Even though we had very limited time, Printsome managed to print garments for a charity hackathon event and delivered the garments to two different locations simultaneously.

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Who were we working for?

Geeklist is a social platform for self-described “geeks” to present their projects and connect with companies in the software development industry. Geeklist also organises charity events which usually take the form of a “hackathon” where people like software developers and programmers get together to work in a marathon style way for a good cause.

So what happened?

Printsome case study

For their events in London and Southampton, Geeklist needed T-shirts, and lots of them — on top of that, they needed to be delivered to London and Southampton at the same time. Any other company would’ve said that it was complicated — that it wasn’t worth it, but we believed in the cause Hack4good was working for.

Services provided

  1. Consultation
  2. Printing
  3. Transportation

A delicate balance between quality and speed

Coordinating printers and courier services is no easy task, but when you’re working with a team that’s synchronised, it can be done. Jay, our account manager at the time, knew that the Southampton package would take longer to be delivered so he made sure to produce those garments first. Because of the time it would take the package to get there, we needed to send it that very same day. We had to be fast, but we couldn’t compromise the end result. Luckily our experienced printing team makes it possible to work swiftly and well.

Jay had calculated correctly and we were able to send the T-shirts to Southampton on the very last hour. As soon as that was done, we started to manufacture the London batch. Since our printing facilities are also located in the capital, we knew we could pull a delivery in a few hours. The next day, first thing in the morning, we sent the London T-shirts and waited for arrival confirmation on both packages.

A couple of hours later, the whole team sighed in relief. Both had reached their destinations safe and sound and were already being worn by a bunch of “geeks” ready to save the world.

“They provided a really excellent service, printing these super quality T-shirts with less than a week’s notice and mailing them to London and Southampton. Very highly recommended!” – Dan Cunningham, Geeklist

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Printsome is a T-shirt printing agency in the UK based in London that delivers all across the UK, from printing T-shirts in Brighton to York and anywhere in between. So, if you’re after a T-shirt or custom clothing, get in touch for a quote and indulge yourself in some awesome customer service.


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