The British fashion scene is known for pushing boundaries so it’s no surprise that some of the best influencers in this industry have chosen the UK as their base. From totally quirky to chic elegance, these fashion bloggers know just what it takes to make an outfit look extra special. These are the people you should be following if you want to stay on top of the latest trends.

Note: Are you more interested in male fashion bloggers based in the UK? We got you sorted! Check them out here.


Jen Allison / ‘J for Jen’

Formerly known as A Little Bird Told Me, Leeds-based Jen is an established name on the fashion blogging scene. She’s teamed up for projects with ASOS, Hunter, Diesel, Whistles and Orlay Kieley among others, on top of being featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Grazia. Her website has taken on more of a professional tone recently, but in the “blog” section you can see her latest outfits, which are often paired with the perfect bright lipstick.


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Soraya Bakhtiar

On her ‘about’ section, Bakhtiar is described as ‘…Soraya is a faceted force all her own, navigating fashion’s offerings with effortless class.’ As the youngest in a long line of creative women, this ‘it’ girl embraces all kinds of design making her outfits eclectic but fashionable nonetheless.


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Patricia Batatas / ‘Peexo’

Unlike other influencers who boast about their expensive high-fashion items, this blogger focuses on affordable styling for girls in their twenties. Batatas also has a YouTube channel where she shares stylish tips and tricks with her fans.


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Navaz Batliwalla / ‘DisneyRollerGirl’

A Silly name, a great fashion blog. Navaz Batliwalla is a fashion editor in her day job, so she’s got an inside view of emerging fashion and beauty trends. She writes about the newest collections coming to runways, rounds up selections of trends and occasionally about her work as a fashion editor. Don’t miss her weekly DRG Style Index, which features a roundup of what fashion brands are buzzing every week.

Amy Bell / ‘The Little Magpie’

Amy runs her blog from Glasgow where she is based. Her obscure references and quirky sense of humour, sets her apart from the rest.


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Ella Catliff / ‘La Petite Anglaise’

After taking a look at her blog La Petite Anglaise, which is always up-to-date on the latest trends, it’s no surprise that Ella Catliff has been featured on nearly every list of top fashion bloggers. She’s also managed to work with established high-end fashion labels (we’re talking Dior Beauty, Chanel, Mulberry and Louis Vuitton here, as well as a project with H&M) and has done a bit of modelling. Check out her ‘3 Ways to Wear It’ articles, which show you three different outfits you can create with the same piece of clothing.

Camille Charriere / ‘Camille Over the Rainbow’

Half-French and half-English, Camille always has her finger on the pulse of the coolest outfits out there. Her style tends towards sleek and very cool, and she’s landed features in the London Evening Standard magazine, The Wall Street Journal, W Magazine,, Elle and even Vogue. Camille carefully curates her content and mixes luxury fashion labels alongside up-and-coming designers.

Rachael Clifton / ‘Bubbly Aquarius’

Clifton is originally from the North East of England but now lives in London where she works for Fenwick during the day and is a fashion blogger at night. Her favourites include dungarees, Breton stripes (same here!) and anything with silver and/or star print.

Hannah Crosskey / ‘A Fashion Fix’

What’s refreshing about Crosskey’s blog is that she, right off the bat, admits on her ‘about’ section that she is no fashion expert and that she’s just learning along the way. A Fashion Fix started as an experiment by an aficionado and continues to evolve to this day.

Erica Davies / ‘The Edited’

Davies is a fashion blogger with several years of experience as a Fashion Director under her belt. She has worked for publications such as LOOK Magazine, The Sun and The Daily Mirror. In 2012, Davies started writing The Edited while on maternity leave and since then has turned it into a source for not only fashion but also lifestyle, beauty and interior design advice.

Kavita Donkersley / ‘She Wears Fashion’

Not just fashion, Donkersley talks also about travels and lifestyle. One of her most practical sections is where she offers tips for gifts on special occasions.


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Kelly Eastwood / ‘The London Chatter’

Eastwood was raised in East Africa, according to her, she used to take care of orphan baby giraffes before moving to the UK where she started her fashion career. She describes her style as ‘classically eclectic.’

Megan Ellaby

This proud Mancunian started her blog as a diary she could write in her spare time. Five years later, it is one of the most influential fashion blogs in the UK and has won three awards including Cosmopolitan Best Fashion Influencer and the InStyle Project 13 Best Fashion Blogger award.


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Hannah Gale

Gale describes her blog as ‘…anything and everything that is relevant to your average British twenty-something girl.’ This former digital editor, started to create her own content when she realised she could do for herself what she was doing for others — and have more fun, at that! Aside from fashion, she has also tackled issues such as mental health and what being a first-time mother is like.


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Olivia Grace / ‘What Olivia did’

And what did she do? A stylish blog that is! She’s known for her stylish tips and often collaborates with other fashionistas such as Lucy Williams.


