People buy T-shirts to reflect their personalities, their ideas, to celebrate an event or a holiday. Because of this, selling T-shirts has become very popular for entrepreneurs and local artists, and the competition is fierce! There are a few tricks you can use to get ahead of your competition. For starters, have an established T-shirt brand. A brand is important because that is how your customers can refer to you, get back to you, trust you, and build loyalty. 

It’s not all about your T-shirt design; you also need to build a brand for a specific audience so that you can reach your customers. Read on to learn about the best practices for successfully building your brand. 

How to Start a T-shirt Brand

Lots of T-shirt sellers have a really good business going on, but they don’t even worry about branding. If you are in the business of selling T-shirts, you should also take the time to create a solid brand if you wish to progress. 

Building a T-shirt brand shouldn’t be expensive or time-consuming. There are tons of amazing tools now that you can use to create a brand easily and in just a few minutes! The real challenge is building a brand that stands out from the competition. Give your product’s identity with a reliable, strong brand. Your branding strategy is what is going to make the difference between you and your competition.

How to start a T-shirt brand.

1. Consider Your Niche 

Before you start taking action and building your brand, you have to think, who are you selling for? There are tons of great reads on how to find your specific niche. This means making sure you understand the demographics and economic status of your niche to target their interests with your T-shirts.

This is important because when you make your target too broad, you end up targeting no one. To avoid this, do your keyword research and write down all the niches you want to target before you decide on your T-shirt brand’s name and even your logo.

2. Make a T-shirt Brand Logo

Selling T-shirts online seems like a straightforward business. However, you still need to be professional about it and give it a proper brand. Represent your business with a solid logo and an identity to brand your posts, ads, website, shop, labels,  basically, everything using the same logo and colours. Branding everything you do leads to your customers remembering you, identifying your brand and if they love your designs, it makes it easier for them to find you on the internet again! You can easily create a T-shirt brand logo using Placeit’s logo maker.

Using a logo creator you can make logos from customizable templates. No need to hire a designer or use complicated software. You can customize them as much as you need to ensure you have an original design and it’s so easy that it only takes a few minutes. 

How to start a t-shirt brand


Placeit also has a label maker so you can use your logo on your T-shirt label right away!

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3. Make Your T-shirt Designs

A good trick to help you make awesome designs and keep updating your shop easily is using an online T-shirt design tool. Again, using pre-made templates, you can customize these and create any design you have in mind, it’s faster and way cheaper than paying for specialized designs. 

Great news! Placeit also offers a great  T-shirt design maker. Never get stuck creating new designs. Placeit’s ever-growing library has new templates every day, plus you can always ask for new ones. There are animal T-shirts, causes, feminist designs, LGBT, patriotic, retro, and so much more. Use these templates to get more ideas to get inspired. 

How to start a T-shirt brand

4. Mockup Your Designs and Show Them to the World 

Show your customers what your designs will look like on a T-shirt. You can not only make mockups for T-shirts, but also tank tops, hoodies, pullovers, and more! Using professional images is very important! Remember your customer can’t touch your products, so all they have is what you show them! With good quality mockups, you can give them a pretty realistic idea of what your T-shirts look like, whether it is just a T-shirt or a model wearing it! 

How to start a T-shirt brand

5. Get On Social and Promote

Use your bright new logo design on promotional branded elements to update your customers with your latest designs, your sales, a special giveaway, or any marketing strategy you have in mind. Social media is vital for your branding plan! Use attractive visuals to engage your niche. 

A professional brand makes your customers trust your business; having social media makes it even more trustworthy. Brand your social media with your style!

How to start a T-shirt brand

Get Ready to Make an Awesome Brand!

Get the right tools and build your brand effectively in just a few minutes to get ahead of your competitors. Keep updating your customers with new designs on your social media and remember to keep them excited with promotions and exclusive sales! Every brand effort leads to brand recognition and customer loyalty. So we can say with confidence, it is all worth it. 

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