London, UK: If in the last few years we’ve gone through a huge transformation in the way marketers do marketing, it’s during this last year that admen have decided to go all in on storytelling. The reasons are clear, and we’ve gone over them a couple of times in this blog. The incredible increase of products/services/brands in the market have required marketers (and brands) to find alternative roads for communication.

Creative storytelling ads

With time, marketers realised that the best possible way to get the word out is by telling stories. Stories that engage; that connect with the audience by eliciting diverse emotions ranging from sadness to happiness. These stories are about the brand, and how it can affect someone’s life. In the end, everyone loves stories.

Still, I remember how my grandmother used to sit next to me and wield those amazing stories about a young Jim Hawkins who wanted to pit his wits against the dastardly Long John Silver in a race to discover Captain Flint’s hidden treasure.

I loved that.

I remember I never wanted her to stop reading the book. Why? Because I was hooked, completely engaged; somehow I saw myself as that young boy, hungry for crazy adventures. And that’s why storytelling is so important in marketing.

Personally, I really like this sort of advertising, but only when it’s focused and aligned to the brand behind the campaign. Sadly, the boom of storytelling has caused marketers to misunderstand the concept, so we’ve seen some catastrophic results. However for today’s creative advertising Friday, to push on with our #CreativeAdvertising series, I bring you some of the most creative storytelling ads! Am I missing a really cool one? Let me know in the comments section!

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