Creative Advertising Quiz: What are these Print Ads Marketing?

London, UK: Mobile marketing is going through the roof thanks to digital device euphoria, white space games and improved technologies. But print ads aren’t gone yet! In fact, print ads still measure up against awesome creative video advertising in terms of  creativity. They get so creative that sometimes I lose track of what it is they’re selling!

But what if I didn’t have the logo to bring me back to Earth, to tell me who’s selling what? Can I tell what a print ad is selling?

For this reason, we’ve come up with a creative advertising quiz in order for you to test your marketing know-how. Can you tell what these print ads are marketing? Maybe they’re too vague. As a t-shirt printing business, we keep an eye on creative advertising with t-shirts, but it’s usually pretty clear that the t-shirt is what’s for sale. So for this exercise in creative marketing, we’re leaving the t-shirt references out of it entirely.

So take the quiz, and tell us what you think in the comments section below!

Creative advertising quiz: What are these print ads selling?

Printsome is an online t-shirt printing agency serving the UK, from Custom t-shirts in Preston to printed hoodies in Oxford and everywhere in between. Some of these creative adverts might look pretty cool as direct to garment printing, hint hint.

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