We’ve all been to trade shows where there are stands, after stands, after stands. They all look the same and there’s nothing enticing to invite you to stop and consider what’s on offer.

To build your brand and business at a trade show you need to stand out from the competition, but an affordable stand is also important as the booths, graphics and displays can eat into your marketing budget. Sometimes it’s not always about personalised clothing!

Our best event stand ideas

Below we give you some event stand ideas on how to create an affordable and awesome experience at your next fair or congress.

Book your space wisely.

When you book your stand make sure you study the space you actually need and don’t go for the biggest just because. A more compact and well-designed space can have just as much impact as a large area.

If you attend the same trade show every year, when it’s time to book, check and see if you can make use of a smaller stand space. Many exhibition companies will just tick the same box as last year so it’s up to you to decide if you need this. And whatever you do, don’t miss the deadline for booking as many shows add a premium if you book late. You could make a significant cost saving here as space at trade shows is incredibly expensive.

Do your research and invest in good quality equipment.

The stand apparatus is likely to be used over and over again so it needs to be robust and easy to carry. Browse around when choosing trade show equipment and negotiate with suppliers for the best prices. Display stands with straight lines rather than curves because they tend to be cheaper and easier to set up.


Event stand ideas: Mozilla Firefox at the Mobile World Congress.
Mozilla Firefox at the Mobile World Congress.


Don’t overcrowd the stand.

Don’t use every display stand, banner and graphic available or your stand will look too busy and messy. A few simple promotional pieces and good quality graphics are enough to present a professional image. You should aim to design your stand with 40% empty space, don’t forget to leave room for visitors to mingle.

Use your brand and clear copy to stand out.

Create an attractive tagline if you don’t have one already and use it along with your brand on a display banner. This is your headline and should be no more than 6 words long and in an easy to read font. It needs to draw people in.

Use the back wall effectively.

This is where visitors will focus when they step in. Don’t try and convey everything you do, this area should focus on your latest product, or something you are proud of that represents your business.

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Use giveaways to capture interest.

Give away bags printed with your logo and web address that contain free printed t-shirts and marketing material. This will encourage visitors to contact you after the event.

This could also include giving away free coffee, water, biscuits, samples of your product, and tickets to future events. The more creative giveaways the better!

Include inexpensive technology.

You should have some electricity points in the stand so why not offer visitors free phone charging? You can also use a single laptop to show powerpoint presentations, your website or social media pages. That will be cheaper than multi-media displays.

Keep to a simple colour theme.

This will make your stand more affordable as only buying one colour will save on printing costs. Use your company colours. Don’t go too crazy with large printed photographs and colourful banners as a simple logo and slogan are much more eye catching.


Event stand ideas: Scotland at the Mobile World Congress.
Scotland stand at the Mobile World Congress.


Avoid chairs and meeting tables.

They take up space, cost money, look too formal and encourage staff to sit down when they’re tired, which looks very unprofessional. If you really need to have a serious meeting take the visitor away from the stand for a coffee.

Include affordable stylish touches.

Fresh flowers and plants are welcoming and create an atmosphere of calm – what many people need when pacing the aisles of a busy trade show.

Your trade show stand will work much better if you have a plan for the location of everything. Design the layout using the exact measurements of the stand before the show. If you do this, on the day of the event, setting up will be a slick, sharp operation that can be done in no time. This will also spare you from buying unnecessary equipment that you don’t need.

An effective and inviting trade show stand doesn’t have to be expensive. The important thing is to look professional and promote your company to achieve your desired goals. It doesn’t matter what you’re exhibiting, you can have a smart and enticing trade show stand that needn’t cost the earth.

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