice, tone, and style across your channels, you will undoubtedly benefit from your content creation efforts.  

Research has shown that consistency is necessary for the journey to making the customer happy – from every single aspect of your business. Emphasizing just how vital content writing truly is.  

Not only does written content help your audience to engage and create a relationship with a brand – but it covers every single aspect of a business.  

Content writing affects your social media, website, and print marketing efforts. By upkeeping a particular style and voice, you’re ultimately upkeeping your brand.  

The move from traditional forms of advertising  

Consumers are rapidly moving away from conventional types of advertising. An increasing number of shoppers are using digital technology. Of course, shopping with a trusted, respected company is also of paramount importance, but they are continually seeking tools that help simplify their decision and make the entire process easier.  

More and more consumers are influenced by social media, as they move away from television adverts of radio commercials. It’s this shift that many brands have to adapt to.  

With content writing, you will cover website writing, landing pages, social media marketing, and, of course, content marketing. 

Brands are built over time, often by third-party validation. However, the content that you write will reinforce the meanings, and communicate that across all their channels. A ‘non-comment’ Approach doesn’t necessarily work anymore. We have to address and comment on everything in such a digitalized world.  

For content marketing to work, we have to actively publish content worth reading – if not, it’s merely a missed opportunity.  

Content Writing - The move from traditional advertising
Increased audience retention is one of the main benefits of content writing.

The importance of content  

As more and more businesses start to focus their efforts on new types of content marketing and increasing their budget – it’s time to ensure that you’re making the most out of your content writing.  

With help from content writing, you can build content that not only resonates with your target audience but elevates your brand.  

Increased audience retention is one of the main benefits of content writing. When done correctly, it can generate a positive experience for your customers, and encourage them to return to your company.  

Ensure that you’re continually reinforcing your brand’s message and capturing your audience in new and exciting ways.  

Content writing can also increase your social media traction. In today’s business world, social media is such an important consideration. While social media followers are essential if you’re not getting engagement on your channels, a change in your content writing could help.  

It’s essential to look at your metrics, review your content, and look at new ways that you can change your material.  

Often, it is just as simple as a slight change in the way you write.  

Why is content seen as a currency? 

Many companies look at content as a form of currency. Marketing, specifically in the digital world, is a constant stream of content and social actions. More and more brands are beginning to view content as a form of currency – hence why blogging, video creation, and influencer marketing are all so prominent in the business world.  

We ultimately trade content for our audience’s attention. This attention can if done correctly, lead to a sale. This currency becomes more and more valuable every time that it is shared by a new individual. Therefore it’s imperative to make the necessary investments to ensure high-quality content.

The market recognizes the importance of good articles and other types of content, that’s why there is now a broad spectrum of services and tools like Grammarly, WoWGrade, Studicus, and Hemingway that can help content marketers excel

It’s up to us, as writers and marketers, to create content that is worth sharing. Sometimes it is validated, sometimes it’s disagreed with, sometimes it causes a debate. Either way, it’s up to us to create a conversation with content writing. 

Remember, content writing covers all forms of written content. From social media to an article in a white paper.  

How to create quality content?  

Now that we’ve raved about the benefits and the importance of content writing in branding, you’re probably wondering just how you can achieve it yourself.  

Content writing doesn’t come easily, very often, it is a trial and error type of process. It’s a constant cycle of finding the perfect balance between conveying your brand message, engaging your audience, and attracting new customers/clients.  If you feel stuck and want to get professional assistance, visit Grab My Essay. It’s a writing service where you can get fresh content.

Below, we’ve listed the best ways that you can create quality content, that will help with conveying your brand message and promote your company.  

Content writing
Quality content is a constant cycle of finding the perfect balance between conveying your brand message, engaging your audience, and attracting new customers/clients. 

User-generated content  

User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most effective ways to use content for marketing your brand. UGC is the act of encouraging your users and customers to generate the content. It not only includes and engages the audience, but it gives your company some of the most valuable forms of content.  

How do you inspire your audience to generate content, though? We simply inspire them. The more you publish content, and encourage people to do the same, customers will engage with us more and add to the conversation.  

From reviews, comment, and photographs – you can use their content to create your unique content, that will help to engage your audience in new ways.  

As we mentioned, when it comes to branding, we have to let the audience perceive us in a certain way, and create content that complements this. With UGC, you can inspire people to generate content, and use that to push your brand message further.  

Keyword research  

When you dive into the world of content writing, you need to become familiar with keyword research. Over the years, keyword research has changed dramatically. Long-tail keyword inclusion and an abundance of ‘popular’ keywords is no longer sufficient and may hurt your search engine rank.  