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Ella Gregory / ‘Coco’s Tea Party’

Gregory’s blog goes beyond fashion and talks about fitness, lifestyle, and touches on practical subjects such as how she got a mortgage being a freelancer. One of her latest ventures is a podcast called Let’s talk which she hosts with her best friend.


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Lizzy Hadfield / ‘Shot from the Street’

Thanks to her photographic skills and sober styling, Hadfield’s blog has more gravitas than most of the others on this list. Check out her YouTube channel for a tour of her beautiful London flat.

Sandra Hagelstam / ‘5 inch and up’

As you may tell from the name, Hagelstam’s blog talks about clothes and beauty accessories but specialises in shoes. Her most famous section ‘Shoe of the Month’ is a review of some of the most dangerously high heels on the market.


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Emma Hill / ‘EJ Style’

While looking through Emma’s blog, two words come to mind ‘effortlessly chic.’ On top of the regular social media networks, Emma’s got a YouTube channel where she showcases the best pieces from high-street shops.


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Georgina Horne / ‘Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust’

We love anyone that challenges the status quo which is why we celebrate Horne’s blog. Tired of the industry’s obsession with weight, this blogger set out to create a place where anyone could celebrate fashion regardless of their size. The success of ‘Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust’ has opened the doors for her to model and appear on respected publications.

Emily Johnston / ‘Fashion Foie Gras’

Johnston originally started the blog as a place where women could get their daily dose of fashion news, eventually, it evolved into a more personal journal. The blog has been featured in Vogue, Glamour and The Huffington Post just to name a few.

Josie / ‘Fashion Mumblr’

Josie is known for her preference for pastels and pink coloured outfits. This fashion business graduate worked at Mulberry before starting her own career as an influencer.

Stella Kattermann / ‘Stella’s Wardrobe’

A history graduate from UCL, Stella Kattermann now works as a blogger and social media manager. Her bleached blonde hair and fringe make her instantly recognisable, as does her kooky style. This girl isn’t afraid to mix prints, colours, trends — you name it. Stella has been featured in Elle, The London Evening Standard, Marie Claire and Grazia, just to name a few.

Susie Lau / ‘Style Bubble’

Susie Lau’s blog is such a big part of her life that now people know her as Susie Bubble! Not only does she share her best outfits, but she also includes a dose of stories about her personal life, as well as her own opinions and insight into the fashion industry. She’s always got something interesting to say about the latest trends, and she’ll show you just how to pull them off, too. It’s no wonder that she’s a staple at those coveted front row seats at Fashion Week shows.


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Alex Light

Alex sure loves millennial pink! This London-based influencer has over eight years of experience in the beauty and fashion industries. Aside from her blog, she also works as an influencer for HELLO! Magazine.


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Lorna / ‘Symphony of Silk’

Symphony of Silk started as a style journal for Lorna and evolved into a full-time fashion and style blog. Her outfit collages are very practical for those who want to emulate the style of the fashionista.

Peony Lim

This blogger has been featured in Vogue (U.S., U.K., France, Italy, Japan, China and Russia editions), Glamour US, Tatler and ASOS. She has also worked with brands like Michael Kors, Net-a-Porter and Revlon, so we’re talking a big name here. Peony Lim’s speciality is in accessorising an outfit to perfection. As an art graduate, she has a good eye for detail. She writes about fashion, food, lifestyle and travel – all with a polished perspective that mixes personal style and good taste.


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Hannah Louise

Hailing from the North, Hannah now lives in London from where she instagrams her stylish life. The blog was shortlisted for the ‘Best Personal Style Blog’ in Company Magazine’s 2014 Blogger Awards and ‘Best Fashion Influencer’ in Cosmopolitan’s 2016 Influencer Awards.


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Victoria Magrath / ‘In the Frow’

This fashionista went from blogger to designer when she launched her own line of handbags. Follow this stylish city girl to learn the latest trends in fashion, food, travel and much more.


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Amber McNaught / ‘Forever Amber’

Hard to miss due to her beautiful red hair, McNaught is not just another fashion blogger. On top of clothes, this fashionista tackles serious subjects such as miscarriage. Trivia: Her blog was named after the film and novel by the same name.

Lily Melrose / ‘llymlrs’

She has nothing better to do than to post videos of herself on the internet — that’s what she said! On her YouTube channel. We wouldn’t be that mean. Her blog features a neat layout that makes it look like each outfit is featured on a different magazine.


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Sarah Mikaela / ‘Framboise Fashion’

Known for her good-quality photography, this Danish/Australian beauty documents her daily life and stylish outfits for the world to see. Mikaela is currently the UK ambassador of the OLYMPUS PEN Generation, a campaign organised by the camera brand to promote photography among young girls who want to become influencers.


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This fashion design graduate started her career working as a stylist for Topshop. Her unique sense of style and focus on affordable designers, has earned her a big following in a short amount of time.


