Friday again here at our London offices! And here we are with our second article for our newest series #CreativeAdvertising! As we commented in our first article, with this idea we want to highlight some of the best creative video ads about a specific topic, a topic which changes from week to week.

Last time we featured a bunch of really ingenious video adverts about t-shirts. Today we’re going with the best creative dog ads! Why? Because I love dogs. Seriously I do. And also because I feel we owe something to them, especially since we published an article about Catvertising (against my canine leanings, of course).

Dogs in Advertising

We’ve been seeing dogs in ads probably since advertising began. Man’s best friend is a extremely useful resource when it comes to making people recall concepts like friendship, love, and loyalty. Marketers know it. In recent years, dogs have been appearing in about a third of all TV commercials. The appeal of dogs for consumers is motivation enough for casting them, but we shouldn’t forget that they’re not known to complain about compensation.

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It’s a fact that advertisers frequently use animals in ads But what’s the science behind it? Recent neuromarketing studies on the effects of including animals on the formation of attitude toward the brand shows that the presence of dogs increases heuristic processing, concurrent processing, and ultimately attitude toward the ad.

Apart from that, there are a few other reasons to consider if you’re planning on including dogs in your next ad:

  • Dogs call people’s attention: Bearing in mind that the most basic goal of any ad is to capture the attention of your target audience, knowing that people are engaged by animals is something potent.
  • Dogs engage your emotions: People love animals. Most people do, anyway. How can you reject something as cute and lovely as a dog? If you ever had a dog as a pet, you know exactly what I’m talking about.
  • We trust dogs: They’re people’s best friends. We all know it and believe it. Your mind will instantly associate it with the brand behind the commercial, creating trust and higher potential to start the purchasing path.
  • Dog lovers will love dog ads: Dogs are like cats (but better); they have their own super-community of fans behind them. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling in the ad, dogs make an advert respectable. Cast a lovely dog and fanatics will love it for no reason whatsoever. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a good thing, but sure it’ll get you a few extra likes/Retweets on Social Media.

With all that said, let’s take a look at the most creative video adverts with dogs.


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