Thanks to the rise of new technologies and ways to gather data, the role of the marketer has evolved exponentially in recent years. Right now some of the most sought out roles for marketing departments are UX designer, SEO expert, data analyst and content manager, which are jobs that didn’t exist ten years ago.

So in order to illustrate how far and wide marketing has branched out, we’ve rounded up a list of 50 different things you can do nowadays with a marketing degree — Yes, 50!

Let’s go!

Marketing Jobs in Consumer Behaviour

This is the branch of marketing that focuses on figuring out what people are willing to spend their money in. Instead of waiting to be told what the potential customer wants, the professionals in this field conduct research in order to predict what people will need.

1 – Sales rep
A sales rep’s job is to sell a certain product to people, as well as finding out what they really want. You’ll have to find leads, refer clients and spend a whole lot of face time with people.

2 – Customer service rep
Have you got great people skills? Then you may enjoy working in customer service on behalf of a company. It’s not all dealing with complaints; you’ll also do things like give people information and help them with returns. Solid customer service is key for a company’s reputation.

3 – UX (user experience) research
UX is all about making sure users of a certain product are getting the experience that the company wants them to have. The design part is quite techie, but the research side involves a lot of the same skills as marketing research in trying to figure out what people want and how.

4 – Manager of consumer insights and market intelligence
This person pinpoint exactly what’s going on with a company’s customers and in the wider market. You’ll work on helping them develop their business, talking to clients and ensuring that everything goes according to plan.

Marketing Jobs in Distribution

If people don’t see it, then they won’t buy it. This is one of the basis of marketing. Those who work on distribution make sure the consumer knows about their product by using an array of channels.

5 – Media planner
Are you a big media consumer? Then you’ve got a leg up on figuring out which media platforms are the best place for a company to advertise its services and products on. Media planners help companies make sure their campaigns get to exactly the right people by being in the right places.

6 – Media buyer
Similar to a media planner, you’ll need to know a whole lot about the media world. But your job here is to negotiate how to get the maximum amount of exposure for the lowest price. Think you’d be a good fit?

7 – Social media coordinator
Are you always on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat in your free time? Use that knowledge to work in marketing on the social media side. Having a strong online presence is no longer optional for companies.

8 – Communications agency director
Again, communications falls into the area of marketing-adjacent jobs. Communications agency directors will help their clients to get the message out about their product and make sure the right people here about it. Pretty similar to marketing, right?

Marketing jobs in distribution.
Those who work on distribution make sure the consumer knows about their product by using an array of channels.

9 – Director of marketing – digital and email campaigns
One of the great things about marketing is that because it’s such a general field, you can specialise in something that really interests you. If you’re great at e-mail and digital marketing, consider focusing just on this.

Marketing Jobs in Management

As the name implies, these are the folk in charge of organising and coordinating every single component inside the marketing department to make sure everyone reaches their goals.

10 – Marketing manager
This job is exactly what it says — you’ll be in charge of marketing a certain business or product. Some marketing managers just have to work with one thing at a time, others work on lots at once. You’ll also oversee all the marketing activity in general.

11 – Sales manager
This person is in charge of the team of salespeople, and will help organise them, come up with goals, create sales plans, work with training and mentoring members of the team and analyse the results.

12 – Account manager
The account manager is the person in charge of sales management and also with relationships with certain clients or customers. One key job is to make sure that existing clients keep coming back.

13 – Marketing executive
This is the dream of some marketing majors — to be the big person in charge! You’ll need a solid track record of success in being top of the line wen it comes to selling products, creating campaigns and working with teams.

14 – Marketing associate
The marketing manager can’t do without the support of a team of marketing associates. You’ll need to be organised and have a keen eye for maximising profits and what makes a campaign stand out. Maybe one day the corner office will be yours.

15 – Proposal coordinator
If your strong point is pulling all the pieces of a team together, you might like to work in coordinating proposals. You’ll need to be a strong team player, as well as know the right way to explain something to a potential client so that they’re hooked from the start.

Marketing Jobs in Research

For the marketers who decide to specialise in this branch, they can expect to spend most of their time gathering data. By investigating trends and technologies, these people come up with new ways to market.

