29 of the best apps to use for event planning

It is for a reason that Forbes has included event coordinator on their “Most stressful Jobs” list for two years in a row.

“…they do operate under challenging deadlines and are constantly under pressure to meet client needs in high-stress situations.”
Kathryn Dill for Forbes

Those in the industry know that it is not an easy task, but the event planner gets back up again because when everything is set and done, the thrill of a successful occasion makes it all worth it.

Luckily, today they live in the future and along with smartphones have come these little thingies called apps that can help them organise things (like Minions, but less cute).

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We’ve found 30 great apps, in no particular order, for event planners that should make life a little easier:


event planning apps

During all the craziness of an event, it’s good to have a reminder of what’s happening in the outside world – especially if that happens to be something important like a bill you have to pay! 24me helps by creating automatic to-do lists with a smart calendar. No matter how busy you get, this little app will make sure you don’t forget anything important.


event planning apps

This app, ArrangeMySeat, does just what it promises — it takes care of the seating arrangements for an event! You decide to either arrange the seating chart yourself or have guests choose their seats. It’s also a tool to manage RSVPs that makes it easier to keep track of who’s coming and who isn’t. On top of that, it has a section where you can ask guests questions about the event (like, say, a preference regarding the menu).


event planning apps

“It takes a village!” A great team is a huge part of pulling off a great event. Asana helps keep your team on board by letting you assign tasks to different team members while keeping track of who’s doing what. It makes it really simple to see what’s getting done and who’s getting it done.


event planning apps

By offering “All-in-one event success,” Bizzabo offers everything from creating a website to selling tickets, networking and measuring the results of your event. It’s user-friendly platform, makes it easy for you and your attendees to navigate even the busiest of occasions smoothly.


blossom, event planning apps

A project management app that ensures everyone in the event planning team, including the client, knows what stage each part of the event is at. Blossom allows you to create a card system detailing different sections of the project. As parts are completed they move to the next stage, for example from “To Plan” to “In Progress”. There is even a Client Review card so the client can approve the final step. The free trial is for 14 days, then there is a monthly charge depending on which package you choose, starting at $19 a month.


event planning apps

If you’re hosting a large event and need a way to check people in, Boomset is your friend. It lets you check people in using QR codes, print badges and create wristbands. It integrates with other platforms you might already be using for your event, so it makes registration seamless.


event planning apps

This app is fantastic. Basically, what CamScanner does is transform your phone into a scanner. Great for digitalising contracts, agreements, marketing material and other important documents you need to send to clients quickly. Converts documents to PDF. Free of charge.


event planning apps

Capsule is a photo app that lets people create a shared “capsule” of images (once they’ve downloaded the app, of course). You can get everyone from vendors, your team and attendees to share their photos on this platform. It’s handy for event planners to get a complete – pardon the pun – picture of the whole event.


This little tool is a good way to figure out a time to meet with multiple people at a time or even pick a date for an event. Instead of trying to coordinate with endless e-mails, create a simple poll in Doodle with a few different schedule proposals. People then select the choice that works best for them.


Dropbox, Event Planning Apps

Dropbox is a cloud storage space is where you can keep all your files and documents. Everything is organised neatly in files and syncs with your computer. You can also invite others to share your files, which takes seconds (much quicker than sending attachments by email or WeTransfer) and earns you more space. Dropbox is free for storage space of up to 10 GB, then you either have to clear out your files to make more space or pay an upgrade.


Event planning apps

Sometimes people might have a hard time finding events they want to attend. Luckily, Eventgrabber matches people with the types of occasions they’ll be interested in. They can see popular events with locals, look at the top events going on, and even get a taxi or an Uber to take them to the next party. For organisers, it means reaching the particular group of people they’re interested in.


event planning apps

Evernote is a single workspace that allows you to organise all of your ideas and information in one single place. It syncs across your phone, tablet and computer so you’re never out of touch. It’s basically a digital notebook where you can store web pages you think are inspirational, make notes, save photos and anything in between. All which can be used for your event planning projects. Evernote is free for the basic package, and then there is a charge if you want more facilities. The free version should be fine for most event planning businesses.



