Many organisations want to have good branding because it improves the aesthetic of their organisation and helps to make the business identifiable. But you might not be aware that in the modern world, branding marketing is essential for your company to survive.

It can be extremely effective in doing everything from promoting customer loyalty to ensuring that you connect with potential clients in the right way.

Of course, branding is a challenge for organisations because ultimately you will only ever have a degree of control over it. Your brand is not only defined by what you do and how you present yourself, but also by how you are perceived by the public. It is up to you to put out your messaging in a way that is as consistent with your brand guidelines as possible.

Branding Marketing

In this article, we will examine branding as a tool in your marketing arsenal. It is essential to use it in a way that will benefit your business. 

Promoting the trustworthiness of your business

It is important to note here that trust can play an absolutely vital role in your business making a sale. It is why e-commerce businesses now find it essential to have customer reviews displayed front and centre on their websites – a customer will not make a purchase if they do not feel confident in your organisation. And this is exactly where branding can play a great role.

When a business has excellent branding marketing, it has the additional advantage of looking both professional and established. It provides your company with a level of respect and even authority. Businesses that lack it come across as unprofessional. 

If your business has a physical store then it is important to use the right cues and go beyond signage. You should invest in brand-specific awnings, blinds, and carpets. It is a good idea to work with specialist suppliers who can offer customised goods in your brand colours. If you are purely an online entity, then ensure that your social media channels and website are using consistent messages, as well as the right tone of voice and colour scheme. 

Branding marketing
Branding plays a role in loyalty by making your products and services easily recognisable to your existing customers.

Ensuring the loyalty of customers and staff

Loyalty is well known as an absolutely vital aspect of promoting your business. Loyal customers are one of the most valuable assets to your company, so you should be looking for any way that you can to create customers that return to your site again and again.

For example, did you know that around 40 per cent of the average e-commerce store’s revenue is generated by just 8 per cent of its customers? This shows the importance of securing repeat customers. Branding plays a role in loyalty by making your products and services easily recognisable to your existing customers.

However, it should also be pointed out that loyalty is not only a key trait that you want in your customers – it is one that has huge value in your employees too. Having loyal staff can help you to reduce your spending on recruitment and can build a fantastic team atmosphere when you have staff who have been working together for a long time and are on good terms.

It has been shown that happy staff are 20 per cent more productive – and having a team that works well together makes them far more likely to be happy as individuals.

Branding helps with staff loyalty as it makes it easy for team members to understand the business and allows them to feel more connected to it.

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Connecting emotionally with your customers

Customers buy products and services in the main because of what their emotions tell them. Consider a major brand like Apple – it’s extremely loyal customer base returns to it again and again because of the positive feeling that they associate the brand. And yet these positive feelings can only be associated because the company utilises such successful branding mechanisms.

Think about something as simple as the naming of products, and the credence that is given to an item when it has an ‘i’ before its name. Apple’s branding marketing allows customers to associate quality and longevity immediately with a product that they know nothing else about.

Text: Annie Button

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