16 – Market researcher
Are you all about the numbers? Consider becoming a market researcher, where crunching the numbers is an essential part of your job. You’ll also have to figure out how to get those numbers so you can see how a product is coming along in the market, as well as what people might want to buy in the future (and for how much).

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17 – Experiential account executive
Do you love creating a true brand experience? Then you’ll probably enjoy a career in working as an experiential account executive. You’ll work closely with clients and your team to create the coolest marketing experiences ever.

18 – Experiential marketing director
If you have an eye for creating truly unforgettable experiences and like to be in charge, then you could find a high-flying career directing experiential marketing.

Jobs in Marketing Strategy

By gathering the information collected by the researchers, marketers specialised in strategy are entrusted with the task of coming up with short and long-term plans to stand out from the competition and generate more leads.

19 – Direct marketing communications
Businesses will always need to talk directly to their clients and customers, whether that’s an e-mail newsletter, a website, flyers, catalogues — you get the idea, right? You could be the person in charge of wrangling all of this and making sure it sends a consistent and positive message.

20 – Marketing consulting
If you’ve got practise at analysing what’s going on with a marketing campaign, you may make a great marketing consultant. You’ll help companies figure out what really makes their customers tick and how they can tap into that with a strategy.

21 – Content manager
Another great job for writing-oriented marketing people is working as a content manager for a website or blog. Like we mentioned earlier, a great online presence is a must-have for brands these days, so expect there to be lots of these jobs going.

22 – PPC strategy
Another online-focused job, a PPC specialist focuses on pay-per-click ad campaigns and e-commerce, so you’ll work with things like Adwords and search engine tactics, as well as ads on social media sites.

23 – Project management specialist
Your job will be to create a strategic growth plan and develop products of show to get there, a large part of which is marketing materials and identifying what your customers need and want. You’ll mostly work in company, but occasionally you’ll do something with the clients too.

Marketing jobs in strategy.
Marketers specialised in strategy are entrusted with the task of coming up with short and long-term plans to stand out from the competition.

24 – Digital content expert
Another job for those who love all things digital, a mix of being comfortable with the digital world and having a solid background in marketing can take you to great places.You’ll help develop strategies, think of how to express a product or brand best and really dig into social media and all things online.

25 – International Marketing Strategy
Lots of companies are becoming more and more international these days, so there’s a growing need for people who understand how to market a product on an international level. Cultural knowledge and foreign language skills will set you apart.

26 – SEO/SEM and digital marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) aren’t the same thing; SEO is part of SEM. If you can master both, there’s plenty of work to be found that mixes together marketing and staying up to date on the latest online trends.

27 – Market access marketing
Your job here will be to create a strategy for your client’s products to be able to stand out on the market, including finding the right team who can make sure the products are seen in key marketplace points. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of the sector you want to work in.

28 – Lead generation
If you’ve studied marketing, you know how important great leads are. This person’s role focuses exclusively on initiating the consumer’s interest. You can either focus on this position or use the skills in a more generalised marketing role.

29 – Creative strategist
Form part of a team to figure out how to take marketing for companies and products to the next level. Your ability to see things from a different perspective is key here, as is the ability to transform concepts into real-life results. Sound appealing?

Marketing Jobs in Sales

While some people may separate sales from marketing, we believe they are deeply entwined. Whether they’re cold calls or good ol’ telemarketing, these professionals have only one goal and that is to sell.

30 – Accounts payable specialist
This is where accounting and marketing overlap. You’ll oversee an account (or a few accounts) to ensure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. If you’ve got an eye for detail, this could be a great job for you.

31 – Acquisitions manager
Would you love to have a key role in helping take a business to the next level? That’s what an acquisitions manager does, who will help companies to plan campaigns and optimise them, as well as establishing new relationships and deals for your company.

32 – Retail sales account manager
You’ll incorporate both sales and marketing to successfully manage a relationship between customers or retailers and the company that supplies them with products. You may be in charge of a few accounts or many.

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33 – Salesperson
With an understanding of marketing techniques and tactics, you’ll be in a strong position to work as a salesperson to sell people directly to your customers. While a sales rep works with wholesale quantities, salespeople are more one-on-one.

