7 reasons why hoodies and headphones <3 each other

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Ever since they first rose to popularity in the 70’s, custom hoodies have become a must-have item in every wardrobe. May it be male, female, children or adults, everyone seems to appreciate the good ol’ hoodie. And even though nowadays fashion blogs celebrate it as a versatile piece that can be worn even with tailored trousers, it hasn’t always had a good reputation.

In some places, hoodies are associated with crime and street culture. Sometimes earned, sometimes not, this reputation has made it difficult for the comfy garment to enjoy the same respect as other types of apparel.

One of these archetypes is the hooded, shady figure with music blasting through its headphones. On this post will go over the relationship these two items share.

You may have already noticed, but there are hoodies out there that have built-in sockets for headphones and also tutorials that teach you how to make said sockets. There are even gift guides that recommend them as as a present for your techie lover. Where does this partnership come from?

Hoodies and Headphones - headphones from the 20's

Brandes radio headphones, circa 1920

Before we go there, let’s take a quick look at headphones:
Headphones don’t get the credit they deserve. When we think of great music inventions, we often think of the radio or sound mixing software, rarely does someone mention the headphone. Like the following article in The Atlantic states ‘Headphones did for music what writing and literacy did for language. They made it private.’

Headphones were invented in a kitchen in Utah, US where a man by the name of Nathaniel Baldwin based on Thomas Edison’s studies on the creation of sound from electrical signals, came up with the first headset. The first to find out about the creation was the radio division of the US Army that adopted the technology for World War I.

BUT why do people love them so much? And why do they go so well with hoodies? That’s what we’re here to find out:

hoodies and headphones - crazy cat

Why do headphones and hoodies go so well together?

1. Hoodies are comfortable

Therefore we wear them in situations when we don’t want to be bothered by our clothes. For example, while working out at the gym or relaxing at home, which are situations that lend itself to listening to music with your headphones.

2. Hoodies protect headphones

That nice hood that protects our ears and the top of our head from the weather also prevents our headphones from being knocked out of our ears while also enhancing the sound.

By choosing the music, you reclaim some of the world — it’s no longer dominated by messages pointed at you

3. Hoodies give us a sense of anonymity and protection

Whether it is real or not, when we wear a hoodie we feel protected. By putting on a hood and headphones, we’re telling the world: I need my space – or please don’t talk to me because I really don’t care. The BBC published an article* that talks about the phenomenon and according to Dr Michael Bull, a specialist they interview on the piece, ‘By choosing the music, you reclaim some of the world — it’s no longer dominated by messages pointed at you.’

* The study might be a little dated. They interview ‘Walkman’ owners.

4. Hoodies are designed for headphones (sometimes)

For example the AWDis Chunky Zoodie, is a garment that’s got a small, hidden opening on its right front pocket and hidden ear phone loops for cords.

5. Hoodies love music

Hoodies and music have a long history together. Whether it’s hip hop or rock, hoodies have been embraced by artists and music lovers alike for a while. In fact during the late 80’s and early 90’s the hip hop movement was so big that it started influencing high fashion. It wasn’t strange to see Linda Evangelista walking down the runway of Chanel wearing a hoodie and a baseball cap.

Worth nothing, streetwear is once again flirting with luxury apparel and it couldn’t be more obvious than the collaboration of Louis Vuitton with Supreme.

6. Hoodies make it easier to carry devices

Most hoodies have a “kangaroo” pouch that make it easy to not only keep your hands warm, but also to carry devices – I mean smartphones. Who uses a MP3 player nowadays?

7. Hoodies are associated with Mark Zuckerberg

Do you like social media? Would you like to become a self-made billionaire one day? Then wear a hoodie! We’re joking, of course, but hoodies really are associated with famous people (remember that Justin Bieber phase?) so if you would like to channel them, then why not wear one?

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hoodies and headphones - Mark Zuckerberg

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