In this series, we take a topic and turn them into t-shirts. Last week we took the hottest new startups and this week we trying our hand at marketing tools. Lots of companies print merchandising these days,  and as we mentioned before, they are great for advertising purposes and a cost effective way to promote your brand.  Unfortunately, businesses aren’t always so creative with the application of their branding, so we thought it would be pretty cool to have a go ourselves and it turns out to be a lot of fun. This time, rather than using the traditional style t-shirt, we thought we’d jazz things up a bit and go for nice smart personalised polo shirts. We hope you like them!


As a non-marketer, I think is the one that most people have heard of. Since it’s all about spreading the word across social media, we decided to spread the owl all over the t-shirt. Easy.



The hubspot logo explains what they do in a visual nutshell, so for this design, we used the company’s corporate colours and image to do a wrap around print design.



Moz is all about online visibility. The Moz logo in disproportionate size would make sure that this t-shirt design didn’t go unmissed.


Google Analytics

The google analytics pictograms rock, and since they have more than one they got special treatment with a little t-shirt design series in the making…watch this space.



At first we thought we’d have a go at making a nice plaid pattern design, but you know what happened? We started to see circles with that strange optical illusion, these phantom dots. After getting a bit dizzy, we thought better of it and went with a much simpler design.


If there are any marketing tools you would like to see turned into t-shirts, let us know through the comments section below! Equally if you have any whacky designs of your own, you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. Watch this space for more crazy t-shirt designs folks.

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