34 – Call centre rep
A bit more general than just customer service, a call centre rep may find themselves doing anything from telemarketing to helping customers troubleshoot an issue. If you think talking to people all day long sounds like fun, you might enjoy this.

35 – Car dealer sales rep
We’re including this as just one of many examples of where you can find a marketing related job in car dealerships. You’ll need to be good at negotiating and knowing how to really strike a deal.

Marketing Jobs in Product Management

This is the part of marketing that overlooks the lifespan of a product, from the moment it is born as an idea, until it is launched to the market.

36 – Product manager
You’re the head honcho in charge of a certain product and will guide it through the process, from when it’s created to when the big launch day finally gets here. Great communication skills and being a good team player are essential.

37 – Ad copywriter
If you’re more of a wordsmith than a number cruncher, how would you like to write copy for advertisements and campaigns? You’ll work with clients and the art direction to come up with the perfect way to say what’s so great about your client’s product.

38 – Ad art director
Here’s another way you can get in on the advertising action if you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth — working on the art direction team. Your job will be focused on creating the visuals of a campaign, as well as working with a team of artists, graphic designers and copywriters.

39 – Product design specialist
You’ll work closely with client information, as you’ll have to come up with a way to get their ideas on a real-life product, which you’ll help create and manage. This is ideal for people who like both marketing and art.

Marketing jobs in product management.
Product management is the area of marketing that overlooks the lifespan of a product.

40 – Product marketing manager
Your role will be to make sure all the outbound marketing about a certain product is doing its job. Not only will you help develop it, you’ll also look at market analyses and work with your team to figure out how to promote a product even better.

41 – Graphic design lead for a marketing agency
This is another role where you can mix creativity and marketing. As a graphic design lead, you can focus on marketing materials at an agency and create the best graphic content to help them sell their product and services.

42 – Production artist
Another key part of the advertising team is the person who works with the designers and art director to successfully execute the ideas for the visual campaign. You’ll need to be both technical and creative, as well as have a mind for marketing.

43 – Director of product marketing
The director of product marketing has to put themselves in the shoes of the customers to try and determine what they might like best about a product, and what might encourage them to buy their product over a competitor’s.

44 – Digital project manager at an ad agency
If you’re comfortable working with digital and online skills as well as marketing, you can specialise entirely on the digital side of marketing. You’ll help achieve goals and quotas while managing a team of people who will help you get there.

Marketing Jobs in Promotion

This is about getting your message out there to the masses. It differentiates from distribution because it is less specific. In distribution targets are carefully selected and channels curated, while promotion is just about making it public.

45 – PR specialist
You’ll be assigned to making sure an organisation’s public image is the one they want to convey, as well as to raising awareness of what they do. It’s not exactly marketing, but it uses a lot of the same skills.

46 – Event organiser
While this isn’t pure marketing, there is definitely lots of overlap between the skills that will make you successful at both. You’ll arrange all the parts of a big event and make sure the word gets out there, too.

47 – PR officer
Use the media to your client’s advantage and get people talking about them in a positive way — that’s what a good PR officer does. You’ll want to get the word out about what your client does and make sure their reputation is spotless.

48 – Brand ambassador
You’ll be the face of a brand and by doing so, you’ll hopefully help them improve their sales and awareness of their brand. Your job is to promote the organisation you work for in a positive light.

49 – Visual merchandising coordinator
If you’ve got an eye for what’s appealing to customers, then you can tap into a more artistic side of marketing by being a visual merchandising coordinator. Your job will be to translate marketing tactics to all sorts of of visual displays.

50 – Community outreach
For many who work in community outreach marketing, the best part of this job is focusing on real, human relationships and connections rather than trendy buzzwords. Deeply philanthropic, you’ll be facilitating resources to populations that normally wouldn’t have access to them.

That’s the end of our list of 50 jobs you can do with a marketing degree! As you can see, there are lots and lots of different types of marketing jobs that are out there. If you are about to look for one, a good place to start is a job portal aggregator like Jooble or a professional social network like LinkedIn.

For the future, with the fast-paced changes going on in the digital world, we can expect to see more new marketing roles being created using the very latest in tech trends. Be ready to learn and stay on your toes, and you’ll be well set for an exciting career in the world of marketing.

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