Let’s get started with the very basics. What is drop shipping? In a traditional selling and shipping model, you’ll have a bunch of products in stock or inventory. When you make a sale, you ship the item out.

With drop shipping, this all changes. Instead of keeping your products in stock or inventory, you buy your items as you need them, usually from a wholesale company. Then, the wholesale company takes care of the shipping.

Drop shipping works differently, so the pros and cons are different from a traditional model. If you’re just starting out, it’s really helpful not to have to make a huge investment in lots of inventory. You also avoid the issue of purchasing inventory that you’re not sure if it will sell or not. With this model, you only purchase items when you’ve already made a sale. One other big upside is not having to deal with the hassle of shipping, returns, tracking, and so on.

Of course, not everything is perfect. One issue that can happen with drop shipping is that you rely on your wholesale company or a third party, so you’re not totally in control. That’s why it’s extra important to spend some time researching and selecting providers you can trust.

5 of the best drop shipping YouTube channels

Once you’ve got the basics down, you might want to learn more. Which is why we’ve gathered five of our very favourite YouTube channels to learn about drop shipping.

Wholesale Ted

Wholesale Ted is a fantastic resource for anybody setting up an e-commerce business. They have tons of videos that cover all sorts of elements of drop shipping, from items that you should never drop ship to mistakes that beginners make.

The videos are super helpful because they share lots of tips and tutorials from people who have ‘been there, done that’ – so you can tell that video presenter Sarah actually knows what she’s talking about! Videos are released about once per week, so there’s always new content to check out. That makes it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in drop shipping and e-commerce.

Dan Dasilva

YouTuber Dan Dasilva styles himself as an expert on all things that have to do with drop shipping and entrepreneurship. That’s why we like his channel – he gives you the inside scoop on running your business, with a focus on e-commerce.

He also stays up to date on trends and frequently posts videos filled with the most current advice about what’s happening in e-commerce. His videos are often in-depth, like one called ‘Picking A Million Dollar Shopify Niche (Detailed)’ that clocks in at over 24 minutes long. Dan generally posts twice a week, and are filled with tips about how to successfully and profitably drop-ship.

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Rory Ganon

Rory Ganon’s YouTube channel is geared towards those hoping to grow a 7-figure online business. But it’s a little bit different than the other channels on this list – because it’s not actually updated anymore. Still, we decided to include it because the videos he has posted are really helpful. He runs through a series of Shopify challenges and explains how he grew his own business on the platform.

The tips and strategies he shares are great for those who are just starting out in the e-commerce world, as well as people who are more experienced but looking to boost their business. We don’t anticipate him updating the channel anytime soon (it’s been over a year), but the guides he posts are worth a watch to learn more about drop shipping.  

Gabriel St-Germain

Whiz kid Gabriel St-Germain posts videos about all different sorts of e-commerce tips, from Shopify troubleshooting to working effectively with Facebook ads. With new videos up around once a week, Gabriel answers lots of basic questions about drop shipping and e-commerce as well as more advanced queries. Check out his ‘Free Dropshipping Course’ playlist for a great primer on everything you need to know about drop shipping.

Gabriel is pretty new on the YouTube scene, with his first video only being posted seven months ago, but he’s already attracted a sizable audience. We expect to see it keep on growing!

Prophet Okello

Although not all the content Prophet Okello posts are about drop shipping, he still does have a fair amount of content dedicated to it. (If you’re wondering, he also posts about his hairstyles, workouts, and life hacks – so he’s a bit of an all-rounder in terms of content posted).

What makes his drop shipping videos interesting is that he’s a beginner to e-commerce and drop shipping too. That makes his videos great for other people who are just starting out. He gets the common problems or questions that come up when you’re just getting familiar with the drop shipping world. You can check out his new videos once or twice a week (although they might not always be about e-commerce!).

That brings us to the end of our list of our favourite YouTube channels to learn about drop shipping! Have we missed out on one of your favourites? Let us know about it in the comments.

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