London, UK: It seemed it was never going to come but it’s finally here, Friday! And as it’s established, here we go with a new post for the series #CreativeAdvertising! This time, we feature ads that took advantage of celebrities to promote whatever they’re marketing, or how marketers call it, Celebrity Branding. Some of the ads are funny, others ridiculously hilarious. But before getting into them let’s go over why marketers keep on using famous people to advertise their products or services and, more importantly, why it only works sometimes.

Put a celebrity in your life ad.

Since the beginning of the beginning (too long ago), celebrities have influenced people’s lives in one way or another. The way they enjoy their lives is desired by thousands, millions of people (actually and being honest, who doesn’t want to live like a millionaire?). They have what they want, when they want it. At least that’s how us standard folks imagine them, owning amazing houses in different countries, travelling and partying all time, to end up having a relaxing time lost in the middle of the ocean lying down on your yacht, surrounded by a bunch of beauties just letting the time go, not really worrying about too much. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Holy cow it does! You can’t deny it!

And that’s why, plain and simple. Because we want to be like them, to feel like them. I’d even say that some folks are dying to be like them so much that they’d do whatever it takes to make people think they’re in a different level.

However, is this always good? Trying to turn this post into something professional, let’s have a look at why brands feature celebrities in their ads. According to Chron, these are the main five reasons:

  1. Influence Customer Purchase
  2. Build Awareness
  3. Position a Brand
  4. Attract New Customers
  5. Breathe Life Into a Failing Brand

While I agree with most of them, I seriously have my doubts with the last one. It could happen, obviously, but I could also win the lottery. Yeah mate it might come true.

Anyways I’ve never been a big fan of Celebrity Branding, basically because the risk of having her cannibalising your brand is big enough to be aware, but when it’s done properly, it works (pretty well actually).

So let’s stop talking and have a look to some creative examples of Celebrity Branding! Happy Creative Friday!

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