A friend once said to me “It doesn’t matter if you have Lana del Rey singing live on stage if you run out of ice that’s what everyone is going to talk about the next day.” Event planning can be quite unforgiving, months of planning may go down the drain if an attendee eats an unappetising hors d’oeuvre or there are just not enough drinks and people go thirsty.

When ordering food and drinks for an event, planners must handle a delicate balance between preferences, budgets and quantities. While we might not be able to help you with your figures (that’s a topic for a different post) we will make it easier for you to choose the menu for your next event by talking about what’s trending in the culinary world. 

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Studies show that as time goes by people grow more concerned about the sustainability of the products they consume. Where do they come from? And how were they prepared? A good idea for your next event would be to hire a local caterer and ask them where their ingredients come from. Locally produced, organic products may be more expensive, but they might be worth the investment if it gains you the trust of your attendees. Working with local businesses will also help you network and support the city’s or town’s economy.


I am sorry, meat lovers, but the veggie trend has been going strong for a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. As consumers become more aware of the impact the food industry has on the environment, going vegan or vegetarian is every timeless uncommon. Also, the study that was recently published about how processed meats cause cancer is not helping either. To please your grass-eating audience, try delighting them with delicious vegetarian recipes like baked avocado with sun-dried tomatoes or a Pesto and tomato cauliflower crust pizza. Whichever menu you choose for your event,  make sure you have at least one or two veggie options.

Food Trucks

The food truck trend began in the US and quickly spread throughout the world and they do not only offer hot dogs, pizza and tacos. High-end chefs have been getting on the action offering cuisine dishes in a fast and casual format. An example of this would be Yum buns and Kimchi Tacos, some street food that has been trending lately. The wonderful thing about food trucks is that they’re easy to set up. All you need is a large space (preferably on the outdoors) where they can park. No waiters or kitchen needed.

Going back to basics

Another ongoing trend in the culinary world is the minimalistic or the “simple” kitchen if you will. Traditional cooking methods like fermentation and smoking, natural ingredients, and made-at-home dishes are the rage. Recipes are being simplified in favour of a familiar and “warm” taste. 


In terms of spirits, fancy cocktails are giving way to more traditional drinks like vermouth and the never disappointing gin. The Brazilian caipirinha is also making a comeback, but in it’s original form.   

Breakfasts for everyone, at anytime

Aside from brunch, which is everyone’s favourite now, breakfasts are starting to appear in dishes everywhere regardless of time and place. For example, Brinner (breakfast + dinner) is a thing now – and it is what you probably already imagine, having typical breakfast food served at dinner time. The day’s first meal is also turning international with cooks trying their hands at  Australian, Mexican and even Vietnamese breakfast recipes. Try mixing these ideas together to feature something truly unique on the day of your event.

Ethnical Ingredients

Peruvian golden berries, the African fruit baobab, and the middle eastern freekeh are replacing quinoa as the “new thing” to look out for.

Authentic Foreign Food

Long have we known that the “Mexican”, “Chinese” and “Japanese” that are served in the West are not necessarily the real traditional food from these countries. Instead what we’ve been getting is a washed down, “westernised” version of their food. “Not anymore!” foodies are yelling, fist in the air. In the coming year, we’ll be seeing a rise in real and authentic foreign food. Korean, Persian, and Syrian are some of the ones that will become popular. 

New Cuts of Meat

After all, there is still something for the red meat lovers out there. One would figure that there are just a set number of ways to butcher a cow, but as it turns out there are still many ways we haven’t figured. Chef’s everywhere have taken to finding new ways to present the reddish and meat enthusiasts are loving it. New cuts include the skirt, oxtail and bone marrow.

Raw Food

For those who don’t know, the Raw Food movement was started in the US, back the 70’s and then spread worldwide. Its premise states that no food cooked over 45 degrees should be eaten because it kills enzymes that help digestion and produces toxins that damage tissues. There is a strong debate of whether this is a beneficial diet or not, but regardless of where you stand on the spectrum, raw food has been making its way to cuisine everywhere. Take a look at this pea gnocchi dumpling for ideas. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry now. If we missed any culinary trends, please let us know in the comments below or through any of our social media outlets. In the meantime, keep reading the Printsome Blog for more awesome content.

50 tips on how to get more attendees

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