15 British Fashion Bloggers with content that’s on fleek!

The UK´s fashion scene is known for not being afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to clothes. So, it’s no surprise that some of the best fashion bloggers hail from the United Kingdom. From totally quirky to chic elegance, these UK bloggers know just what it takes to make an outfit look extra-special. These are the bloggers that you should be following if you want to see the very best in British fashion.

Buckets and Spades

UK Fashion Blogger: Buckets and Spades

Though the fashion blogging world is dominated by female bloggers, there are also plenty of guys documenting their sartorial life online, too. Mat includes shots of his outfits mixed into stories abut his life, like one about a trip to Japan, as well as posts about store visits and his outfits. He’ll also occasionally write about something he just finds interesting or creative, like how a tennis ball is made. No matter what it is, it’s always entertaining, and he’s frequently named one of the top U.K. men’s fashion bloggers.

Camille Over the Rainbow

UK Fashion Blogger: Camille over the rainbow

Half-French and half-English, Camille always has her finger on the pulse of the coolest outfits out there. Her style tends towards sleek and very cool, and she’s landed features in the London Evening Standard Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, W Magazine, Style.com, Elle and even Vogue. Camille carefully curates her content, and mixes luxury fashion labels alongside up-and-coming designers.


UK Fashion Blogger: DisneyRollerGirl

Silly name, great fashion blog. Navaz Batliwalla is a fashion editor in her day job, so she’s got an inside view of emerging fashion and beauty trends. She writes about the newest collections coming to runways, rounds up selections of trends and occasionally about her work as a fashion editor. Don”t miss her weekly DRG Style Index, which features a roundup of what fashion brands are buzzing every week.

The Gentleman Blogger


Another male fashion blogger, this time is Matthew Zorpas, better known as the Gentleman Blogger. As you would expect from the name, Matthew’s style is sophisticated and elegant. He’ll show you how to wear new collections and top-end designs in an impeccable way. He also posts musing on being a true gentleman, 21st-century style.

I Want You to Know

UK Blogger I want you to know

Knitwear designer Kristabel Plummer runs this blog, which also features sections on travel and articles like “5 more websites I’m currently obsessed with.” Kristabel is upfront about her life having “hiccups” and being a bit different, which is reflected on her style (in the best way possible) that features bright colours and bold combinations.

J for Jen

UK Fashion Blogger J for Jen

Formerly known as A Little Bird Told Me, Leeds-based Jen is an established name on the fashion blogging scene. She’s teamed up for projects with ASOS, Hunter, Diesel, Whistles and Orlay Kieley among others, on top of being featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Grazia. Her website has taken on more of a professional tone recently, but in the “blog” section you can see her latest outfits, which are often paired with the perfect bright lipstick.

La Petit Anglaise

UK Fashion Blogger la petit anglaise

After taking a look at her blog La Petite Anglaise, which is always up-to-date on the latest trends, it’s no surprise that Ella Catliff has been featured on nearly every list of top fashion bloggers. She’s also managed to work with established high-end fashion labels (we’re talking Dior Beauty, Chanel, Mulberry and Louis Vuitton here, as well as a project with H&M) and has done a bit of modelling. Check out her “3 Ways to Wear It” articles, which show you three different outfits you can create with the same piece of clothing.

Liberty London Girl

UK Fashion Blogger: Liberty London Girl

Sasha Wilkins is the blogger behind fashion and lifestyle blog Liberty London Girl. A former fashion editor, the London Evening Standard named her one of the most influential people in London two years running. While fashion is at the centre of this blog, Sasha writes on topics ranging from architecture to food and philanthropy, as well as general thoughts about her life. Her style is simple and classic, so expect to see lots of colours like navy and black throughout her feed. 

Peony Lim

UK Fashion Blogger Peony Lim

This blogger has been featured in Vogue (U.S., U.K., France, Italy, Japan, China and Russia editions), Glamour US, Tatler and ASOS. She has also worked with brands like Michael Kors, Net-a-Porter and Revlon, so we’re talking a big name here. Peony Lim’s speciality is in accessorising an outfit to perfection. As an art graduate, she has a good eye for detail. She writes about fashion, food, lifestyle and travel – all with a polished perspective that mixes personal style and good taste. 

Raindrops of Sapphire


Lorna Buford started out blogging because of just how much she loves denim. Now, her blog has expanded to feature all sort of outfits, some of which include denim, and all of which feature her whimsical yet chic take on trends. She even posts her favourite costumes from time to time. Through her blog, she’s worked with a slew of major brands, including Harvey Nichols, French Connection, Guess, 7 For All Mankind, and Debenhams.

Retro Chick

UK Fashion Blogger Retro Chick

As you’d guess from the title, blogger Gemma Seager really loves retro and vintage fashion. She’ll also drop in something about her non-fashion hobbies, including roller derby and drinking cocktails. Gemma promises to bring “a sparkle of glamour to every day.” Her wardrobe comes from a mix of high street shops, independent designers and, of course, vintage stores.

Stella’s Wardrobe

Uk Fashion Blogger: Stella's Wardrobe

A history graduate from UCL, Stella Kattermann now works as a blogger and social media manager. Her bleached blonde hair and fringe make her instantly recognisable, as does her kooky style. This girl isn’t afraid to mix prints, colours, trends — you name it. Stella has been featured in Elle, The London Evening Standard, Marie Claire and Grazia, just to name a few.

Style Bubble

UK Fashion Bloggers: Style Bubble

Susie Lau’s blog is such a big part of her life that now people know her as Susie Bubble! Not only does she share her best outfits, but she also includes a dose of stories about her personal life, as well as her own opinions and insight into the fashion industry. She’s always got something interesting to say about the latest trends, and she’ll show you just how to pull them off, too. It’s no wonder that she’s a staple at those coveted front row seats at Fashion Week shows.

That Pommie Girl

UK Fashion Bloggers: That Pommie Girl

Sarah Ashcroft has made quite the name for herself as the full-time blogger That Pommie Girl. It’s interesting considering that the blog was something she started as a hobby while she worked to get into fashion PR. You may not guess it from the incredible outfits she posts, but many of them are actually from high street stores, making her blog the perfect place for fans looking to recreate great outfits on a budget.

Wish Wish Wish


Originally from the countryside, now a Londoner, Carrie’s blogging career got started when she penned an online diary. She officially launched her fashion blog at age 17, and eight years down the line she’s worked with major brands and been featured in fashion publications around the globe. Expect to see lots of classic feminine outfits with a fresh new twist on them (like, say, a fabulous hat) on her blog.

These UK fashion blogs are the perfect place to go if you’re looking for outfit inspiration. Some are quirky, some are classic, and all of them are great resources for those looking to up their style game. We’d love to hear from you, too — which one of these bloggers do you think has the best style?

Let us know in the comments below, or you can also reach us via any of our social media networks. In the meantime keep reading the Printsome Blog for more awesome content.

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