It’s Friday night in London! Are you still at work but thinking about the weekend? We are as well. That is why we have a perfect suggestion for getting in the mood: dance! Anyways, it’s the last weekend of summer, right? You deserve some fun so enjoy another creative Friday with us.  Last week we talked about Celebrity Branding, this week we will have a look at some creative dancing ads.

Why Dancing?

For me personally, dancing is the only way I get through the bad days and allows me just to be myself. It simply makes me happy. So yes, I do love dancing and also watching other people dance. I have to admit I am not the biggest expert but the only thing that matters is how it makes you feel.

We were wondering here in the office, why big brands use dancing as a main subject in commercials and what the meaning behind it is. So we did a bit of research. Every commercial has an emotional purpose, either to empathize with the audience, either to embolden a certain feeling. Dancing is a way to express ourselves and to exude happiness. This is exactly what most of the commercials with dancing inspire us: freedom and positive energy.

Even if not everybody loves dancing, just watching other people express themselves freely makes you smile. Have a look below at Evian’s commercial with dancing babies It is inevitable not to smile for a second at least when you look at it. In my opinion, the commercial is perfect for the brand message ‘’live young’’ and it definitely makes you remember Evian when you buy water. And this is how, my dear people, a commercial goes viral.

Enough talking for now. I will let you enjoy these creative commercials and get in the groove! Feel free to share with me what do you think about these dancing ads.



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