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should avoid keyword research altogether – it can still benefit your content writing efforts. Keywords can often reveal what people are conversing about and want to share. For this reason, you should use popular topics for inspiration – but create new angles and reach new depths with this.  

Make sure that your keywords used in your content are relevant – both to your brand, and the world. It no longer works to stuff your blogs, website and social media with (often random) keywords.  

Your research should be a little more expansive and thorough, but when done correctly can improve your search ranking, and help you to reach new audiences.  

Use social media 

As we mentioned earlier, social media is such a prominent aspect of marketing and content creation. Social media is not only a great way to engage with your audience, but it allows you to find the best ideas for content.  

Scroll through your social media, follow relevant people, and look out for industry news, and consumer ideas that you can use for your content writing.  

It’s also worth noting that trending topics are a great way to find new audiences. Take a look at Burger King’s reply to Kanye West’s on Twitter. They took a risk but it off greatly when it became the most liked ‘branded’ tweet of all time.

With this in mind, remember that content writing will always take a lot of research and digging around. Regardless of whether it’s a short tweet or a long article, you will have to research and use social media to find relevant topics.  

Expanding your attention to finding social cues and current trends will always benefit you. Also, don’t avoid checking your mentions of direct messages – these may provide you with content ideas, or UGC.  

Content Writing - Social Media

Get to know your audience 

With branding and content writing, you have to always be writing to your target customers. You should never see them as a faceless demographic, but always, your reader – real-life people who need to be convinced.  

Alongside your market research, you should dive into more specific customer research. For instance, using customer service notes and current consumer trends can be excellent sources of inspiration. If you look for new ways to understand your customer, you will be able to create quality content that they will love.  

That’s why, content that provides your audience with extensive information, that’s entertaining and useful is so compelling. Take a look at Shopify’s blog for inspiration. Their blog produces informative content that will not only appeal to their current audience but will bring in new users.  

For instance, their blog titles include ‘14 skills you need to provide memorable customer support’ and ‘10 trending products to sell in 2019.’  

With blog posts like these, Shopify not only engages with their current service users, and provide them with relevant information, but they also bring in new customers and service users.  

One way to utilize this entirely is by creating a call to action at the end of your writing. This could direct them to products or a particular service. Needless to say, make sure it’s relevant to the article and your brand.  

Check out your competitors 

If you’re struggling for ideas, or don’t know where to look for great content – check out your competitors.  

This is beneficial in two ways: 

You can find out what type of content they’re writing, which ultimately is working well for them. You can then use this as inspiration and adopt a similar kind of content writing tactic. If they have a blog, discover what type of content they’ve decided to make, and also take a look at their social media.  

Competitive analysis is one of the most reliable ways to find out what works, in your particular industry. It not only gives you a clear understanding of what works for your audience but also areas that you can improve on.  

Always use competitor analysis to identify any influential bloggers, social media influencers, and the best content that gets shared. Marketers regularly use competitor research to improve their market research and discover more about their audience.  

Take time with your titles 

If you’re writing blogs, which is an advisable part of content marketing – you have to optimize your titles.  

Have you ever been scrolling through your social media or browsing, when an article title stops you in your tracks, and you have to read it? Your title should be precisely that; a resistless enticement.  

Also, your title should include your primary keyword. That’s crucial.  

There are multiple tools online that will test and grade your headlines – use this to make sure that you’re creating content that people will find irresistible.  

Of course, once they’re on your blog, it’s the content throughout that will ensure they stay on your blog, and perhaps even check out your services.  

Content Writing
Your headline is the first thing your reader will see so it must to be not only attractive but also optimised for SEO.

Don’t forget about SEO 

There’s no doubt that the content you have written is excellent. However, if you haven’t optimized it, you won’t pull in any new readers. We mentioned keyword research earlier, which is a big part of SEO, but there’s also other steps you need to take to truly optimize your content.  

For SEO, you’ll need to: 

  • Have a concise and descriptive meta description  
  • Include outbound links  
  • Images, all with ALT text  
  • Subheadings and bullet-pointed lists  
  • Links to internal pages (your website)


These hints and tips will prove to serve you well while you write quality content. Don’t forget, there are tonnes of tools and resources online that will help with SEO, grammar, finding topics, and keyword research.  

Once you have a solid idea of what your audience wants, likes, and shares – you will consistently produce well-written, engaging and identifiable posts that are not only useful but bursting with your brand voice.

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