Every morning, I get my cup of coffee and croissant from the bakery downstairs.

As I enjoy my morning treat, I try to catch up with everything that’s going on in the world. Advertising news are among the many things I read. That’s how I came across an old commercial from Metlife Hong Kong (see below). I clicked on the video and as the little girl read her poem, I got more and more emotional with each sentence. Before I knew it, I was crying. A few eyebrows were raised. My coworkers here at the T-shirt printing company had no idea why I had suddenly burst into tears. Sobbing, I turned my laptop around and showed them the ad. The entire office was moved. Mad, isn’t it? How a short video can trigger so many emotions.

And this his how I decided on today’s subject “emotional ads”. Brands have many ways to manipulate potential clients, emotions are just one of them. Well, ‘’Manipulate’’ may be a harsh word. Let’s just say that they tap into customer’s feelings through visual narrative. I consider these commercials creative because they succeed in pulling the right strings in people’s hearts.

I’ve put together a group of ads that have moved me, some more that others, of course, but they’re all still pretty emotional. Take a look at them and see how the key message influenced your perception of the brand. Did they gain your trust? If they did, then it means it works. It is not my intention to bring you down with today’s post, but rather inspire you. Enjoy the videos and please, feel free to share your opinions with me.



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