No matter what line of work you are in, digital marketing is always changing. It’s a fast-paced, quick-on-its feet business that by its very nature morphs and bends with the technological and business landscape. It’s one of the more popular forms of marketing today, if not the most popular, and you need to keep an eye on any and every one of its relevant trends if you want to make it. 

Keeping your ear to the ground is vital if proper marketing is your goal. A strong and effective marketing strategy is viable only if it’s current. Any trend older than two years has either become commonplace or has disappeared completely. Continual education is vital, which is where we come in. The article below can help you keep track of some interesting trends in digital marketing today.

Social media (and Facebook)

As far as social media is concerned, it’s nothing new that it’s vital for any and all of your marketing efforts. You need to build a presence on as many platforms as you can, all the while maintaining efficiency and focus for other areas. If you don’t have a Twitter profile or Facebook page, you might as well not exist. That goes for anything, form programming companies, right down to print on demand business. However, you should rethink your approach to Facebook.

Facebook has been the kind of social media for years now, almost from the moment it began. But, there seems a decline has occurred, there seems that it is not what it once was. Data breaches, privacy issues, and a general distrust of Facebook have led to people simply not using it as much as they used to. Younger generations epically seem to be flocking away from this platform.

The point you should take away here is that you need to rethink what platforms you use, and to be through. Facebook won’t really get you much influence over Gen Z, and even younger millennials. However, older generations might still be swayed by it. Do your research, see who responds best to what kind of content, and move on from there.

Chatbots are on the rise


Chatbots are becoming more and more popular. While they have been on the scene for some time now, only at this moment are they actually becoming useful and cost-effective. A good Chatbot can help any customer reach a good, satisfying answer to any problem they might have. The reason they are becoming popular is, first, because they can actually do the job they have been made from now. The second reason is just how much people prefer to text and communicate their issues through chat, instead of through a difficult phone call. Any professional SEO agency in Sydney, any strong coding firm from Moscow, and any solid graphics design business form Seattle will tell you that the more you make life easier for your client, the better repossess you will get.

Slowly are the days of customer service and spending hours on the phone disappearing. What is coming in their place are these Chatbots which are there to deal with whatever customer support issue you might have. We warmly suggest you get one set up for your print-on-demand business.

Namely, a Chatbot is also more efficient than a call center. You won’t have to hire as many assistance and call center operators as you would if you have a Chatbot right there on your site. Many basic and simple questions will be answered by the bot, and then later on your customer service reps will have it a bit easier.

Content is king

Content is becoming more and more prevalent in the digital marketing scene. It is and will continue to be a very significant part of digital marketing for this and the following year. Namely, you don’t need to slow down your content marketing efforts quite the opposite really – you want to go full throttle, you want to really focus on getting content marketing as big part of digital advertising as possible. 

One of these trends is the regular strengthening of video content. Namely, with video digital content marketing you allow yourself to maintain and build your own personal voice through audiovisual media. You get to present yourself in whatever way you see fit, all the while attracting customers and visitors to your website. However, this also goes for quality content writing, infographics, stories, and images.

Just to give you an example, let’s say you post a video on your website or your social media pages. Now, this video can keep people interested in basically two ways. One of these is keeping people entertained. A funny or engaging video can brand your company’s name into people’s minds, it will keep your business in their heads for some time. Or, you can go with something a bit more educational. The video can, for example, speak of the history of printing, or a history of your company. Maybe it can give some advice on how best to use your products or services. 


Companies need to keep their ears to the ground and to look out for any marketing trends that might be coming up. You can have the best possible goods and services, the strongest support, and the most educated employees, but it all won’t matter much if people can’t find you. With good digital marketing that focuses on Chatbots, that uses social media properly, and that invests heavily in content, you will be able to push yourself into the market and get your name out.

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