So recently whilst we were beavering away, updating our article on the best music festival t-shirts you can get, we were quite shocked to discover that some of the biggest music festivals in the world either have very limited official merchandise (available online) or none at all.

In some cases, this isn’t so surprising, since some music festivals conceptually wouldn’t lend themselves to have a clothing line, such as Burning Man for example. However, we were left wanting more from big Spanish names, like Sònar and Primavera Sound Festival. What’s going on?

Following a relatively short moment of reflection, we decided that since we’re warming up to the festival season, it would be nice to sit back and fantasize about what kind of merchandising these festivals would have if we were hired to be the official designers (one can only but dream).

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What we would then go on to imagine would take into consideration the type of crowd who usually goes to these types of gathering, what the weather is like there (you’ve got to be practical about these things) and the type of activities you can expect to find. Here’s where our imagination took us.

Sònar Festival, Barcelona, Spain.

Whilst Sónar has a wonderful visual identity applied to everything from posters to TV adverts, we felt that in terms of official merchandise, they really could take more advantage. So, as any music-loving designers would, we have designed the merch that we would like to buy.

It’s simple, colourful, but applied to all the necessary apparel – particularly attractive if you’ve been to more than one edition, as the designs make the most of that nostalgic element of a festival that’s been running for over 20 years. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the original designer of this logo mosaic (if you know, please write to us so we can fix this). In order to make the design work, we added our very own logo design for 2017 – the year of the rooster… 




Reading & Leeds Festival, Reading and Leeds, UK.

These guys also have existing merchandising, although their 2016 line hasn’t been revealed yet. Since we really liked this year’s branding of the festival, we thought it would be cool to apply it to some classic items of clothing. That wasn’t enough for us though.

Thoroughly inspired by this fantastic conceptual illustration by Phoebe Summers, we figured it would be fun to combine this with the old-school tradition of the mixtape (on CD), to provide this giveaway – a compilation of all the female artists who played at the 2015 edition of the festival. Call us old romantics trying to keep tradition alive.




Secret Garden Party, Huntingdon, UK.

The Secret Garden Party, we thought, needs an entirely different approach to merchandising (important to take this into consideration should you be planning on designing some of your own). Why? Well this festival attracts a slightly different crowd of people, with acrobatics, inflatable things, paint and general colourful artistic vibe.

So, as well as the traditional t-shirt souvenir, with this festival we went for party powder, glitter gel and branded hula hoops. We also love the high-resolution photography from the event and felt it would be a shame not to promote this too, with official prints. Big shout out to the official photographers at Secret Garden Party – we’ve never been left more tempted to go to a festival than with your coverage of the party!




Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona, Spain.

The incredible thing about Primavera Sound has always been it’s ridiculously tempting top class lineup (as well as their astonishing ability to divide your favourite artists across days in a non-day-ticket-feasible fashion). The downside is that merchandising is no biggie for these guys, whilst they do have some things on offer.

With the spectacular promotional video by device announcing this year’s lineup, we went home on their graphics to create some fantasy merch for the 3-day festival bonanza, with a t-shirt design for each and every one of your favourite bands from the line-up.



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