The evolution of the t-shirt: An infographic

By the time I’m writing this introduction, if you look for “T-shirt” on Google News you’ll run into articles that talk about how Justin Bieber got into trouble for wearing a Nirvana tee to an award show (Courtney Love approves, by the way), Cara Delevingne causing controversy for wearing one with a feminist out-of-context message and printed shirts of a zombified Donald Trump by artist Mitch O’Connell. What this set of stories goes to show you (aside from the fact that we’re obsessed with celebrities) is the power the garment has to transmit a message, but it hasn’t always been the case.

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The Evolution of the T-shirt: Infographic!

From underwear to outerwear. From merchandising to protest tool. From high street to high end. For such a simple garment the t-shirt has sure gone through an impressive journey. To understand how this piece of clothing went from being worn inside a submarine by an US soldier in the 50’s to the streets of London by a top model nowadays, here’s an infographic that illustrates the history of this simple yet essential piece of clothing:


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