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Natasha Ndlovu / ‘Bisous Natasha’

Her blog has been featured in publications such as Vanity Fair, British Vogue and Company Magazine, just to name a few. This girl is more than just looks since she’s got a BA in visual arts and is fluent in four languages: English, Ndebele, Spanish and French.


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Katherine Ormerod

Ormerod’s blog Work Work Work goes beyond fashion and deals with the often not-so-glamorous realities of what happens behind the Instagram filter. She has no qualms about curated images on social media but feels like there should also be a reality check every once in a while. Still, there are more than enough outfits for her to make it on this list.

Kristabel Plummer / ‘I Want You to Know’

Knitwear designer Kristabel Plummer runs this blog, which also features sections on travel and articles like ‘5 more websites I’m currently obsessed with.’ Kristabel is upfront about her life having ‘hiccups’ and being a bit different, which is reflected in her style (in the best way possible) that features bright colours and bold combinations.

Carrie Santana da Silva / ‘Wish Wish Wish’

Originally from the countryside, now a Londoner, Carrie’s blogging career got started when she published an online diary. She officially launched her fashion blog at age 17, and eight years down the line she’s worked with major brands and been featured in fashion publications around the globe. Expect to see lots of classic feminine outfits with a fresh new twist on them (like, say, a fabulous hat) on her blog.

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Gemma Seager / Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra

As you’d guess from the title, blogger Gemma Seager really loves retro and vintage fashion. She’ll also drop in something about her non-fashion hobbies, including roller derby and drinking cocktails. Gemma promises to bring ‘a sparkle of glamour to every day.’ Her wardrobe comes from a mix of high street shops, independent designers and, of course, vintage stores.


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Alexandra Stedman / ‘The Frugality’

Stedman’s gives us an insight into her stylish life through her blog. As a freelance fashion stylist, it is her goal to always look her best but to spend wisely at the same time.


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Catherine Summers / ‘Not dressed as lamb’

The title of the blog gives you a pretty good idea of what it is about. Summers is a stylish woman that opposes the term ‘age appropriate.’ Through her stylish photoshoots and outfits, she proves that is never too late to wear whatever you fancy.

Pandora Sykes

When she left her position as a Fashion Features Editor on The Sunday Times, Pandora Sykes created her blog as a portfolio for her past and current work. You may read her articles for Man Repeller, Red Magazine and Vogue among others. On top of that, you can also listen to The High Low podcast which is hosted by Sykes herself and Dolly Alderton.

Frédérique Tietcheu / ‘Freddie Harrel’

Better known as Freddie, this London-based beauty is one of the current ‘it’ girls of the British capital. This former digital strategist now works as a consultant and on her spare time updates us on her daily life through her fabulous blog.

Emma Thatcher and Louise Redknapp / ‘A Style Album’

These two friends paired together to create one of the most stylish blogs in the UK. One of my favourite blog posts is the one where they look for the perfect grey sweatshirt. They also contribute to other blogs such as Who What Wear.

Callie Thorpe

This sassy Welsh proves that unlike what most people believe, style and fashion have no size. Follow her blog to learn about styling, self-love and life with two cats.


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Grace F Victory / ‘Gracie Francesca’

Known as ‘The Internet’s Big Sister’, Grace has made a name for herself on not just YouTube and the blogosphere but also the BBC. She has produced two documentaries for the network which has been well received and her book No Filter became a bestseller upon release. At this point, it seems like nothing can stop her ‘You go, girl’ attitude.


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Alyson Walsh / ‘That’s not my age’

Walsh is one of the leading voices in a group of women who decided that they wouldn’t conform to what society was telling them is ‘okay’ for them to wear. Her forte is style but she also likes to talk about art and more high-brow subjects such as ageism.

Hannah Whiting / Too much is not enough

‘Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off,’ said famous designer Coco Chanel. Obviously, Whiting feels the opposite is true. This young girl describes her blog as a place where 20-something-year olds can see what she’s wearing and read her ‘brutally’ honest posts on various subjects.

Sasha Wilkins / ‘Liberty London Girl’

Wilkins is the blogger behind fashion and lifestyle blog Liberty London Girl. A former fashion editor, the London Evening Standard named her one of the most influential people in London two years running. While fashion is at the centre of this blog, Sasha writes on topics ranging from architecture to food and philanthropy, as well as general thoughts about her life. Her style is simple and classic, so expect to see lots of colours like navy and black throughout her feed.

Lucy Williams / ‘Fashion Me Now’

Self-described as a full-time fashion editor, blogger and wanderer, Williams’ fills her posts with thoughts on not just fashion but also travel and food. Trivia: Butternut squash spelt risotto with pancetta, feta and chilli kale is her favourite recipe.

Alice Zielasko / Alice Point

Zielasko is based in London but travels constantly for business and leisure. As a fashion and photography lover, on her blog, you’ll find pictures of her latest outfits, sightings and fashion shows.









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Edit: Harald Meyer-Delius

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