As a company that has built itself on the premise of good customer service and fast T-shirt printing, we know a thing or two about coming through in a pinch. In the world of events and marketing, there are too many variables — hence, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. So from the very beginning, we knew that if we wanted to be successful in this industry, we had to be flexible.

Since we started printing garments back in 2013, we’ve come across all kinds of customers. The ones that have been let down by other companies, the ones that have been surprised by an unexpected event and the ones that have simply left everything for the last minute.

Whenever someone knocks on our door with a looming deadline, we’re more than happy to give a lending hand. After all, that’s what we’re here for. We have processes in place to deal with these sort of situations but there are things that you, the customer, can do to help us offer the fastest T-shirt printing service possible.



Tips for Fast T-shirt Printing

The following are suggestions we invite our customers to follow. These are by no means requisites but we highly recommend them to those in search of an express service. They will make our job easier and in turn, your experience better.


Have a clear idea of what you want in mind.
Not being specific or going back and forth between ideas wastes everyone’s time. If you really want fast T-shirt printing, then the best you can possibly do is have a very clear goal of what you need from the get-go.


Have a budget in mind.
If you let us know from the very beginning what your budget is then it will be a lot easier for us to find the best solution. This doesn’t need to be an ‘exact’ number but it can be an estimation or a limit. It’s valid to say ‘I cannot spend more than this much…’ so we know how to allocate resources better.


Have all your files in order.
If it’s a complex order with several designs and/or specifications, we would greatly appreciate if you could have your files in order before you send them to us. By that, we mean having the artwork exported to the correct format, image quality, Pantone codes and any other specifications the garment might have.

Our graphics team is always willing to lend you a hand in the visual department but having every detail in place will make things go much smoother.

Note: Learn more about artwork specifications for T-shirt printing here.


Have Pantone codes in hand.
Most of our printing techniques are compatible with Pantone colours. These colour codes simplify the production process considerably because they don’t leave any room for second-guessing. Whenever possible, you should always know the Pantone codes of your design.


Let us know what you need the T-shirts for.
There’s no need for us to know every single detail of the occasion but knowing what the garments will be used for will allow us to suggest the best possible course of action.

[content_band bg_color=”#E8F6D2″ border=”all”] [container]Need merchandise for an upcoming event? We can help. Printsome’s T-shirts are produced locally ?? and from the best-quality garments. Our delivery services work all over the UK and can adapt to most deadlines. Learn more![/container] [/content_band]


Order everything at the same time.
It might seem obvious. After all, we all know what we want when we get to the checkout counter — but then there’s that moment when we remember that other thing and we call again to make a change. Oh, and also this other thing and we call again… And again.

Like a waiter that gets asked to bring something new every time they reach the table to bring the previous order, account managers are forced to neglect other projects in order to attend your needs. This is the opposite of a streamlined service.

This doesn’t mean you need to know every detail of the order before you get in touch. We’re here to help you but it’s always more effective when everything is ordered at the same time.


Double check the final delivery address.
Again, might seem obvious but you would be surprised. We work with excellent couriers which often accept changes in the delivery address but depending on what part of the production process this request is made, it might stall the shipping by quite a bit.


Be prepared to pay by credit card.
Simply put, it’s the fastest way to pay and all the express delivery couriers we work with only accept this form of payment.


Be available.
Please! It bears repeating, be available. Nothing is more nerve-racking than trying to sort something out quickly only for the customer to be missing. In order to avoid this, give us a mobile number and a clear schedule of when you can be reached.


And finally, complain calmly and objectively.
As any other human being that lives in the 21st century, we have ordered stuff online so we know how frustrating it is when things get delayed or they arrive in poor conditions. At the same time, we’re human people the ones running this T-shirt printing business and we tend to make mistakes — lots of them actually.

Still, that is no excuse for a poor service which is simply not the kind of experience we want to offer. Let us fix it! Talk to us and when we say talk, we do mean literally talk to us. We won’t get anywhere if we yell at each other.

This is by no means us trying to place the blame on the customer or anything of the sort. Trust us, our manager lets us have it when we make a mistake. We just like to establish an even playing field where both sides can have a conversation to fix the issue.

T-shirt Printing for Events

Thanks to our five years of experience in the T-shirt printing industry, we were able to design a platform catered towards the needs of event planners and brand managers who need efficient solutions. Printsome’s T-shirts are produced locally and from the best-quality garments.

From the moment you get in touch with us, you’ll receive the Printsome treatment. One of our printing experts will answer your questions and keep you informed each step of the way. Our services work all over the UK and can adapt to most deadlines. It doesn’t matter if it’s 15 or 15,000 T-shirts. Printing garments has never been this easy.

Why worry about inventory or logistics when we can take care of that? We deal with the boring stuff so you have more time to do everything else. To find out more, simply visit our website.

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