HeyTell, Event Planning Apps

Ever yearn for the days of the good ol’ walkie-talkie? You can bring them back with this little app. Heytell lets you talk to your crew just like you would with a walkie-talkie — only this time, it’s with your smartphone.


event planning apps

As you’re already going through the trouble of planning an event, why not plan out your social media coverage too? Hootsuite lets you schedule social media posts in advance and manage all your social media networks in one place. While there’s always space for the spontaneous on social media, you should plan out a few key messages ahead of time to go out during the event.



localist, event planning apps

Localist is a go-to app for creating interactive calendars that a lot of people can access. This isn’t just for the events planning crowd, but it’s definitely a really useful one for us! Everyone from L’Oreal to The Hollywood Reporter and universities use this one.


event planning apps

An email marketing app which can be used to send invitations, promotions, announce ticket sales and anything in between. Circulate regular newsletters to update the past and present clients on your business. The free package of MailChimp includes up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. On upgrading you can have email delivery by time zone, automation (instant welcome, updates, feedback for or from events) plus chat support.


event planning apps

The perfect way to monitor all your media chats in one place. Social media promotion is an important aspect of event planning, you need to know what is being said when you’re promoting a charity event or concert, and moving between platforms is time-consuming and confusing. Mention holds everything in one place so you can follow what’s being said easily. There is a free trial then the basic package starts at $29 per month.


event planning apps

Pingg is a great little tool for running your event or party, as it lets you create invitations and guest lists. It also has tools like adding a gift registry, scheduling reminders, thank you messages for your attendees, and finding local services for your event. Not only can you create online invitations, but even better, you can also hire a designer to do right from the platform.


event planning apps

An inspirational library of pictures for all kinds of events. Just type in whatever you fancy (gifts for delegates, tropical christening, SpongeBob SquarePants themed wedding) and you’ll be presented with an infinite range of images to give you plenty of ideas to create a memorable time. There is no charge to be a member of Pinterest.

Planning Pod

event planning apps

With over two dozen tools to manage any event, Planning Pod is an event planner’s dream app. It has a central workspace that makes sure you have everything in one place, including calendars, information about venues, lead contact information, and billing stuff. They have a free trial so you can test it out before buying.


event planning apps

Creating and sending online invitations is easy using Punchbowl. They also have lots of ideas for how to throw parties of all kinds (though as an event planner, you probably know all the tricks already!) and can help you find a vendor for your party or event.


slack, event planing apps

A messaging service for keeping in touch with teams no matter where they are. Much more professional than casual messaging apps but still quick and easy to use, Slack will keep your team members in touch and communicate with each other. On the day of an event, members can be located far apart and still be in touch. The tool saves on legwork and ensures all members of the team know what’s going on. You can set up different channels for different projects and invite the team members you wish. Slack is free for small teams then packages start at $6.67 for upgrades.


event planning apps

Once an event is over, client and guest feedback is essential. You need this ASAP before people move on to the next thing in their lives. Sli.do allows you to quickly interact with your audience once an event is over. You set questions and then give the audience a unique code to enter the app so they can answer and ask their own questions, as well. The basic service is free and then the cost rises to €149 per event, so is more suitable for larger clients.


event planning apps

Smartsheet takes Excel-style spreadsheets to the next level. You can assign tasks, track how your project is coming along, share documents with a team, manage your calendar, and lots more. It also allows the use of Microsoft Outlook to modify the smart sheets.

Super Planner


Super Planner, Event Planning Apps

Not sure how many staff you can hire with your budget? Worried that you’ll run out of food or drinks? Is your venue going to be big enough to fit everyone? Don’t fret! Super Planner has a good calculating system to help you figure out exactly how much of everything you’ll need — all while staying on budget.


timebridge, event planning app

Scheduling is simple with Timebridge, as it lets you avoid the dreaded email meeting schedule. The app collects information about everyone’s availability, takes into account preferences, and then automatically arranges a good meeting time. You can schedule and request meetings with anyone really fast.

Top Table Planner


Top Table Planner, Event Planning Apps

Top Table Planner is another app for arranging seating plans, this will also make figuring out where your guests are going to sit really easy. You can add tables to the plan and then play around with arrangements of guests until you feel like you’ve got it just right.


Event planning apps

Universe and Eventjoy recently merged to create one big ticketing solution. Now, you can use the site to create and sell tickets for occasions big or small, free or paid. They also have apps for attendees and organisers, an event website, and a section where you can manage your project.


Event planning apps

If you’re an old-school kind of person, and instead of fancy synchronised calendars all you need is a to-do list then this is the app for you. Todoist is a straightforward tool that allows you to organise tasks by day and project. Once you complete it, you check it and that’s it. Easy to use, intuitive and effective.

Did we miss any cool app for event planners? If so, please let us know in the comments below or via any of our social media outlets.

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